This race was run at Wimbledon on Saturday 5th June 2004.

An excellent clip of the 2004 Greyhound Derby Final lasting 59 seconds.









Droopys Scholes (3)

Top Honcho 

Droopys Kristin 


 ¾ L



 Big Freeze (5)

 Top Honcho

First to Return


 ½ L



 Tims Crow (6)

 Lenson Lad

Churchtown Spice 





 Rhincrew Seagal (4)

 Droopys Vieri

Rhincrew Armada

 2/1 fav

 2 ¾ L



 Ballymac Kewell (2)

 Droopys Woods

Blonde Returns 


 ¾ L



 Fire Height Dan (1)

 Carlton Bale

September Mist



Droopys Scholes was trained by Ian Reilly in Ireland

Big Freeze was trained by Brian Clemenson at Hove

Tims Crow was trained by Peter Rich at Romford

Rhincrew Seagal was trained by Ray Peacock at Wimbledon

Ballymac Kewell was trained privately by Carly Philpott

Fire Height Dan was trained by Mick Puzey at Walthamstow

The Final

Tims Crow led quickly from the boxes and established a good lead which he maintained until the run in, despite running wide throughout. Droopys was also quickly away, maintaining a middle course and led on the run in to win by ¾ length from the fast finishing, but slow starting Big Freeze. The inside pair both enjoyed trouble free runs without threatening the winner. The favourite, Rhincrew Seagal, was very slowly away and followed a wide course but could never get back on terms.




Walkabout Sid 



 Head Honcho





 Fitzroy Lass


 Top Honcho






 Double Summit



 Rainbow High





 Rainbow Bright

Droopys Scholes







 I’m Slippy



 Druids Wally





 Druids Dalroy


 Droopys Kristin






 Kyle Jack



 Droopys Fiona





 Ballinderry Sand

Derby 2004.JPG (45752 bytes)

Semi Finals took place on Saturday 29th May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
First Semi-Final   Second Semi-Final
TIMS CROW (T6) 8/1 P.Rich (Romfrd)   BALLYMAC KEWELL (T1) 6/1 C.Philpott (Unatt)
RHINECREW SEAGAL (T5) 13/8 f R.Peacock (W'don)   DROOPYS SCHOLES (T3) 4/1 I.Reilly (Ire)
FIRE HEIGHT DAN (T1) 7/4 M.Puzey (W'stw)   BIG FREEZE (T5) 7/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
SPECIAL TRICK (T2) 20/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   PREMIER FANTASY (T2) 4/7 f S.Graham (Ire)
GREENSIDE WONDER (T3) 8/1 D.Pruhs (Peter)   DROOPYS DEMAGGIO (T4) 16/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
ESCHOLIDO (T4) 8/1 H.Findlay (Unatt)   DROOPYS OASIS (T6) 14/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)


Quarter Finals took place on Tuesday 25th May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
First Quarter-Final   Second Quarter-Final
DROOPYS DEMAGGIO (T5) 5/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   BALLYMAC KEWELL (T2) 5/1 C.Philpott (Unatt)
BIG FREEZE (T6) 5/4 f B.Clemenson (Hove)   DROOPYS SCHOLES (T4) 2/1 f I.Reilly (Ire)
TIMS CROW (T3) 5/2 P.Rich (Romfrd)   ESCHOLIDO (T6) 3/1 H.Findlay (Unatt)
LENSON MARK (T1) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   FARLOE VERDICT (T1) 7/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
COUNT GELIGNITE (T2) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   DROP GOAL JONNY (T5) 7/1 T.Soppit (Unatt)
NIAMHS BILL (T4) 16/1 J.Ballentine (P.Barr)   MUSTANG HERO (T3) 20/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
Winning time 28.96 secs   Winning time 28.75 secs
Third Quarter-Final   Fourth Quarter-Final
PREMIER FANTASY (T3) 1/2 f S.Graham (Ire)   FIRE HEIGHT DAN (T4) 4/6 f M.Puzey (W'stw)
RHINCREW SEAGAL (T6) 5/2 R.Peacock (W'don)   GREENSIDE WONDER (T3) 7/1 D.Pruhs (Peter)
DROOPYS OASIS (T5) 10/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   SPECIAL TRICK (T2) 7/1 L.Jones (W'stw)
BABY HAWK (T4) 7/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)   CENTOUR PARA (T5) 3/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
URBAN SPACEMAN (T1) 20/1 G.Irving (Unatt)   NOIRS SEANIE (T6) 25/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
MORAL ENIGMA (T2) 50/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   BOWMERS KING (T1) 25/1 P.Rich (Romfrd)
Winning time 28.43 secs   Winning time 28.71 secs


