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FT14.JPG (17632 bytes) ENTERED LEAGUE 1923 FT18.JPG (19256 bytes)
LEFT LEAGUE Premiership for the 2018-19 season
GROUNDS Vitality Stadium, Fitness First Stadium (1910)
NICKNAMES Cherries after kit colour
BEST WIN 11-0 v Margate, FA Cup 1st round, 20/11/1971
WORST DEFEAT 0-9 v Lincoln City, Division Three, 18/12/1982

10th Premiership 2016-17

LOWEST LEAGUE POSITION 21st in Division 2 in 2008-9
MOST LEAGUE PTS (2 pts) 62 in Division 3 in 1971-2
FT15.JPG (19918 bytes) MOST LEAGUE PTS (3 pts) 97 in Division 3 in 1986-7 FT17.JPG (16597 bytes)
MOST LEAGUE GOALS 88 in Division 3 South in 1956-7
BEST F.A.CUP SEASON 6th round in 1956-57 season
MOST INDIVIDUAL APPEARANCES 493 Steve Fletcher from 1992-2007
MOST INDIVIDUAL GOALS 202 Ron Eyre from 1924-33
HIGHEST CROWD 28,799 v Manchester United, FA Cup 6th round, 2/3/1957
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Premiership in 2018-19 season

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Many thanks to Dan Phelan for the scans shown below, part of his eclectic collection.