An excellent clip of the 2006 Greyhound Derby Final lasting 2 minutes 41 seconds.

This race was run at Wimbledon on Saturday 3rd June 2006

  Greyhound Betting
3 WESTMEAD JOE (m) 7/1
4 WESTMEAD HAWK (m) 4/7 fav
6 CLASH DARBY (w) 33/1


    Trainer Distance Time
WESTMEAD HAWK (4) Sonic Flight-Mega Delight Nick Savva (Private) 3/4 L 28.44
MINEOLA FARLOE (2) Top Honcho-Farloe Dingle Seamus Graham (Ireland) 1 L 28.50
AMARILLO SLIM (5) Knockeevan Star-Lemon Sugar Graham Calvert jnr (Private) 1/2 L 28.58
WESTMEAD JOE (3) Larkhill Jo-Mega Delight Nick Savva (Private) 1 3/4 L 28.62
CLEENAS LADY (1) Honcho Black-Mind the Way Terry Dartnell (Private) 2 1/2 L 28.76
CLASH DARBY (6) Come on Lleyton-Clash Minnie John Geddis (Private)   28.96

The on-track betting suggested that two dogs would dominate the final, Mineola Farloe being backed from 6/1 to 7/2 , while well over £100,000 forced Westmead Hawk from 8/11 to 4/7 touching 1-2 occasionally. Money seemed to talk as the traps opened with Mineola Farloe flying on the inside while Amarillo Slims slick exit on the wide outside saw him lead just ahead of Clash Darby.
Rounding the first bend Mineola held a slight lead from Amarillo Slim and Clash Darby, but Westmead Hawk had made an unusually good start. Rounding the second bend Mineola opened a 3 length lead from Amarillo, but Westmead had already started taking closer order in third. Down the far side Mineola maintained a 2 length lead but as they approached the final bend Westmead was ominously close up. Rounding the final bend Mineolas lead hung by a thread and Westmead delivered his final telling run for the line to get up by ¾ length, with Amarillo a further length behind in third. Westmead Joe was never nearer than a further length behind in fourth, with Cleenas Lady and Clash Darby bringing up the rear. The winning time of 28.44 was the fastest in the Derby this year.

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Grateful thanks to Anthony Simester for the photo.

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Breeding Chart with grateful thanks to Anthony Simester




Eaglehawk Star



Frightful Flash





Leggy Waitress


Sonic Flight






Flashy Sir



Westmead Flight





Westmead Kim

Westmead Hawk










Smooth Rumble





Follow Through


Mega Delight






Mustang Jack



Knockeevan Joy





Rubys Bridge


First Semi-Final Betfair outright BETFRED outright BETFRED heat   Second Semi-Final Betfair outright BETFRED outright BETFRED heat
Brookfield Genius 80/1 40/1 12/1   Cleenas Lady 40/1 20/1 10/1
Blue Majestic (m) 40/1 25/1 11/2   Mineola Farloe 16/1 8/1 11/2
Bubbly Classic (m) 20/1 10/1 7/2   Larkhill Jim (m) 14/1 16/1 8/1
Westmead Joe (m) 8/1 13/2 9/4   Westmead Hawk (m) 11/10 10/11 8/13
Amarilla Slim (w) 10/1 13/2 13/8   Ice & Lemon (w) 66/1 40/1 16/1
Clash Darby (w) 150/1 50 16/1   Ballymac Pires (w) 14/1 12/1 5/1

Amarillo Slim, the 7/4 fav, led from the boxes from Clash Darby and Brookvill Genius, with Westmead Joe last early on. Around the first bend Amarillo Slim built up a clear lead from Clash Darby as Westmead Joe started to make ground. Rounding the final bend Amarillo maintained his lead with Westmead challenging for second place. At the line Amarillo prevailed by a length and a half in an impressive 28.78, with Westmead Joe (3/1) outstaying Clash Darby (14/1) for the runner up spot.
Mineola Farloe led from the boxes from Cleenas Lady and Ice and Lemon. Ballymac Pires was close up with Larkhill Jim and Westmead Hawk scrimmaging for the last position. Down the far side Mineola went 4 lengths clear from Cleenas Lady and Ballymac Pires with Westmead Hawk starting to make a move. Even round the final bend the Hawk had at least 5 lengths to make up, but astounded the cheering crowd by getting up in the final strides to score by a head in 28.62. Mineola Farloe (5/1) was second, qualifying for the final a second time, and Cleenas Lady, the only bitch, securing third place at 10/1.