Third Round took place on Saturday 22nd May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
GREENSIDE WONDER (T2) 7/1 D.Pruhs (Peter)   DROOPYS SCHOLES (T3) Evens I.Reilly (Ire)
BOWMERS KING (T1) 20/1 P.Rich (Romfrd)   ESCHOLIDO (T5) 7/4 H.Findlay (Unatt)
NOIRS SEANIE (T6) 14/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   DROOPYS OASIS (T6) 9/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)
KNOCKTOOSH QUEEN (T3) 9/4 C.Lister (Unatt   LARK BOE (T1) 12/1 B.Draper (Sheff)
DROOPYS CAHIL (T4) 4/5 f I.Reilly (Ire)   LODGEVIEW FLASH (T2) 16/1 D.Talbot (Unatt)
VERAS WIZARD (T5) 50/1 T.Foster (Unatt)   MATTSMYSON (T4) 25/1 G.Sallis (Sittngb)
Winning time 29.30 secs   Winning time 28.92 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
FARLOE VERDICT (T1) 4/6 f C.Lister (Unatt)   PREMIER FANTASY (T4) 1/4 f S.Graham (Ire)
BIG FREEZE (T4) 7/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)   COUNT GELIGNITE (T1) 12/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
TIMS CROW (T5) 7/2 P.Rich (Romfrd)   DROOPYS DEMAGGIO (T6) 4/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
FARLOE POCKET (T3) 10/1 B.Draper (Sheff)   COOLAGOMA FIGO (T2) 16/1 B.Draper (Sheff)
COOMLOGANE ROYAL (T6) 25/1 F.Taylor (Unatt)   MANERA SPARK (T3) 33/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
Vacant (T2)       DROOPYS CHESTER (T5) 12/1 C.Philpott (Unatt)
Winning time 29.19 secs   Winning time 28.77 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
FIRE HEIGHT DAN (T2) 4/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)   RHINCREW SEAGAL (T6) 2/9 f R.Peacock (W'don)
MUSTANG HERO (T1) 5/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   BALLYMAC KEWELL (T5) 6/1 C.Philpott (Unatt)
DROP GOAL JONNY (T4) 5/2 jf T.Soppit (Unatt)   LENSON MARK (T4) 10/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
INDIAN RULER (T5) 5/2 jf G.Holian (Ire)   MALDEN RIO (T1) 25/1 M.Locke (W'don)
EXPRESS HANCHO (T6) 7/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)   KILAHAN CLASSIC (T2) 8/1 L.Jones (W'stw)
BLACK PEAR (T3) 20/1 W.Wrighting (Hove)   Vacant (T3)    
Winning time 28.80 secs   Winning time 28.52 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
BABY HAWK (T3) 11/4 J.Mullins (W'stw)   CENTOUR PARA (T3) 5/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
MORAL ENIGMA (T2) 6/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   SPECIAL TRICK (T1) 5/4 f L.Jones (W'stw)
URBAN SPACEMAN (T1) 11/4 G.Irving (Unatt)   NIAMHS BILL (T6) 4/1 J.Ballentine (P.Barr)
PITCH ROCKET (T4) 5/2 f W.Davies (M.Kyn)   LEGAL CIRCLE (T4) 4/1 G.Hutt (Unatt)
SWIFT STAR (T5) 7/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   KILMALADY BOY (T5) 3/1 J.Lambe (P.Barr)
LENSON SUPREME (T6) 25/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   Vacant (T2)    
Winning time 28.76 secs   Winning time 28.84 secs


