This race was run at Wimbledon on Saturday 2nd July 2005.









Westmead Hawk (4)

Sonic Flight

Mega Delight

5/4 fav

1 3/4 L



Blonde Mac (1)

Cool Performance

Carry Special


 3 L



Blue Majestic (3)

Top Honcho

Marinas Tina


 1/2 L



Mineola Farloe (5)

Top Honcho

Farloe Dingle


  3/4 L



Ningbo Jack (2)

Honcho Classic

Penny's Spotlight





Geldrops Touch (6)

 Droopys Viera

Sporting Cleo



Westmead Hawk picture.JPG (7689 bytes)

Westmead Hawk was trained privately by Nick Savva

Blonde Mac was trained privately by Arthur Hitch

Blue Majestic was trained by Seamus Graham in Ireland

Mineola Farloe was trained by Seamus Graham in Ireland

Ningbo Jack was trained privately by Charlie Lister OBE

Geldrops Touch was trained by Owen McKenna in Ireland

The Final

The 5/4 favourite, Westmead Hawk, broke poorly from Trap 4 and was well behind at the first bend. However, he made up ground down the back straight and employed his customary late finish to enable him to peg back and pass the long odds outsider Blonde Mac as they rounded the final bend, and he was able to record a 1 3/4 length victory in 28.56 secs.

First Semi Final

From the 3 box Ningbo Jack was very quickly into his stride and led throughout. Blue Majestic was always close up and took a middle course, running on to just fail by a head, with Geldrops unfancied on the outside managing to run on a further neck behind. There was crowding at the first which put paid to the chances of the favourite Droopys Marco and he finished in last place.

Second Semi Final

The bookmakers had marked it as a 3 dog race, with Westmead Hawk the strongest fancy of the 3 at 5/4 favourite. When the boxes went up it was Mineola Farloe from trap 3 who broke quickest with Blonde Mac. Mineola won the tussle at the first bend and soon led. Blonde went for the rails and challenged throughout, while there was crowding in behind by the other 4 dogs. Westmead Hawk eventually came out best of the crowding and finished strongly, but was eventually beaten by a length and a quarter.




Eaglehawk Star



Frightful Flash





Leggy Waitress


Sonic Flight






Flashy Sir



Westmead Flight





Westmead Kim

Westmead Hawk










Smooth Rumble





Follow Through


Mega Delight






Mustang Jack



Knockeevan Joy





Rubys Bridge

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Semi-Finals run on Saturday 25th June 2005
Trap Dog SP Time Dist   Trap Dog SP Time Dist
First Semi-Final   Second Semi-Final
3 Ningbo Jack 9/2 28.76     3 Mineola Farloe 3 28.77  
2 Blue Majestic 5/2 28.78 HD   2 Westmead Hawk 5/4 f 28.86 1 1/4
5 Geldrops Touch 7/1 28.81 NK   1 Blonde Mac 25/1 28.99 1 1/2
4 Loughteen Flyer 25/1 28.92 1 1/2   5 Lenson Thierry 16/1 29.26 3 1/2
1 Count Gelignite 12/1 29.24 4   6 January Tiger 11/4 29.31 1/2
6 Droopys Marco 5/4 f 29.36 1 1/2   4 Hot Rocks 20/1 29.39 1


