Dedicated stable lads and lasses love the horses in their care and one of Britains best trainers Barry Hills expects nothing less from all his staff. Francesca Heape is no exception, putting in the extra time necessary to ensure her horse is fit and ready to do itself justice on the racecourse. Pictured below is Bonnie Prince Blue with Francesca aboard in March 2008. Bonnie Prince Blue won a 6 furlong sprint at Southwell on 8th Januray 2008 ridden by Chris Catlin. The horse is owned by G.J.Hicks

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Barry Hills Bonnie Prince Blue, a recent Southwell 6 furlong sprint winner.

Leading the 2 year olds up on Lamborn Gallops in Berkshire is Bonnie Prince Blue, far left, with Francesca Heape on board.

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