This race was run at the White City on Saturday 15th October 1927






1 Entry Badge (5) Jamie UK 1917 Beaded Nora 1/4 fav 29.01
2 Ever Bright (1) Jacks Lodge Beautiful Style 100/6 6 Lengths
3 Elder Brother (4) Skeets Beaded Fly 100/8 1/2 L
4 Toftwood Millsack (3) Harbuckle Haversack 10/1 sh head
5 Derham Boy (2) Hill Sixty III Crosswell Belle 20/1 3 L
6 Banderlo (6) Nefarious Nettle Gally Lass 100/8 1 L

The Winner was owned by Mr E Baxter

Entry Badge was trained by Joe Harmon at the White City, London

Ever Bright was trained by John (Jack) Kennedy at Harringay

Elder Brother was trained by Jack Rimmer at Liverpool

Toftwood Millsack was trained by Harry Buck at Harringay

Dereham Boy was trained by Hughes at Powderhall

Banderloo was trained by J Buck at Belle Vue, Manchester

The first Greyhound Derby final was held at the White City on Saturday 15th October 1927.  It was run over 500 yards and was won by Entry Badge, a brindled dog weighing 66 lbs, trained by J. Harmon and owned by Mr E. Baxter, who won the race by six lengths from Ever Bright, in a time of 29.01, winning a prize of 1000. 


The first Greyhound Derby, launched by the GRA, had a first prize of 1000 and a Gold Cup. Heats were organised by regions and there was a Northern Final and a Southern Final, with the first 3 home in each being invited to the final, which was to be run at the White City over a distance of 500 yards. In the lead up to the final Great Chum suffered an injury and was scratched at 9 am on Wednesday 12th October 1927 leaving the Edinburgh greyhound Derham Boy to take his place in the final.

Southern Semi-Final   Northern Semi-Final
Saturday 8th October 1927 at White City   Saturday 8th October 1927 at Belle Vue, Manchester
ENTRY BADGE 1/4 fav 29.00 Harmon (White City)   GREAT CHUM Belle Vue
TOFTWOOD MILLSACK 20/1 29.24 Buck (Harringay)   ELDER BROTHER Rimmer (Liverpool)
EVER BRIGHT 10/1 29.29 Kennedy (Harringay)   BANDERLO Buck (Belle Vue)
ROVING BEN 100/6 29.61 Sharman (Hall Green)   DERHAM BOY Hughes (Powderhall)
KNOCKANE LASS 20/1 29.67 Cross (Hall Green)      
CRUISELINE BOY 10/1 29.91 Harmob (White City)      

1927 FINAL

On the strength of his Southern final win, Entry Badge was made favourite for the first Greyhound Derby final at 4 to 1 on. Running from a less favoured trap 5, Entry Badge burst to the front from the traps and led throughout. Although constantly challenged by Ever Bright, he won by 6 lengths in a time of 29.01 secs.


Entry Badge was a brindled dog who was owned by a butcher, Edwin Baxter and trained by Joe Harmon. Although he lost his very first race at the White City, he then built up an unbeaten sequence of wins. What was even more remarkable was that the first 3 dogs home in the Derby were owned by Edwin Baxter.




Earls Court



Beaded Brow













Long Span
























Heart of Freedom


Beaded Nora






Beaded Brow



Beaded Lil






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