Quarter Finals took place on Tuesday 21st June 2005
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
First Quarter-Final   Second Quarter-Final
NINGBO JACK (T3) 3/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   BLUE MAJESTIC (T5) Evens S.Graham (Ire)
MINELOA FARLOE (T4) 7/2 S.Graham (Ire)   COUNT GELIGNITE (T2) 6/1 S.Bourke (Ire)
LOUGHTEEN FLYER (T5) 8/1 J.Faint (Rye.Ho)   HOT ROCKS (T4) 14/1 P.Buckley (Ire)
BALLYMAC NILOC (T1) 5/1 C.Philpott (Unatt)   TOMS VIEW (T3) 3/1 P.McCormish (Nott)
ROBBIE DE NIRO (T2) 5/2 f C.Lister (Unatt)   VELVET REBEL (T6) 9/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
CAULRY KING (T6) 7/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)   JUNIOR MECHANIC (T1) 10/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
Winning time 28.92 secs   Winning time 28.88 secs
Third Quarter-Final   Fourth Quarter-Final
WESTMEAD HAWK (T4) 2/1 N.Savva (Unatt)   JANUARY TIGER (T6) 3/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)
DROOPYS MARCO (T6) 4/6 f F.Black (Ire)   GELDROPS TOUCH (T4) Evens O.McKenna (Ire)
BLONDE MAC (T1) 66/1 A.Hitch (Unatt)   MUSTANG OKEE (T5) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
DROP GOAL JONNY (T2) 20/1 T.Soppitt (Unatt)   BLONDE BOSS (T1) 7/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
BOHERDUFF LIGHT (T3) 5/1 O.McKenna (Ire)   ROMEO SAHA (T2) 25/1 D.Firmager (Unatt)
BRIGHT JOE (T5) 50/1 J.Walton (B.Vue)   OUR OCEAN (T3) 33/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
Winning time 28.57 secs   Winning time 28.66 secs


Third Round Heats took place on Saturday 18th June 2005
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
COUNT GELIGNITE (T2) 6/1 S.Burke (Ire)   TOMS VIEW (T4) 11/10f P.McCormish (Notts)
NINGBO JACK (T4) 9/4 C.Lister (Unatt)   JUNIOR MECHANIC (T1) 10/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
BLONDE MAC (T1) 33/1 A.Hitch (Unatt)   OUR OCEAN (T3) 25/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
DROOPYS LEROY (T3) 5/4 f I.Reilly (Ire)   WESTMEAD EAGLE (T5) 2/1 N.Savva (Unatt)
NELLIES TOFFEE (T5) 33/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   LENSON LARSON (T6) 7/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
BIG FREEZE (T6) 9/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)   GET ON BLACKIE (T2) 7/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
Winning time 28.88 secs   Winning time 28.87 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
VELVET REBEL (T6) 4/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   GELDROPS TOUCH (T6) 3/1 O.McKenna (Ire)
BRIGHT JOE (T5) 14/1 J.Walton (B.Vue)   BOHERDUFF LIGHT (T1) 7/2 O.McKenna (Ire)
HOT ROCKS (T3) 9/4 jf P.Buckley (Ire)   MINELOA FARLOE (T4) 5/2 S.Graham (Ire)
CANNY JOURNEY (T1) 9/4 jf P.McCormish (Notts)   SLICK KID (T2) 66/1 M.McCool (Unatt)
HEAD LAD (T2) 14/1 T.Soppitt (Unatt)   DROOPYS MALDINI (T3) 9/4 f F.Black (Ire)
CHIPP LAD (T4) 4/1 N.Savva (Unatt)   KYLEGROVE FLIGHT (T5) 8/1 D.Knight (Hove)
Winning time 28.89 secs   Winning time
Heat 5   Heat 6
BALLYAC NILOC (T3) 7/1 C.Philpott (Unatt)   DROOPYS MARCO (T6) 4/6 f F.Black (Ire)
ROBBIE DE NIRO (T1) Evens C.Lister (Unatt)   WESTMEAD HAWK (T4) 5/2 N.Savva (Unatt)
ROMEO SAHA (T2) 14/1 D.Firmager (Unatt)   JANUARY TIGER (T5) 12/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)
MUSTANG FASTBACK (T4) 12/1 T.Dartnall (Reading)   KILLEIGH GRAND (T1) 16/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
SIESTA FRISBY (T5) 6/4 M.Puzey (W'stw)   BAT ON (T2) 6/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
HIT THE DRINK (T6) 33/1 D.Mullins (Romfrd)   STUDENT PASS (T3) 14/1 O.McKenna (Ire)
Winning time 29.08 secs   Winning time 28.60 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
BLUE MAJESTIC (T4) 6/4f S.Graham (Ire)   MUSTANG OKEE (T6) 6/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
DROP GOAL JONNY (T1) 4/1 T.Soppitt (Unatt)   CAULRY KING (T4) 9/4 A.Johnson (Unatt)
BLONDE BOSS (T2) 7/4 C.Lister (Unatt   LOUGHTEEN FLYER (T2) 4/1 J.Faint (Rye Ho)
MALTIES MAC (T3) 16/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   ROMEO PADDY (T1) 11/8 f D.Firmager (Unatt)
NINJA BLUE (T5) 8/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   SLY TRICKSTER (T5) 16/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)
ALLFOURPAWS (T6) 12/1 G.Brabon (Sittngb)   SENAHAL AGATHE (T3) 16/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
Winning time 28.85 secs   Winning time 28.96 secs