Heat One Best Betfair price   Heat Two Best Betfair Price
Hondo Dingle 55/1   Brockvill Genius 100/1
Vancouver Style 45/1   Bubbly Classic (m) 66/1
Cleenas Lady 50/1   Yorkshire (m) 45/1
Larkhill Jim (w) 20/1   Greenwell Flash (w) 9/1
Greenwell Storm (w) 55/1   Saving Time (w) 90/1
Clash Darby (w) 450/1   Ice & Lemon (w) 130/1
Heat Three     Heat Four  
Mineola Farloe 9/1   Baran Zeus 400/1
Westmead Joe (m) 20/1   Blue Majestic 100/1
Amarillo Slim (w) 20/1   Fear Me (m) 6/1
Courts Ad Be (w) 200/1   Westmead Hawk (w) 2/1
Frisby Fuller (w) 160/1   Ballymac Pires (w) 33/1
Milldean Billy (w) 85/1   Kanes Blue (w) 30/1

First Quarter-Final
Clash Darby led from the traps with Vancouver Style and Cleenas Lady follwing him around the first bend. He extended his lead down the far side, followed by Cleenas with Vancouver dropping back. As they approached the final bend Larkhill Jim tried to deliver a challenge but Clash Darby held on comfortably to spring a surprise at 25/1.
Second Quarter-Final
Brookfield Genius was fast away from the traps to contest the lead with Bubbly Classic at the first bend, Ice and Lemon following them around, from Yorkshire, Saving Time and Greenfield Flash at the rear. Bubbly took over around the second bend and went two lengths clear, with Ice and Lemon taking closer order. Around the final bend Bubbly held on for a length and 3/4 victory in 28.52 at the rewarding price of 8/1. Ice and Lemon was second at 7/2 with Brookfield Genius taking the final qualifying spot at 6/1.
Third Quarter-Final
Courts Ad Be was first away but was quickly overtaken at the first by Mineola Farloe and Amarillo Slim. Around the third bend Mineola maintained a slight lead from Amarillo and Milldean Billy, but around the final bend Westmead Joe mounted a challenge which was to prevail by a short head in 28.60 from Amarillo Slim with Mineola a length and a quarter back in third. Westmead won at 5/2 with Mineola going off the 4/6 favourite.
Fourth Quarter-Final
The final heat was a cracker with Fear Me fastest away but the lead was short lived as Ballymac Pires and Blue Majestic took over at the first. Fear Me and Westmead Hawk were bumped and Baran Zeus did not finish. As they approached the final bend Ballymac held a length lead but Westmead was threatening. Down the final straight Westmead just got the better of Ballymac by 3/4 length with Blue Majestic qualifying for another semi-final some 2 lengths back. The winners time was 28.58 and it was returned the 8/11 fav.

