This race was run at the White City Saturday 29th June 1957 .









Ford Spartan (1)


Harrow Glamour

Evens fav




Highway Tim (2)

Magourna Reject

Hunston Bell


1 yd



Land of Song (3)

Fire Prince

Old Blaney Gift


3 yds



Highwood Sovereign (6)


Pretty Miss Amber


1 1/4 yds



Gallant and Gay (5)

Champion Prince



3 yds



Quare Fool (4)

Quare Customer

Racing Fool




The Winner was owned by Mr F Hill and Mr S Frost

Ford Spartan was trained by Dennis Hannafin at Wimbledon

Highway Tim was trained privately by Mrs R Beba

Land of Song was trained by Bob Burls at Wembley

Highwood Sovereign was trained by Leslie Reynolds at Wembley

Gallant and Gay was trained by Joe Pickering at White City, London

Quare Fool was trained by Harry Buck at White City, London

Ford Spartan beat Highway Tim in a time of 28.84 to claim the £20,000 prize.


Northern King was strongly fancied to make amends for his failure last year and was a well supported ante post favourite. He was followed in the betting by both Silent Worship and the Wimbledon trained Ford Spartan. Ford Spartan was trained by Jerry Hannafin and was the result of a coincidental, romantic pairing which even Shakespear would have had difficulty inventing. His mother was the unraced bitch Harrow Glamour, who was due to be mated with Margourna Reject until it served another bitch, so the 1953 Laurels winner Polonius did the honours instead. The F C Hill and S C Frost's youngster hit the headlines when winning the 1956 Puppy Derby and subsequently went on to win the 1957 Laurels in a blistering 27.89. He later won the White City Stakes and the Select Stakes of that year. It came as a big disappointment to ante post followers of Silent Worship to hear that he had to be withdrawn lame before the first round commenced, and further shocks were to follow when Northern King was beaten. However, a new favourite emerged when Ford Spartan made all to win in 28.74. It was good to see Northern King regain his former sparkle in round 2, although Ford Spartan was the more impressive when making all in his heat.


In the first semi-final Ford Spartan went off at the prohibitive odds of 2/7 and although he rewarded his supporters to make all to win in 29.02 there was some concern when he tired in the home straight and only prevailed by a fast diminishing 1/2 length. In the second semi it was Northern King who was made the 11/10 favourite, but his followers were to be disappointed yet again when he failed to trap in his usual slick fashion and was badly baulked at the first. It was left to Quare Fool to win with a traps to line success in 28.95, winning by 2 lengths from Highway Sovereign with Land of Song holding on for third place.


Few wanted to oppose the ultra-consistent Ford Spartan in the final and he was made the even money favourite. Quare Fool proved second best at 3/1 and Highwood Sovereign was not unbacked at 9/2. There were a few missed beats when Ford Spartan did not break in his customary slick fashion, allowing Land of Song to lead him up. He was on terms by the first, in the lead shortly after rounding the first, and would normally have extended away. However, Highway Tim made rapid ground and threatened to overhaul the favourite in the final straight. A photo finish revealed Ford Spartan had held on by a fast receding neck, with Land of Song a length further back in third. The winners time was 28.84.







Mad Tanist





Mad Darkie








Bella’s Prince








Ruby Play








Bawnmore Lad



Bawnmore Big Boy





Coonavinsant Belle


Harrow Glamour






Lone Seal



Seal Spray





Citron Peel

Semi-Finals Saturday 22nd June 1957
Trap Dog Distance Time SP   Trap Dog Distance Time SP
First Semi-Final   Second Semi-Final
2 FORD SPARTAN 1/2 yd 29.02 2/7 f   5 QUARE FOOL 2 yds 28.95 100/7
3 HIGHWAY TIM 2 yds 29.05 100/8   6 HIGHWOOD SOVEREIGN 2 yds 29.07 3/1
4 GALLANT & GAY 2 3/4 yds 29.16 50/1   1 LAND OF SONG 1 1/4 yds 29.19 9/2
6 FIRST BUT LAST 1 1/4 yds 29.32 6/1   2 DUKE OF ALVA 2 yds 29.27 6/1
1 MRS HARP 5 yds 29.40 33/1   3 CALHOON 1 3/4 yds 29.39 100/6
5 WISH ME LUCK   29.70 100/8   4 NORTHERN KING   29.49 11/10 f



Second Round Heats Thursday 20th June 1957
Trap Dog Distance Time SP   Trap Dog Distance Time SP
Heat 1   Heat 2
3 FIRST BUT LAST Neck 29.14 11/4   4 NORTHERN KING 2 1/4 yds 28.84 11/10 f
5 HIGHWAY TIM   29.16 7/2   2 HIGHWOOD SOVEREIGN 2 1/4 yds 28.98 2/1
6 MRS HARP   29.52 25/1   3 WISH ME LUCK 5 yds 29.12 20/1
  DARK ROSE         6 RADIO COMEDY 3/4 yd 29.42 33/1
            5 TOWN PRINCE   29.46 4/1
Heat 3   Heat 4
5 LAND OF SONG 1/2 yd 29.03 7/2   1 FORD SPARTAN 5 1/2 yds 28.98 4/11 f
3 DUKE OF ALVA 3 1/2 yds 29.06 8/1   2 CALHOON 1 yd 29.31 100/8
1 GALLANT & GAY   29.27 20/1   6 QUARE FOOL   29.37 100/8
  RACING DON                  


First Round Heats Saturday 15th June 1957
Trap Dog Distance Time SP   Trap Dog Distance Time SP
3 FORD SPARTAN 8 yds 28.74 4/9 f   2 SCOUTBUSH Head 29.09  
2 CALHOON 1/4 yd 29.22 4/1   1 HIGHWAY TIM 3 yds 29.10 10/1
1 GALLANT & GAY   29.24 10/1   6 FIRST BUT LAST   29.29 9/2
Trap Dog Distance Time SP   Trap Dog Distance Time SP
2 HIGHWOOD SOVEREIGN Head 29.39 9/4 f   2 TOWN PRINCE Neck 29.19 5/2
4 RADIO COMEDY 3/4 yd 29.41 20/1   1 QUARE FOOL 3 1/4 yds 29.21 8/13 f
5 LAND OF SONG   29.45 3/1   6 MRS HARP   29.41 20/1
Trap Dog Distance Time SP   Trap Dog Distance Time SP
5 TANYARD TULIP 5 yds 29.25     3 GO DOGGIE GO   28.94  
1 WISH ME LUCK   29.55 5/1   6 DUKE OF ALVA (3rd)   29.34 10/1
Trap Dog Distance Time SP   Trap Dog Distance Time SP
2 MOYNE ROSETTE 1 yd 29.45              
3 NORTHERN KING   29.51 2/7 f            

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Winner Sire Dam Time
Go Doggie Go Ballymac Ball Marchioness Minnie 29.38


Dog Sire Dam Time
Hopeful Cutlet Imperial Dancer Katie the Duck 29.60
The Grand Fire The Grand Champion Quare Fire  

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