Second Round Heats took place on Friday 10th June 2005
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
ROMEO SAHA (T3) 20/1 D.Firmager (Unatt)   ROBBIE DE NIRO (T3) 11/10f C.Lister (Unatt)
BALLYMAC NILOC (T1) 9/4 C.Philpott (Unatt)   SLICK KID (T4) 33/1 M.McCool (Unatt)
BRIGHT JOE (T4) 25/1 J.Walton (B.Vue)   KYLEGROVE FLIGHT (T6) 5/4 D.Knight (Hove)
AGASSIS ACE (T5) 1/2 f O.McKenna (Ire)   ANVILLE DASHER (T5) 10/1 P.McCormish (Notts)
FUNCHEON MAGPIE (T6) 12/1 S.Mavrias (Sittingb)   BLONDE THUNDER (T1) 16/1 A.Hitch (Unatt)
DEANRIDGE GEEZA (T2) 14/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   PEG TOM BLACK (T2) 16/1 J.Gibson (B.Vue)
Winning time 28.91 secs   Winning time 28.90 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
JANUARY TIGER (T6) 2/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   MUSTANG FASTACK (T6) 10/1 T.Dartnall (Reading)
MALTIES MAC (T3) 20/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   VELVET REBEL (T4) 20/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
DROP GOAL JONNY (T2) 6/4 f T.Soppitt (Unatt)   DROOPYS LEROY (T1) 11/10 I.Reilly (Ire)
FARLOE HOBBS (T1) 4/1 B.Draper (Sheff)   BALLYMAC PIRES (T2) Evens C.Philpott(Unatt)
TOMAROY TITLE (T4) 7/1 M.Dennis (Unatt)   DROOPYS OKOCHA (T3) 16/1 T.Soppitt (Unatt)
BUBBLY VERDI (T5) 20/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   NOIRS SEANIE (T5) 66/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
Winning time 29.22 secs   Winning time 29.22 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
BLUE MAJESTIC (T3) 6/4 S.Graham (Ire)   NINGO JACK (T5) 9/4 C.Lister (Unatt)
JUNIOR MECHANIC (T1) 7/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)   LENSON LARSON (T6) 5/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
SENAHAL GATHER (T6) 14/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   HEAD LAD (T4) 14/1 T.Soppitt(Unatt)
HEE HAWS BARNEY (T4) 5/4f A.Johnson (Unatt)   VANCOUVER SPARKY (T1) 7/4 f P.Garland (W'don)
SMOOTH MARTIN (T5) 14/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)   WARREN GUNNER (T2) 25/1 A.Green (Crayfrd)
BOBS MEMORY (T2) 14/1 P.Rees (W'don)   DROOPYS BEST (T3) 7/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
Winning time 28.64 secs   Winning time 28.97 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
ROMEO PADDY (T2) 5/2 jf D.Firmager (Unatt)   GELDROPS TOUCH (T4) 2/5 f O.McKenna (Ire)
COUNT GELIGNITE (T3) 11/4 S.Bourke (Ire)   GET ON BLACKIE (T3) 10/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
SLY TRICKSTER (T6) 5/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   ALLFOURPAWS (T5) 5/1 G.Brabon (Sittingb)
VALENTIA LEGEND (T1) 5/2 jf C.Lister (Unatt)   DROOPYS SERENA (T6) 20/1 D.Knight (Hove)
CONSPIRACY SEB (T4) 12/1 M.Burt (Monmore)   FARLOE MARATHON (T1) 10/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
SLICK STORM (T5) 25/1 M.McCool (Unatt)   LISNAFULLAH FLASH (T2) 10/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)