Third Round Heats took place on Saturday 20th May 2006
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
AMARILLO SLIM (T5) 7/4 f G.Calvert (Sunder)   CLEENAS LADY (T1) 9/2 T.Dartnall (Reading)
FRISBY FULLER (T4) 10/1 H.Crapper (Sheff)   KANES BLUE (T3) 2/1 K.McGee (Ire)
BUBBLY CLASSIC (T1) 9/4 B.Clemenson (Hove)   WESTMEAD JOE (T2) 6/4 f N.Savva (Unatt)
BALLYMAC DROOPYS (T2) 9/4 C.Philpott (Coventry)   SENAHEL GIFT (T4) 50/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
BALLYMAC MAGNET (T3) 12/1 C.Philpott (Coventry)   GO STEPHEN (T5) 25/1 M.White (Unatt)
Vacant (T6)       NIKITA TYONE (T6) 5/1 S.Buckland (H.Green)
Winning Time 28.56 secs   Winning Time 28.71 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
HONDO DINGLE (T1) 6/1 D.Knight (Hove)   FEAR ME (T1) 1/2 f C.Lister (Donc)
BALLYMAC PIRES (T6) 2/5 f C.Philpott (Coventry)   ICE AND LEMON (T4) 10/1 B.Rumney (Sheff)
SAVING TIME (T5) 10/1 C.Lister (Donc)   GREENWELL STORM (T2) 9/2 P.Flaherty (Ire)
FEAR MYKEO (T2) 7/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   EYE ON THE VETO (T5) 7/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
GET ON BLACKIE (T3) 20/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)   BALLYMAC ROOSTER (T6) 8/1 C.Philpott (Coventry)
MAXIMUM RESPECT (T4) 10/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   KINGSMILL AGAIN (T3) 25/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)
Winning Time 28.78 secs   Winning Time 28.92 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
WESTMEAD HAWK (T2) 4/7 f N.Savva (Unatt)   LARKHILL JIM (T3) 5/1 S.Gaughan (Henlow)
BLUE MAJESTIC (T4) 7/1 S.Graham (Ire)   MILLDEAN BILLY (T5) 10/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)
COURTS AD FE (T6) 7/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   VANCOUVER SPARKY (T1) 7/4 f P.Garland (W'stw)
BARAN MUSTANG (T1) 4/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   SHELBOURNE LAURA (T2) 5/2 C.Lister (Donc)
FEAR NEIN EIN (T5) 20/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   BUBBLY JASON (T4) 4/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)
CATSROCK MAX (T3) 50/1 P.Rees (W'don)   DUSTIN FOX (T6) 6/1 K.McGee (Ire)
Winning Time 28.53 secs   Winning Time 28.58 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
MINEOLA FARLOE (T1) 6/4 f S.Graham (Ire)   BROOKVILL GENIUS (T2) 12/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
YORKSHIRE (T2) 3/1 C.Lund (Unatt)   GREENWELL FLASH (T6) 1/2 f P.Flaherty (Ire)
CLASH DARBY (T4) 50/1 J.Geddis (Unatt)   BARAN ZEUS (T3) 33/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
NINJA BLUE (T5) 7/4 C.Lister (Donc)   ZIGZAG DUTCHMAN (T1) 7/2 C.Lister (Donc)
VELVET REBEL (T6) 8/1 C.Lister (Donc)   BLISSFUL CLASSIC (T4) 6/1 T.Collett (Sittingb)
ROCKING MONTY (T3) 20/1 P.Curtin (Ire)   MONKSPATH WILLIE (T5) 7/1 L.Burford (Unatt)
Winning Time 28.64 secs   Winning Time 28.90 secs