Second Round took place on Friday 14th May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
DROOPYS SCHOLES (T5) 1/5 f I.Reilly (Ire)   BIG FREEZE (T6) 4/5 f B.Clemenson (Hove)
KILAHAN CLASSIC (T2) 12/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   LENSON MARK (T2) 7/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
JOHNJOES MIRACLE (T1) 10/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   VERAS WIZARD (T4) 33/1 T.Foster (Unatt)
SLIMS BEST (T6) 8/1 J.Reynolds (W'stw)   PENNYS WORTH (T3) 3/1 R.Baker (Cov)
LETHAL LAWYER (T3) 8/1 S.Fenwick (Unatt)   EYE WILL (T1) 7/1 L.Jones (W'stw)
TEXAN FOX (T4) 66/1 H.Keightley (Unatt)   NINJA LARK (T5) 5/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
Winning time 28.64 secs   Winning time 28.73 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
FARLOE POCKET (T6) 11/10 f B.Draper (Sheff)   RHINCREW SEAGAL (T4) 7/4 R.Peacock (W'don)
MORAL ENIGMA (T5) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   ESCHOLIDO (T5) 5/4 f H.Findlay (Unatt)
BOWMERS KING (T3) 12/1 P.Rich (Romfrd)   GOLD MEMBER (T3) 7/1 D.Knight (Hove)
ALAMSHAR (T4) 4/1 I.Reilly (Ire)   KNOCKDU LAD (T1) 16/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
THATS THE DEAL (T1) 6/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   BURBERRY BOY (T2) 4/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
TOPMEUP (T2) 6/1 P.Garland (W'don)   DROOPYS DENVER (T6) 20/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
Winning time 28.89 secs   Winning time 28.68 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
DROPPYS DEMAGGIO (T6) 5/4 f C.Lister (Unatt)   MANERA SPARK (T1) 6/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
COUNT GELIGNITE (T3) 9/4 S.Cahill (W'don)   LEGAL CIRCLE (T4) 9/2 G.Hutt (Unatt)
LENSON SUPREME (T5) 5/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   LODGEVIEW FLASH (T2) 2/1 jf D.Talbot (Unatt)
CROPPIES RHEA (T1) 10/1 W.Wrighting (Hove)   ALL GOLD (T3) 14/1 J.Reynolds (W'stw)
OULART STREET (T2) 10/1 M.Barlow (H.Green)   TOORA LOORALOORA (T5) 12/1 C.Gardiner (Hove)
LISAS DESTINY (T4) 8/1 W.Wrighting (Hove)   ROCKFOREST PRIDE (T6) 2/1 jf D.Pruhs (Peter)
Winning time 28.87 secs   Winning time 29.31 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
KNOCKTOOSH QUEEN (T1) 4/5 f C.Lister (Unatt)   SPECIAL TRICK (T3) 7/2 L.Jones (W'stw)
COOLAGOMA FIGO (T2) 6/1 B.Draper (Sheff)   CENTOUR PARA (T5) 7/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
MATTSMYSON (T3) 4/1 G.Sallis (Sittngb)   DROOPYS CHESTER (T4) 5/2 C.Philpott (Unatt)
TIGS SLATTERY (T4) 8/1 P.Rees (W'don)   FARLOE VILLAGER (T1) 10/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
DROOPYS KEEGAN (T5) 6/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   HALLAM SMUDGER (T2) 2/1 f G.Baggs (W'sts)