Winning time 28.88 secs   Winning time 28.88 secs
Second Round Heats took place on Saturday 11th June 2005
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 9   Heat 10
BAT ON (T1) 4/5 f C.Lister (Unatt)   SIESTA FRISBY (T6) 2/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)
HOT ROCKS (T2) 5/1 P.Buckley (Ire)   TOMS VIEW (T4) 7/4 f P.McCormish (Notts)
BIG FREEZE (T6) 5/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)   STUDENT PASS (T3) 5/1 O.McKenna (Ire)
JEFFERSON (T3) 50/1 S.King (Reading)   MANERA SPARK (T1) 10/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
FLASHING GEMMA (T4) 50/1 T.Taylor (W'don)   BELL DEVOTION (T2) 4/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
LEMON ALLSTAR (T5) 8/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)   RANGER BEN (T5) 100/1 J.Lambe (P.Barr)
Winning time 28.79 secs   Winning time 28.70 secs
Heat 11   Heat 12
MINEOLA FARLOE (T3) 5/2 S.Graham (Ire)   BOHERDUFF LIGHT (T1) 2/5 f O.McKenna (Ire)
BLONDE BOSS (T1) 5/4 f C.Lister (Unatt)   CANNY JOURNEY (T2) 10/1 P.McCormish (Notts)
NINJA BLUE (T5) 7/2 P.Young (Romfrd)   CHIPP LAD (T6) 6/1 J.Geddis (Peter)
SOLID MONEY (T4) 5/1 D.Knight (Hove )   COOLOGANE ROYAL (T3) 8/1 F.Taylor (Unatt)
DABREEN (T2) 12/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   ANNIES DIAMOND (T4) 66/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
MINSHALL MARVEL (T6) 25/1 T.Kibble (Swindn)   TALLY HO SHIMMER (T5) 12/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
Winning time 28.88 secs   Winning time 29.14 secs
Heat 13   Heat 14
CAULRY KING (T5) 5/4 f A.Johnson (Unatt)   WESTMEAD HAWK (T3) 4/1 N.Savva (Unatt)
HIT THE DRINK (T6) 10/1 D.Mullins (Romfrd)   DROOPYS MALDINI (T1) 4/7 f F.Black (Ire)
MUSTANG OKEE (T4) 6/4 S.Cahill (W'don)   LOUGHTEEN FLYER (T6) 8/1 J.Faint (Rye Ho)
WALLINGTON ROY (T1) 20/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   LENSON GEOFFREY (T4) 33/1 P.Foster (Swindon)
RIO LIMO (T3) 5/1 D.Riordan (Henlow)   KILCAR SILO (T5) 5/1 J.Gibson (B.Vue)
Vacant (T2)       RATHMVINE BOY (T2) 33/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)
Winning time 28.89 secs   Winning time 28.71 secs
Heat 15   Heat 16
OUR OCEAN (T4) 25/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)   DROOPYS MARCO (T6) 2/5 f F.Black (Ire)
NELLIES TOFFEE (T5) 8/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   WESTMEAD EAGLE (T4) 4/1 N.Savva (Unatt)
BLONDE MAC (T3) 8/1 A.Hitch (Unatt)   KILLEIGH GRAND (T2) 10/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
BEPE BLACK (T1) 4/9 f C.Amphlett (Unatt)   SHELBOURNE NINA (T5) 8/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
PONY MOVER (T2) 5/1 B.Draper (Sheff)   MARINES DARKIE (T3) 10/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
TRIPLE SHIELD (T6) 10/1 D.Williams (Unatt)   PAWSONS PRIDE (T1) 66/1 M.Lavender (Ports)
Winning time 29.01 secs   Winning time 28.58 secs