Second Round Heats took place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May 2006
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
FEAR NEIN EIN (T5) 16/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   BALLYMAC DROOPYS (T4) 6/4 f C.Philpott (Coventry)
BALLYMAC PIRES (T6) 2/5 f C.Philpott (Coventry)   FRISBY FULLER (T6) 25/1 H.Crapper (Sheff)
MAXIMUM RESPECT (T3) 10/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   WESTMEAD JOE (T2) 2/1 N.Savva (Unatt)
RONNIES CHAMPION (T1) 3/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   TOMS VIEW (T1) 6/1 C.Lister (Donc)
CLONBRIN SHOW (T2) 20/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)   DROOPYS MATILDA (T3) 25/1 P.Liddle (Unatt)
DROMINBOY JET (T4) 7/1 P.Foster (Swind)   JANUARY TIGER (T5) 5/2 M.Wallis (W'stw)
Winning Time 29.15 secs   Winning Time 29.07 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
NINJA BLUE (T6) 1/3 f C.Lister (Donc)   KANES BLUE (T6) 3/1 K.McGee (Ire)
GET ON BLACKIE (T5) 16/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)   GREENWELL STORM (T2) 6/4 f P.Flaherty (Ire)
ROCKING MONTY (T2) 14/1 P.Curtin (Ire)   SAVING TIME (T5) 4/1 C.Lister (Donc)
GO COMMANDO (T1) 3/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   NOIRS TED (T1) 11/4 S.Cahill (W'stw)
BALLYMAC TOP (T3) 33/1 C.Cronin (Sittngb)   LEGAL GLORY (T3) 25/1 E.McNair (Unatt)
CLONBRIN OWL (T4) 33/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)   ICEMAN IKE (T4) 10/1 L.Burford (Unatt)
Winning Time 28.99 secs   Winning Time 28.88 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
BARAN MUSTANG (T2) 8/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   ICE AND LEMON (T6) 5/1 B.Rumney (Sheff)
BUBBLY JASON (T6) 1/2 f A.Johnson (Unatt)   BLUE MAJESTIC (T4) 7/2 S.Graham (Ire)
BALLYMAC MAGNET (T5) 5/1 C.Philpott (Coventry)   BROOKVILL GENIUS (T1) 5/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)
ST JOHNS FLYER (T1) 10/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)   ZIGZAG DUTCHY (T2) 2/1 f C.Lister (Donc)
LISCALLAN RANGER (T3) 20/1 P.Curtin (Ire)   CLOHEENA MILO (T3) 33/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
LENSON BERTIE (T4) 10/1 P.Foster (Swind)   OUR OCEAN (T5) 25/1 P.Sallis (H.Green)
Winning Time 28.74 secs   Winning Time 29.05 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
WESTMEAD HAWK (T4) 11/10 jf N.Savva (Unatt)   GREENWELL FLASH (T5) 7/4 f P.Flaherty (Ire)
FEAR ME (T3) 11/10 jf C.Lister (Donc)   LARKHILL JIM (T2) 3/1 S.Gaughan (Henlow)
FEAR MYKEO (T1) 33/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   COURTS AD BE (T6) 11/4 M.Wallis (W'stw)
COVENTRY BEES (T2) 12/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   SHELBOURNE POOPA (T1) 4/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
ROMAN OBSERVER (T5) 33/1 B.Rumney (Sheff)   SILBURY HAWK (T3) 33/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