HONCHOS STORY (T6) 16/1 M.Locke (W'don)   CLONAKENNY JOHN (T6) 9/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)
Winning time 29.05 secs   Winning time 29.32 secs
Second Round took place on Saturday 15th May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 9   Heat 10
DROOPYS CAHILL (T3) 1/2 f I.Reilly (Ire)   PREMIER FANTASY (T5) 1/6 f S.Graham (Ire)
PITCH ROCKET (T6) 3/1 W.Davies (M.Kyns)   BALLYMAC KEWELL (T1) 14/1 C.Philpott (Unatt)
KILMALADY BOY (T5) 7/1 J.Lampe (P.Barr)   LARK BOE (T4) 12/1 B.Draper (Sheff)
DROOPYS VERDI (T4) 8/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   WONDERFUL JO (T2) 6/1 P.Byrne (W'don)
PRICELESS JOE (T1) 33/1 R.Bicknell (Oxf)   RONNIES WICKED (T3) 50/1 L.Jones (W'stw)
Vacant (T2)       GLADS BOY (T6) 16/1 J.Reynolds (W'stw)
Winning time 28.68 secs   Winning time 28.84 secs
Heat 11   Heat 12
INDIAN RULER (T6) 3/1 jf G.Holian (Ire)   DROP GOAL JONNY (T5) 4/6 f E.Soppit (Unatt)
MUSTANG HERO (T1) 7/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   GREENSIDE WONDER (T1) 3/1 D.Pruhs (Peter)
DROOPYS OASIS (T5) 3/1 jf B.Clemenson (Hove)   COOMLOGANE ROYAL (T6) 5/1 F.Taylor (Unatt)
COOLY PANTERA (T2) 8/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   MINEOLA STORM (T2) 5/1 H.Findlay (Unatt)
CAVECOURT JON (T3) 7/2 C.Lister (Unatt)   RONNIES FLIGHT (T3) 20/1 L.Jones (W'stw)
SOLID MONEY (T4) 7/2 D.Knight (Hove)   SAMMARDAN DAISY (T4) 16/1 K.Marlow (Romfrd)
Winning time 28.85 secs   Winning time 29.06 secs
Heat 13   Heat 14
BABY HAWK (T5) 7/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)   FARLOE VERDICT (T2) Evens C.Lister (Unatt)
FIRE HEIGHT DAN (T4) 2/5 f M.Puzey (W'stw)   EXPRESS HANCHO (T4) 7/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)
NOIRS SEANIE (T6) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   TIMS CROW (T5) 6/4 P.Rich (Romfrd)
NOT SO FAMOUS (T1) 8/1 P.Rich (Romfrd)   BARAN SHOTGUN (T1) 25/1 P.Rees (W'don)
GIGLIS FIONN (T2) 33/1 .K.Mullins (Hove)   MOYNIES CASH (T3) 20/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
PRINCE TOFF (T3) 5/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   NEWLAWN MURTY (T6) 33/1 P.Cusack (Cray)
Winning time 29.11 secs   Winning time 29.26 secs
Heat 15   Heat 16
FARLOE HACK (T1) 11/10 f B.Draper (Sheff)   SWIFT STAR (T6) 3/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
URBAN SPACEMAN (T2) 9/2 G.Irving (Unatt)   BLACK PEAR (T4) 3/1 W.Wrighting (Hove)
NIAMHS BILL (T6) 3/1 G.Ballentine (P.Barr)   MAIDEN RIO (T1) 8/1 M.Locke (W'don)
MUSTANG MIGHTY (T3) 16/1 Q.Bevan (Swind)   KINDA WILD (T2) 2/1 f L.Jones (W'stw)
LENSON STAR (T4) 16/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   BALLYBEG HONCHO (T3) 6/1 E.Soppit (Unatt)
JACK SPARK (T5) 9/2 J.Mullins (W'stw)   FARLOE DIVIDE (T5) 5/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
Winning time 29.47 secs   Winning time 29.46 secs