First Round Heats took place on Thursday 2nd June 2005
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
DROOPYS LEROY (T4) 2/5 f I.Reilly (Ire)   COOMIOGANE ROYAL (T5) 7/2 F.Taylor (Unatt)
DROP GOAL JONNY (T2) 7/2 T.Soppit (Unatt)   SENAHEL AGATHE (T6) 4/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
ALLFOURPAWS (T6) 5/1 G.Brabon (Sittngb)   ROMEO SAHA (T1) 5/2 f D.Firmager (Cov)
TINOPENER (T1) 25/1 P.Cusack (Crayford)   PENNYS CADET (T4) 12/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
RIGGS TOMMY (T3) 25/1 D.Knight (Hove)   SIZZLERS TOPMAN (T2) 11/4 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
HI BRUSH STROKES (T5) 33/1 T.Head (Poole)   DROOPYS BARRY (T3) 8/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
Winning time 28.59 secs   Winning time 28.87 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
SOLID MONEY (T4) 4/7 f D.Knight (Hove)   DROOPYS BEST (T3) 6/4 jf C.Lister (Unatt)
VALENTIA LEGEND (T1) 7/2 C.Lister (Unatt)   FARLOE HOBBS (T2) 4/1 B.Draper (Sheff)
DEANRIDGE GEEZA (T2) 10/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   CHIPP LAD (T5) 6/4 jf N.Savva (Unatt)
OFFICIAL REBEL (T6) 10/1 M.Daniels (Unatt)   HOLDYOURSILENCE (T1) 16/1 H.Keightley (Unatt)
HIGH ST BEN (T5) 8/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   CASH DARBY (T6) 12/1 J.Geddis (Peter)
KILKEENY USHER (T3) 14/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   TAIN SLI (T4) 16/1 S.Walsh (Harlow)
Winning time 28.89 secs   Winning time 29.03 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
DABREEN (T3) 4/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   FIRE HEIGHT DAN (T5) 4/7 f M.Puzey (W'stw)
DROOPYS OKOCHA (T6) 4/1 T.Soppit (Unatt)   LENSON LARSON (T6) 4/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
FARLOE MARTHON (T2) 4/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   RIO LIMO (T4) 12/1 D.Riordan (Henlow)
FARLOE EXIT (T1) 4/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   KEY GIFT (T2) 5/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
GREAT PROSPECT (T4) 12/1 W.Sholz (Germany   VALENTIA CLIMATE (T1) 20/1 A.Jenkins (H.Green)
FAITHS LAD (T5) 7/4 f S.Gammon (Crayfrd)   SEOMRA BOND (T3) 10/1 H.Keightley (Unatt)
Winning time 29.24 secs   Winning time 29.24 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
BEPE BLACK (T3) 4/1 C.Amphlett (Unatt)   NINJA BLUE (T6) 3/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
GELDROPS TOUCH (T4) 4/6 f O.McKenna (Ire)   VELVET REBEL (T5) 3/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
SLY TRICKSTER (T6) 5/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   SLICK STORM (T2) 10/1 M.McCool (Unatt)
DROOPYS LENA (T1) 3/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)   DROOPYS TEDDY (T1) 9/2 P.Young (Romfrd)
STORETODOOR SONIC (T2) 50/1 J.Walsh (W'don)   TUTTLES RONALDO (T4) 5/4 f F.Wright (H.Green)
Vacant (T5)       Vacant (T3)    
Winning time 28.84 secs   Winning time 28.77 secs