GALTREE THUNDER (T6) 33/1 C.Lister (Donc)   PERCEPTIVE PACEY (T4) 8/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)
Winning Time 28.91 secs   Winning Time 28.62 secs
Heat 9   Heat 10
YORKSHIRE (T4) 7/4 jf C.Lund (Unatt)   BUBBLY CLASSIC (T3) 5/4 f B.Clemenson (Hove)
BARAN ZEUS (T2) 14/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   EYE ON THE VETO (T5) 4/1 P.Young (Romford)
DUSTIN FOX (T6) 7/4 jf K.McGee (Ire)   CLASH DARBY (T6) 16/1 J.Geddis (Unatt)
BILLYSROUNDABOUT (T3) 3/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   FEORA FIELD (T1) 9/4 P.Garland (W'don)
ERINACEOUS STAR (T1) 10/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   IN THE WOODS (T2) 8/1 P.Payne (Romford)
CORBALLY HERO (T5) 33/1 J.Foster (W'don)   HURLING HONCHO (T4) 20/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
Winning Time 28.99 secs   Winning Time 29.07 secs
Heat 11   Heat 12
SHELBOURNE LAURA (T4) 11/4 C.Lister (Donc)   VANCOUVER SPARKY (T2) 2/1 jf P.Garland (W'don)
CLEENAS LADY (T2) 5/1 T.Dartnall (Reading)   MILLDEAN BILLY (T4) 2/1 jf S.Cahill (W'stw)
MINEOLA FARLOE (T3) 5/4 f S.Graham (Ire)   GO STEPHEN (T6) 5/1 M.White (Unatt)
MACKREL SKY (T5) 33/1 C.Lister (Donc)   THATS THE BULLET (T1) 5/2 E.Gaskin (W'stw)
RHINCREW SEAGAL (T6) 3/1 B.O'Sullivan (Crayfrd)   NEXT GOAL (T5) 50/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
EYE ON THE BALL (T1) 33/1 P.Young (Romfrd)   CAULRY FAST TRAP (T3) 12/1 E.McNair (Unatt)
Winning Time 28.86 secs   Winning Time 29.13 secs
Heat 13   Heat 14
CATSROCK MAX (T1) 9/2 P.Rees (W'don)   MONKSPATH WILLIE (T5) 9/4 L.Burford (Unatt)
VELVET REBEL (T6) 6/4 f C.Lister (Donc)   NIKITA TYONE (T4) 6/1 S.Buckland (H.Green)
KINGSMILL DREAM (T4) 9/2 A.Johnson (Unatt)   BALLYMAC ROOSTER (T6) 2/1 jf C.Philpott (Coventry)
ARMIES PLAN (T5) 8/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   FEAR KHAN (T3) 2/1 jf M.Wallis (W'stw)
STONEYFORD SPIRIT (T2) 10/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)   FIVESTAR BLUE (T1) 10/1 R.Towner (Hove)
TELL YA THAT (T3) 3/1 S.Buckland (H.Green)   Vacant (T2)    
Winning Time 29.19 secs   Winning Time 29.17 secs
Heat 15   Heat 16
ZIGZAG DUTCHMAN (T4) 5/1 C.Lister (Donc)   SIESTA FRISBY (T4) 5/2 M.Puzey (W'stw)
AMARILLO SLIM (T6) 4/6 f G.Calvert (Sunder)   BLISSFUL CLASSIC (T3) 3/1 T.Collett (Sittingb)
HONDO DINGLE (T3) 6/1 D.Knight (Hove)   SENAHEL GIFT (T5) 20/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
SON OF PHOEBE (T1) 6/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)   BUBBLY TOJO (T6) 13/8 f A.Johnson (Unatt)
LOCAL CALL (T2) 10/1 T.Farrell (Unatt)   XAMAX JOHNDEE (T1) 16/1 J.Davidson (Crayfrd)
YRUR PADDY (T5) 8/1 P.Hennessey (Ire)   TUTTLES RONALDO (T2) 8/1 F.Wright (Coventry)
Winning Time 29.05 secs   Winning Time 28.99 secs