First Round Heats run on Thursday 6th May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
WONDERFUL JO (T2) 6/4 f P.Byrne (W'don)   LETHAL LAWYER (T1) 6/1 S.Fenwick (Unatt)
MINEOLA STORM (T3) 7/2 H.Findlay (Unatt)   HONCHOS STORY (T4) 50/1 M.Locke (W'don)
JACK SPARK (T5) 2/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)   RHINCREW SEAGAL (T5) 4/7 f R.Peacock (W'don)
ELBONY SUPER (T4) 12/1 C.Miller (Sittgb)   BROWNHILL JOE (T6) 7/1 M.Borrelli (Unatt)
EAGLE EYED (T1) 16/1 S.Deakin (P.Barr)   FARLOE BRAZIL (T2) 7/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
FORGOTTEN RIVER (T6) 12/1 G.Ballentine (P.Barr)   PRIZE HERO (T3) 33/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
Winning time 28.85 secs   Winning time 28.89 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
SPECIAL TRICK (T4) 5/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   INDIAN RULER (T6) 5/2 G.Holian (Ire)
RONNIES FLIGHT (T2) 5/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   FARLOE HACK (T1) 5/1 B.Draper (Sheff)
FARLOE VILLAGER (T1) 14/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   DROOPYS CAHILL (T4) 5/4 f I.Reilly (Ire)
KINDA SPOOKY (T3) 3/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   MOYAR SWEEP (T2) 66/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
SCARTNA AGLISH (T5) 11/10 f L.Jones (W'stw)   CALMDOWN DUKE (T3) 12/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
DROOPYS USHER (T6) 16/1 S.Dungey (Sittgb)   Vacant (T5)    
Winning time 29.01 secs   Winning time 29.03 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
TIMS CROW (T6) 8/11 f P.Rich (Romfd)   DROOPYS OASIS (T4) 1/2 f B.Clemenson (Hove)
PRINCE TOFF (T3) 16/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   LEGAL CIRCLE (T3) 6/1 G.Hutt (Unatt)
RONNIES WICKED (T4) 10/1 L.Jones (W'stw)   MUSTANG MIGHTY (T1) 20/1 Q.Bevan (Swndn)
ORIENT RON (T2) 4/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   GOREPORT BAY (T2) 5/1 J.Lampe (P.Barr)
PERSIAN ISLE (T1) 20/1 A.Ioannou (Unatt)   VELVET REBEL (T5) 6/1 P.Laurie (Unatt)
LENSON ANTHONY (T5) 9/2 S.Cahill (W'don)   Vacant (T6)    
Winning time 29.03 secs   Winning time 29.12 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
BARAN SHOTGUN (T3) 40/1 P.Rees (W'don)   GIGLIS FIONN (T3) 16/1 K.Mullins (Hove)
PENNYS WORTH (T1) 4/9 f R.Baker (Cov)   CROPPIES RHEA (T5) 8/1 W.Wrighting (Hove)
KINDA WILD (T5) 5/2 L.Jones (W'stw)   FARLOE DIVIDE (T6) 6/4 C.Lister (Unatt)
BROKEN BOTTLE (T4) 33/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   MAN OF MILAN (T4) 5/1 T.Meek (H.Green)
GREENACRE BRIAN (T2) 10/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   MERRY TALENT (T1) 5/4 f K.Tester (Hove)
ARBOUR JACK (T6) 14/1 J.Foster (Oxfrd)   Vacant (T2)    
Winning time 29.50 secs   Winning time 29.44 secs
Heat 9   Heat 10
MUSTANG HERO (T1) 6/4 jf B.Clemenson (Hove)   DROOPYS DEMAGGIO (T6) 11/8 C.Lister (Unatt)
GLADS BOY (T3) 8/1 J.Reynolds (W'stw)   JOHNJOES MIRACLE (T5) 7/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
NIAMHS BILL (T5) 6/4 jf G.Ballentine (P.Barr)   COOLAGOMA FIGO (T1) 5/4 f B.Draper (Sheff)
SEW CRAFTY (T2) 8/1 T.Foster (Unatt)   MUTTONEER (T2) 10/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