Heat 9   Heat 10
BOHERDUFF LIGHT (T4) 2/7 f O.McKenna (Ire)   KITCAR SOLO (T6) 4/6 f J.Gibson (B.Vue)
DROOPYS SERENA (T6) 5/1 D.Knight (Hove)   TALLY HO SHIMMER (T4) 5/4 C.Lister (Unatt)
WARRENS GUNNER (T1) 10/1 A.Green (Crayfrd)   PAWSONS PRIDE (T3) 33/1 M.Lavender (Ports)
MARSHALLS LEADER (T5) 20/1 P.Barrett (P.Barr)   DROOPYS LEO (T2) 14/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
YOUNG LOVE (T2) 16/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   TERRYDRUM MILL (T5) 20/1 R.Yeates (Read)
GOTTABEMAGIC (T3) 10/1 M.Locke (Romfrd)   ROSEWOOD FLASH (T1) 50/1 T.Taylor (W'don)
Winning time 28.73 secs   Winning time 28.72 secs
First Round Heats took place on Friday 3rd June 2005
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 11   Heat 12
MUSTANG FASTBACK (T6) 4/5 f T.Dartnall (Read)   SIESTA FRISBY (T6) 2/7 f M.Puzey (W'stw)
LEMON ALLSTAR (T5) 2/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)   TOMAROY TITLE (T4) 5/1 M.Dennis (Unatt)
GET ON BLACKIE (T2) 9/2 S.Cahill (W'don)   SLICK KID (T2) 25/1 M.McCool (Unatt)
DROOPYS PUMA (T4) 8/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)   CANIMER (T3) 9/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
JO BEO (T3) 16/1 S.Mavrias (Sittingb)   COOLEEN ELTON (T1) 33/1 A.Dale (Mildenh)
KILLEACLE HUGH (T1) 16/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)   AIRTECH ROBBO (T5) 25/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
Winning time 29.30 secs   Winning time 29.18 secs
Heat 13   Heat 14
VANCOVER SPARKY (T1) 6/1 P.Garland (W'stw)   STUDENT PASS (T4) 1/2 f O.McKenna (Ire)
KYLEGROVE FLIGHT (T5) 7/4 D.Knight (Hove)   ANNIES DIAMOND (T5) 33/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
ROBBIE DE NIRO (T2) 8/11 f C.Lister (Unatt)   ANVILLE DASHER (T3) 6/1 P.McCormish (Nott)
SKILFUL TESTER (T6) 100/1 S.Mavrias (Sittingb)   SHELLBEAPPLES (T1) 12/1 R.Moncreif (Unatt)
MAI PEN RAI (T3) 50/1 G.Andreas (Sittingb)   ELWICK REVIEW (T6) 4/1 D.Wilkinson (Unatt)
TULLERBOY LAD (T4) 50/1 P.Payne (Romfrd)   BLONDE RUMBLE (T2) 10/1 M.Dennis (Unatt)
Winning time 28.83 secs   Winning time 29.11 secs
Heat 15   Heat 16
MANERA SPARK (T2) 4/5 f J.Mullins (W'stw)   CAULRY KING (T6) 10/11 f A.Johnson (Unatt)
DROOPYS VERDI (T6) 8/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   BLUE MAJESTIC (T3) 9/4 S.Graham (Ire)
WALLINGTON ROY (T3) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   BARAN MERCURY (T2) 25/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
DENMARKNICK (T1) 6/1 P.Rich (Romfrd)   ROXHOLME ERA (T1) 4/1 T.Soppit (Unatt)
JONNY LIAR (T5) 5/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)   SIDE SAGA (T4) 5/1 P.Bourke (Ire)
Vacant (T4)       Vacant (T5)    
Winning time 29.32 secs   Winning time 29.10 secs
Heat 17   Heat 18
BRIGHT JOE (T6) 10/1 J.Walton (B.Vue)   WESTMEAD HAWK (T4) 5/4 jf N.Savva (Unatt)
KILLEIGH GRAND (T1) Evens C.Lister (Unatt)   BAT ON (T2) 5/4 jf C.Lister (Unatt)