First Round Heats took place from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th May 2006
Dog SP Trainer   Dog SP Trainer
Heat 1   Heat 2
YORKSHIRE (T5) Evens C.Lund (Unatt)   JANUARY TIGER (T6) 8/11 f M.Wallis (W'stw)
FEORA FIELD (T1) 7/2 P.Garland (W'stw)   RONNIES CHAMPION (T2) 3/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)
ARMIES PLAN (T6) 8/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   GET ON BLACKIE (T3) 16/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)
SKIDROW JOE (T2) 7/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   KAYS QUEST (T4) 3/1 J.Gibson (B.Vue)
REAGROVE ROE (T4) 7/2 J.Geddis (Unatt)   LENSON TREASURE (T1) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)
SINNERS SLOTH (T3) 20/1 P.Cusack (Crayfrd)   NEWLAWN BERTS (T5) 20/1 P.Cusack (Crayfrd)
Winning Time 28.86 secs   Winning Time 28.74 secs
Heat 3   Heat 4
THATS THE BULLET (T1) 6/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   SENAHEL GIFT (T6) 10/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)
LOCAL CALL (T5) 9/2 T.Farrell (Unatt)   GO COMMANDO (T3) 4/7 f M.Wallis (W'stw)
CLOHEENA MILO (T6) 25/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)   CORBALLY HERO (T5) 20/1 J.Foster (W'don)
BALLYMAC CHARLEY (T4) 4/9 f C.Philpott (Coventry)   CAULRY FAST TRAP (T1) 3/1 E.McNair (Unatt)
TINOPENER (T2) 6/1 P.Cusack (Crayfrd)   FLEETWOOD STORM (T4) 8/1 E.Saville (Notts)
HOLDENHURST BLUE (T3) 25/1 J.Cheshire (Poole)   OUR DOG SPIDER (T2) 10/1 O.Kueres (B.Vue)
Winning Time 29.01 secs   Winning Time 29.03 secs
Heat 5   Heat 6
RHINCREW SEAGAL (T6) 11/8 f B.O'Sullivan (Crayfrd)   MONKSPATH WILLIE (T4) 3/1 L.Burford (Unatt)
IN THE WOODS (T3) 9/4 P.Payne (Romfrd)   VELVET REBEL (T3) 2/1 f C.Lister (Donc)
LISCALLAN RANGER (T2) 5/2 P.Curtin (Ire)   BALLYMAC MAGNET (T5) 7/2 C.Philpott (Coventry)
ELVISSINGSGOSPEL (T5) 10/1 S.Buckland (H.Green)   DROOPYS MUCKYDOC (T6) 9/4 J.Coleman (W'stw)
GINGER NINJA (T1) 20/1 J.Foster (W'don)   POLO PRINCE (T2) 14/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
Vacant (T4)       Vacant (T1)    
Winning Time 28.89 secs   Winning Time 28.76 secs
Heat 7   Heat 8
FEAR NEIN EIN (T6) 7/2 P.Young (Romfrd)   BLISSFUL CLASSIC (T6) 6/4 A.Collett (Sittingb)
KINGSMILL AGAIN (T4) 5/2 f A.Johnson (Peter)   ERINACEOUS STAR (T2) 5/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)
LEGAL GLORY (T5) 5/1 E.McNair (Unatt)   LENSON BERTIE (T1) 11/10f P.Foster (Swind)
GELDROPS TOUCH (T3) 7/2 P.Browet (Belgium)   WE STAND ALONE (T4) 20/1 C.Cronin (Sittingb)
FABO (T1) 7/2 E.Gaskin (W'stw)   VIPAR CONDO (T3) 8/1 A.Ingram (Romfrd)
REENARD HONCHO (T2) 8/1 R.Towner (Hove)   LAND CRUISER (T5) 33/1 L.Doyle (Pelaw G.)
Winning Time 29.35 secs   Winning Time 28.84 secs
Heat 9   Heat 10
ZIGZAG DUTCHMAN (T2) 5/4 jf C.Lister (Donc)   BROOKVILL GENIUS (T1) 5/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
BALLYMAC ROOSTER (T4) 5/4 jf C.Philpott (Coventry)   PERCEPTIVE PACEY (T6) 9/2 M.Puzey (W'stw)
ICEMAN IKE (T1) 7/1 L.Burford (Unatt)   CLONBRIN SNOW (T2) 9/2 M.Puzey (W'stw)
OUR OCEAN (T3) 20/1 P.Sallis (H.Green)   RANGER TOM (T3) 6/4 f B.Draper (Sheff)
OFFICIAL REBEL (T6) 12/1 M.Daniels (Unatt)   SPECIAL DEAL (T4) 3/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)
COOLAVANNY CLEO (T5) 14/1 C.Cronin (Sittingb)   DROOPYS BUTTON (T5) 16/1 E.McNair (Unatt)
Winning Time 29.03 secs   Winning Time 28.60 secs