DRUMWOOD ROAD (T4) 8/1 P.Byrne (W'don)   Vacant (T3)    
SIR TEN TEE (T6) 20/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   Vacant (T4)    
Winning time 28.99 secs   Winning time 29.19 secs
First Round Heats run on Friday 7th May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 11   Heat 12
NINJA LARK (T3) 5/4 f P.Young (Romfd)   LARK BOE (T3) 4/1 B.Draper (Sheff)
BABY HAWK (T6) 7/4 J.Mullins (W'stw)   COOLY PANTERA (T1) 3/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
PRICELESS JO (T1) 25/1 R.Bicknell (Oxfrd)   DROOPYS KEEGAN (T5) 3/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
FARLOE ZORRO (T2) 10/1 M.Locke (W'don)   BLUE GLORY (T4) 50/1 D.Luckhurst (Cryfd)
PADDOCK RANGER (T4) 7/1 D.Freeman (P.Barr)   THATSORTOFWAY (T6) 50/1 T.Foster (Unatt)
POOR ALFIE (T5) 10/1 J.Reynolds (W'stw)   FARLOE MARATHON (T2) 6/4 f C.Lister (Unatt)
Winning time 29.28 secs   Winning time 29.37 secs
Heat 13   Heat 14
VANCOUVER SPARKY (T1)   P.Garland (W'stw)   SHELLBEAPPLES (T1)   R.Moncrieff (Unatt)
ROBBIE DE NIRO (T2)   C.Lister (Unatt)   BLONDE RUMBLE (T2)   M.Dennis (Unatt)
MAI PEN RAI (T3)   G.Andreas (Sittngb)   ANVILLE DASHER (T3)   P.McCormish
TULLERBOY LAD (T4)   P.Payne (Romfrd)   STUDENT PASS (T4)   O.McKenna (Ire)
KYLEGROVE FLIGHT (T5)   D.Knight (Hove)   ANNIES DIAMOND (T5)   N.McEllstrim (W'st)
SKILFUL TESTER (T6)   S.Mavrias (Sittngb)   ELWICK REVIEW (T6)   D.Wilkinson
Winning time   Winning time
Heat 15   Heat 16
DENMARKNICK (T1)   P.Rich (Romfrd)   HEAD LAD (T1)   T.Soppit (Unatt)
MANERA SPARK (T2)   J.Mullins (W'stw)   BARAN MERCURY (T2)   R.Peacock (W'don)
WALLINGTON ROY (T3)   S.Cahill (W'don)   BLUE MAJESTIC (T3)   S.Graham (Ire)
Vacant (T4)       SIDE SAGA (T4)   P.Burke
JONNY LIAR (T5)   B.Clemenson (Hove)   FLIP ME OVER (T5)   M.Daniels
DROOPYS VERDI (T6)   P.Young (Romfrd)   CAULRY KING (T6)   A.Johnson
Winning time   Winning time
Heat 17   Heat 18
KILLEIGH GRAND (T1)   C.Lister (Unatt)   SOBERING THOUGHTS (T1)   N.McEllstrim (W'd)
MUSTANG McLAREN (T2)   R.Peacock (W'don)   BAT ON (T2)   C.Lister (Unatt)
UNDER THE KOSH (T3)   D.Childs   DECEMBER MIST (T3)   P.Rees (W'don)
WESTCLIFF (T4)   C.Lister (Unatt)   WESTMEAD HAWK (T4)   N.Savva (Unatt)
FLASHING GEMMA (T5)   T.Taylor   LENSON ANTHONY (T5)   S.Cahill (W'don)
BRIGHT JOE (T6)   J.Walton   HIT THE DRINK (T6)   D.Mullins (Romfrd)
Winning time   Winning time
Heat 19   Heat 20
EXPRESS HANCHO (T6) 2/5 f B/Clemenson (Hove)   DROP GOAL JONNY (T6) 1/3 f E.Soppit (Unatt)
LENSON MARK (T1) 6/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   ALAMSHAR (T1) 5/2 I.Reilly (Ire)
OULART STREET (T2) 10/1 M.Barlow (H.Green)   EYE WILL (T2) 8/1 L.Jones (W'stw)
BLONDE CHIMES (T4) 9/2 J.Mullins (W'stw)   BULLETS BILL (T4) 12/1 P.Buckley (Ire)
GO RUNNING WILD (T3) 12/1 P.Rees (W'don)   DROOPYS DA VINCI (T3) 50/1 S.Dungey (Sittgb)
RHINCREW SHEARER (T5) 25/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   Vacant (T5)    
Winning time 29.56 secs   Winning time 28.81 secs
First Round Heats run on Saturday 8th May 2004
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 21   Heat 22
GOLDMEMBER (T5) 2/1 f D.Knight (Hove)   FIRE HEIGHT DAN (T3) 2/5 f M.Puzey (W'stw)