FLASHING GEMMA (T5) 20/1 T.Taylor (W'don)   HIT THE DRINK (T6) 20/1 D.Mullins (Romfrd)
WESTCLIFF (T4) 6/4 C.Lister (Unatt)   DECEMBER MIST (T3) 16/1 P.Rees (W'don)
UNDER THE KOSH (T3) 16/1 D.Childs (Unatt)   SOBERING THOUGHTS (T1) 6/1 N.McEllistrim (W'stw)
MUSTANG McCLAREN (T2) 20/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   LENSON ANTHONY (T5) 16/1 S.Cahill (W'don)
Winning time 29.36 secs   Winning time 28.91 secs
Heat 19   Heat 20
MINEOLA FARLOE (T4) 7/2 S.Graham (Ire)   TOMS VIEW (T3) 1/3 f P.McCormish (Notts)
BELL DEVOTION (T1) 4/6 f C.Lister (Unatt)   LENSON GEOFFREY (T5) 16/1 P.Foster (Swindon)
MUSTANG OKEE (T5) 5/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   BLONDE THUNDER (T2) 12/1 A.Hitch (Unatt)
ARDREA CROSS (T3) 5/1 M.Locke (Romfrd)   DROOPYS BEYONCE (T4) 25/1 D.Childs (Unatt)
FARLOE CRICKETER (T2) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   APACHE JUNCTION (T6) 10/1 A.Bullen (Unatt)
BULLET BREEZE (T6) 25/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   TIDYPLAYROOM (T1) 5/1 D.Knight (Hove)
Winning time 28.95 secs   Winning time 28.92 secs
First Round Heats took place on Saturday 4th June 2005
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 21   Heat 22
WESTMEAD EAGLE (T6) Evens N.Savva (Unatt)   AGASSIS ACE (T5) 7/4 O.McKenna (Ire)
MARINES DARKIE (T5) 5/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   HOT ROCKS (T1) 5/1 P.Buckley (Ire)
MALTIES MAC (T4) 7/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   NINGBO JACK (T4) 5/4 f C.Lister (Unatt)
ROXHOLME SILKS (T3) 3/1 H.Keightley (Unatt)   COAL TOWN BOY (T6) 33/1 D.Porter (Swindon)
ALAMASHAR (T2) 8/1 D.Childs (Unatt)   MUSTANG PARK (T3) 25/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
AVAHEEN TOM (T1) 50/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)   BLONDE CINDY (T2) 9/2 C.Lister (Unatt)
Winning time 29.00 secs   Winning time 28.83 secs
Heat 23   Heat 24
JANUARY TIGER (T6) 5/2 M.Wallis (W'stw)   BLONDE BOSS (T2) 2/1 C.Lister (Unatt)
RATHMINE BOY (T5) 8/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)   BALLYMAC NILOC (T1) 4/5 f C.Philpott (Coventry)
OUR OCEAN (T4) 20/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)   PONY MOVER (T4) 10/1 B.Draper (Sheff)
DEANRIDGE FOX (T2) 12/1 I.Reilly (Ire)   STANDARDS SCRATH (T5) 25/1 B.Pierre (Belgium)
TYRUR DARYL (T1) 6/4 f P.Hennessy (Ire)   PENNYS WORTH (T3) 5/1 R.Baker (Coventry)
DROOPYS BYRON (T3) 5/2 T.Soppitt (Unatt)   Vacant (T6)    
Winning time 28.77 secs   Winning time 28.81 secs
Heat 25   Heat 26
HEE HAWS BARNEY (T5) 2/5 f A.Johnson (Unatt)   MINSHALL MARVEL (T6) 12/1 T.Kibble (Swindon)
TRIPLE SHIELD (T6) 33/1 D.Williams (Unatt)   PEG TOM BACK (T5) 11/8 J.Gibsob (B.Vue)
NELLIES TOFFEE (T4) 8/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   RANGER BEN (T4) 9/2 J.Lambe (P.Barr)
FEAR STAR (T1) 4/1 C.Philpott (Coventry)   BUBBLY CHESTER (T3) 7/4 C.Philpott (Coventry)
EXECUTIVE MEMO (T3) 5/1 P.Rees (W'don)   BLUE GLORY (T1) 14/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