Heat 11   Heat 12
WESTMEAD HAWK (T4) 4/9 f N.Savva (Unatt)   GREENWELL FLASH (T4) 5/4 f P.Flaherty (Unatt)
AMARILLO SLIM (T6) 5/1 G.Calvert (Sunder)   SHELBOURNE POOPA (T1) 5/2 B.Clemenson (Hove)
TYRUR PADDY (T2) 14/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)   SAVING TIME (T5) 4/1 C.Lister (Donc)
ANNIES LAMB (T1) 16/1 D.Knight (Hove)   SON OF PHOEBE (T3) 3/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
WELL TUTORED (T3) 5/1 T.Dartnall (Reading)   SHREWD MAJOR (T2) 33/1 P.Browet (Belgium)
LENSON THIERRY (T5) 33/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)   FOURCUIL MOTH (T6) 14/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)
Winning Time 28.53 secs   Winning Time 28.76 secs
Heat 13   Heat 14
BARAN MUSTANG (T3) 6/1 R.Peacock (W'don)   ST JOHNS FLYER (T5) 8/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)
FIVESTAR BLUE (T4) 20/1 R.Towner (Hove)   COVENTRY BEES (T1) 2/5 f B.Clemenson (Hove)
CLONBRIN OWL (T1) 10/1 M.Puzey (W'stw)   EYE ON THE BALL (T4) 8/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
KYLEGROVE FLIGHT (T6) 4/5 f D.Knight (Hove)   BOSSMANS BRIDGE (T2) 16/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
BALIFF DIESEL (T2) 7/4 I.Aylward (B.Vue)   BLAKES WONDER (T3) 5/1 B.Clemenson (Hove)
Vacant (T5)       DROMANA MENTOR (T6) 16/1 J.Geddis (Unatt)
Winning Time 28.99 secs   Winning Time 29.29 secs
Heat 15   Heat 16
LARKHILL JIM (T2) 9/4 S.Gaughan (Henlow)   HONDO DINGLE (T2) Evens D.Knight (Hove)
XAMAX JOHNDEE (T1) 20/1 J.Davidson (Crayfrd)   STONYFORD SPIRIT (T4) 14/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
FRISBY FULLER (T6) 10/1 H.Crapper (Sheff)   MAXIMUM RESPECT (T3) 2/1 E.Gaskin (W'stw)
CHAMPAGNE MOMENT (T3) 5/4 f B.Clemenson (Hove)   EXECUTIVE MEMO (T1) 7/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
LONGRANGE JO (T4) 4/1 M.Pomfret (Ire)   HOLBURN POST (T5) 5/1 K.McGee (Ire)
DRUIDS AQUARIUS (T5) 10/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)   MOYAR ROCK (T6) 25/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
Winning Time 28.78 secs   Winning Time 29.12 secs
Heat 17   Heat 18
BALLYMAC PIRES (T6) 5/2 C.Philpott (Coventry)   NINJA BLUE (T6) 11/8 f C.Lister (Donc)
WESTMEAD JOE (T3) 6/4 f N.Savva (Unatt)   FEAR KHAN (T4) 7/4 M.Wallis (W'stw)
BILLYSROUNDABOUT (T2) 3/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   ROCKING MONTY (T3) 4/1 P.Curtin (Ire)
TYRUR LEE (T1) 25/1 P.Hennessey (Ire)   LIGHTNING JOSSER (T1) 8/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)
TRIPLE SHIELD (T4) 50/1 D.Williams (Unatt)   EVENING MAX (T2) 14/1 J.Mullins (Unatt)
MALBAY NIKITA (T5) 5/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)   BROWNHILL TONY (T5) 20/1 M.Borrelli (Read)
Winning Time 28.59 secs   Winning Time 28.67 secs
Heat 19   Heat 20
COURTS AD BE (T5) 4/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   FEAR ME (T3) 1/2 f C.Lister (Donc)
MINEOLA FARLOE (T1) 4/5 f S.Graham (Ire)   BUBBLY JASON (T5) 6/4 A.Johnson (Unatt)
TOMS VIEW (T4) 5/1 C.Lister (Donc)   MACKREL SKY (T4) 16/1 C.Lister (Donc)
FEAR REIN (T6) 6/1 M.Wallis (W'stw)   ROMAN OBSERVER (T2) 20/1 B.Rumney (Sheff)
ARDAGH MIKE (T3) 14/1 S.Fenwick (Unatt)   DARK WARRIOR (T6) 50/1 A.Taylor (W'don)
MANOR WEST (T2) 7/1 T.Dartnall (Read)   Vacant (T1)    
Winning Time 28.98 secs   Winning Time 28.76 secs
Heat 21   Heat 22