SWIFT STAR (T4) 5/2 P.Young (Romfrd)   LODGEVIEW FLASH (T1) 7/2 D.Talbot (Unatt)
BALLYBEG KEANO (T2) 4/1 E.Soppit (Unatt)   LENSON SUPREME (T4) 12/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
GOLDSTAR LIAM (T6) 8/1 T.Foster (Unatt)   TRANSFORM MAGIC (T6) 20/1 F.Wright (Coven)
SIESTA ROBBO (T1) 5/2 M.Puzey (W'stw)   BRIGHT JOE (T5) 10/1 D.Steels (Peterb)
Vacant (T3)       SOVIET COLORADO (T2) 8/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
Winning time 29.38 secs   Winning time 29.10 secs
Heat 23   Heat 24
ROCKFOREST PRIDE (T5) 5/2 D.Pruhs (Peterb)   PITCH ROCKET (T5) 2/1 f W.Davies (M.Kyn)
NOT SO FAMOUS (T4) 4/1 P.Rich (Romfd)   NOIRS SEANIE (T6) 9/4 S.Cahill (W'don)
SPINNERS CHOICE (T1) 5/1 J.Donohoe (Ire)   MANERA SPARK (T2) 5/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
DROOPYS CORLEONE (T2) Evs f D.Riordan (Hnlow)   OUT OF TROUBLE (T1) 7/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
CONDOR PASS (T3) 33/1 R.Shrinkwin (Hnlw)   BO BO (T3) 6/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
MAYBE TONIGHT (T6) 25/1 J.Davidson (Cryfd)   FINAL GOAL (T4) 50/1 A.Keppie (Poole)
Winning time 29.51 secs   Winning time 29.25 secs
Heat 25   Heat 26
MATTSMYSON (T4) 4/1 G.Sallis (Sittngb)   FARLOE VERDICT (T1) 1/2 f C.Lister (Unatt)
CLONAKENNY JOHN (T6) 5/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)   DROOPYS VERDI (T5) 12/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
LENSON STAR (T2) 12/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   MORAL ENIGMA (T4) 12/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
ARMANI CLASSIC (T3) 9/2 L.Jones (W'stw)   MUSTANG FASTBACK (T6) 4/1 S.Bourke (Ire)
OCCHI ROSSI (T1) 5/4 f H.Findlay (Unatt)   KINDA SWIFT (T3) 12/1 L.Jones (W'stw)
MOONROE MICKO (T5) 20/1 T.Meek (H.Green)   SPECIAL EVENT (T2) 10/1 J.Reynolds (W'stw)
Winning time 29.43 secs   Winning time 28.99 secs
Heat 27   Heat 28
GREENSIDE WONDER (T1) 2/1 D.Pruhs (Peterb)   URBAN SPACEMAN (T1) 5/2 G.Irving (Unatt)
SOLID MONEY (T6) 4/5 f D.Knight (Hove)   MOYNIES CASH (T6) 9/4 f C.Lister (Unatt)
DROOPYS CHESTER (T3) 7/1 C.Philpot (Unatt)   TOPMEUP (T2) 5/1 P.Garland (W'don)
ELLENS COUGAR (T4) 6/1 B.Draper (Sheff)   MAP MAN (T4) 4/1 G.Ballentine (P.Barr)
TWIGLISH DUDE (T2) 33/1 J.Morgan (Oxf)   EMPORIO BOSS (T3) 4/1 G.Sallis (Sittngb)
BLUE BRITTANIA (T5) 14/1 T.Dartnall (Read)   LILYWHITE ZAMORA (T5) 25/1 P.Rees (W'don)
Winning time 29.31 secs   Winning time 29.36 secs


Winner Trap Sire Dam Time Distance SP
Farloe Verdict 2 Droopys Vieri She Knew 28.79   11/4
Legal Moment 3 Judicial Pride Legal Jan 29.21 5 1/4 4/1
Farloe Marathon 5 Top Honcho Next Deal 29.23 Head 7/1
Cathals Idol 6 Mustang Yank Florida Time 29.51 3 1/2 14/1
Holdyoursilence 4 Top Honcho Misshenrietabell 30.07 7 33/1
World Class 1 Come On Ranger Queen Survivor 30.31 Dist. 11/10


Dog Sire Dam Time
Like a Shot Larkhill Jo Black Stone Lace 29.87
Droopys Maldini Droopys Kewell Little Diamond UK 29.94
Disguised Larkill Jo Newbridge Girl 29.99
Droopys Marco Droopys Kewell Little Diamond UK 30.06
Geldrops Touch Droopys Vieri Sporting Cleo 30.24
World Class Come On Ranger Queen Survivor 30.26

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