Vacant (T2)       HOT CHANCE (T2) 10/1 A.Ingram (Romfrd)
Winning time 29.00 secs   Winning time 29.13 secs
Heat 27   Heat 28
DROOPYS MALDINI (T5) 1/3 f F.Black (Ire)   SHELBOURNE NINA (T3) 9/4 B.Clemenson (Hove)
CANNY JOURNEY (T2) 6/1 P.McCormish (Notts)   BIG FREEZE (T4) 5/4 f B.Clemenson (Hove)
ROMEO PADDY (T1) 6/1 D.Firmager (Unatt)   BLONDE MAC (T1) 7/2 A.Hitch (Unatt)
BALLYBRAZIL HERO (T4) 5/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   DROOPYS DEVINE (T2) 14/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
YANKEY DICK (T6) 14/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)   HOLLYOAK THIN (T6) 50/1 T.Taylor (W'don)
Vacant (T3)       ABBOT PETE (T5) 20/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)
Winning time 28.49 secs   Winning time 29.11 secs
Heat 29   Heat 30
BALLYMAC PIRES (T4) 4/11 f C.Philpott (Coventry)   COUNT GELIGNITE (T3) 7/4 S.Bourke (Ire)
LISNAFULLAH FLASH (T2) 7/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   SMOOTH MAN (T6) 50/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
NOIRS SEANIE (T6) 12/1 S.Cahill (W'don)   JUNIOR MECHANIC (T1) 5/1 J.Mullins (W'stw)
THORGILL PETER (T5) 50/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   FLAME OF HOPE (T4) 6/1 P.Cusack (Crayfrd)
OPUSMINIJOE (T3) 16/1 B.O'Sullivan (Crayfrd)   BALLYMAC KEWELL (T2) 6/4 f C.Philpott (Coventry)
CRACKATOR BLACKIE (T1) 5/1 F.Taylor (Unatt)   FEEL THE PRIDE (T5) 6/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
Winning time 28.48 secs   Winning time 29.06 secs
Heat 31   Heat 32
DROOPYS MARCO (T6) 1/3 f F.Black (Ire)   LOUGHTEEN FLYER (T6) Evens J.Faint (Rye House)
BOBS MEMORY (T1) 25/1 P.Rees (W'don)   JEFFERSON (T4) 16/1 S.King (Reading)
FUNCHEON MAGPIE (T5) 6/1 S.Mavrias (Sittingb)   CONSPIRACY SEB (T1) 10/1 M.Burt (Monmore)
FARLOE JOEL (T4) 6/1 C.Lister (Unatt)   DROOPYS SEMMER (T5) 5/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
BUY THE RUMOUR (T3) 12/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   HI TIP (T3) 7/1 T.Head (Poole)
BALLYMAC JILLIAN (T2) 33/1 R Peacock (W'don)   A GAMEMAN (T2) 4/1 F.Harvey (Unatt)
Winning time 28.60 secs   Winning time 28.89 secs


Winner Trap Sire Dam Time Distance SP
Droopys Marco 6 Droopys Kewell Little Diamond 29.05   4/1
Robbie de Niro 5 Knockeevan Star Whitefort Queen 29.19 1 3/4 5/4
Ballymac Niloc 1 True Honcho Ballymac Pepes 29.37 2 1/4 5/2
Bell Devotion 2 Kiowa Shawnee So Droopys Kristin 29.39 Head 3/1
Barefoot Maestro 3 Staplers Jo Longvalley Jill 29.69 3 3/4 12/1
Ballymac Kewell 4 Droopys Woods Blonde Returns WD    


Dog Sire Dam Time
He Said So Top Honcho You Said So 29.66
Droopys Maldini Droopys Kewell Little Diamond UK 30.01
Billy Playback Smooth Rumble Nikitas Song 30.36
Droopys Marco Droopys Kewell Little Diamond UK 30.37
Westmead Hawk Sonic Flight Mega Delight 30.39
Spiral Citrate Top Honcho Ullid Citrate 30.53

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