GO STEPHEN (T6) 12/1 M.White (Unatt)   EYE ON THE VETO (T6) 7/1 P.Young (Romfrd)
BUBBLY CLASSIC (T1) 4/6 f B.Clemenson (Hove)   CLEENAS LADY (T1) 11/8f T.Dartnall (Read)
CLASH DARBY (T5) 10/1 J.Geddis (Unatt)   BLUE MAJESTIC (T5) 9/4 S.Graham (Ire)
CATSROCK MAX (T3) 9/2 P.Rees (W'don)   WESTMEAD OAK (T2) 5/1 N.Savva (Unatt)
ANVILLE DASHER (T2) 4/1 I.Barnard (Yarm)   HOT ROCKS (T3) 16/1 S.Cahill (W'stw)
HOLLYOAK THIN (T4) 50/1 A.Taylor (W'don)   UPTOWN KING (T4) 7/1 J.Luckhurst (Crayfrd)
Winning Time 29.22 secs   Winning Time 29.01 secs
Heat 23   Heat 24
SHELBOURNE LAURA (T5) 9/4 C.Lister (Donc)   SIESTA FRISBY (T6) 7/4 f M.Puzey (W'stw)
KANES BLUE (T6) 7/2 K.McGee (Ire)   ICE AND LEMON (T5) 6/1 B.Rumney (Sheff)
BALLMAC TOP (T1) 6/1 C.Cronin (Sinttingb)   DROOPYS MATILDA (T3) 12/1 P.Liddle (Sheff)
FEAR MYKEO (T2) 6/4 f M.Wallis (W'stw)   BARAN ZEUS (T2) 8/1 R.Peacock (W'don)
CLONOWN SHEARER (T4) 33/1 D.Pidley (Ports)   BLONDE MAC (T1) 3/1 A.Hitch (Unatt)
FANTASY TIGER (T3) 16/1 S.Buckland (H.Green)   LOUGHTEEN FLYER (T4) 7/2 J.Faint (R.House)
Winning Time 28.98 secs   Winning Time 28.94 secs
Heat 25   Heat 26
GREENWELL STORM (T4) 11/10 f P.Flaherty (Unatt)   BALLYMAC DROOPYS (T4) 2/1 f C.Philpott (Coventry)
NIKITA TYONE (T6) 5/2 S.Buckland (H.Green)   VANCOUVER SPARKY (T2) 9/4 P.Garland (W'stw)
GALTEE THUNDER (T3) 6/1 C.Lister (Donc)   NEXT GOAL (T6) 25/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)
BALLYMAC RON (T1) 20/1 P.Garland (W'stw)   WHERES YOUR MAN (T1) 8/1 P.Rich (Romfrd)
SERIOUS FORCE (T2) 7/1 J.Faint (R.House)   DAISYFIELD SEANI (T5) 5/2 M.Wallis (W'stw)
ROMAN MAIL (T5) 12/1 B.Rumney (Sheff)   SMOKING BLUES (T3) 7/1 A.Johnson (Unatt)
Winning Time 29.04 secs   Winning Time 28.79 secs
Heat 27   Heat 28
NOIRS TED (T6) 5/2 S.Cahill (W'stw)   ZIGZAG DUTCHY (T1) Evens C.Lister (Donc)
TUTTLES RONALDO (T2) 7/1 F.Wright (Coventry)   DUSTIN FOX (T6) 5/2 K.McGee (Ire)
TELL YA THAT (T3) 3/1 S.Buckland (H.Green)   MILLDEAN BILLY (T5) 7/2 S.Cahill (W'stw)
BUBBLY TOJO (T4) 5/4 f A.Johnson (Unatt)   FEAR THE BEST (T4) 6/1 C.Lister (Donc)
RIGHT LADDIE (T1) 33/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)   BIG TIME GENT (T3) 20/1 D.Knight (Hove)
DROOPYS LOMASI (T5) 10/1 S.Dimmock (Peter)   BRAVE FALCON (T2) 14/1 E.Parker (Sheff)
Winning Time 28.91 secs   Winning Time 29.25 secs
Heat 29    
SILBURY HAWK (T6) 6/1 R.Peacock (W'don)        
HURLING HONCHO (T4) 8/1 G.Baggs (W'stw)        
DROMINBOY JET (T5) 11/10 f P.Foster (Swind)        
PATS ALL BLACK (T3) 5/2 P.Rees (W'don)        
DROOPYS VERNON (T1) 7/1 E.McNair (Unatt)        
SOBERING THOUGH (T2) 8/1 N.McEllistrim (W'don)        
Winning Time 29.31 secs    


Winner Trap Sire Dam Time Distance SP
Fear Me 3 No Tail Told Femme Fatale 29.21   7/4
Westmead Hawk 4 Sonic Flight Mega Delight 29.25 1/2 3/1
Ballymac Niloc 1 True Honcho Ballymac Pepes 29.55 3 3/4 7/4
Malbay Nikita 5 Spiral Nikita Glynnscrossqueen 29.59 1/2 33/1
Teds Anchor 2 Toms the Best Ard Lightning 29.61 Head 10/1
Ballymac Magnet 6 Knockeevan Major Ballymac Bargain 29.87 3 1/4 12/1


Dog Sire Dam Time
Razldazl Billy Brett Lee Inky Black 29.49
Antrim Classic Honcho Classic Hector 29.91
Skywalker Magic Brett Lee Larkhill Holly 30.05
Trev United Kiowa Sweet Trey Lemon United 30.06
Barefoot Jenny Roanokee Slaneyside Sheba 30.13
Bar The Devil Head Bound Staceys Delight 30.20

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