Broadway Novices Chase (Brown Advisory)


The Broadway Novices Chase was first run at the 1921 Festival for 5-year-olds and above over 3 miles and 20 fences of the Old Course. It has since been contested under various names, including the Totalisator Champion Novices Chase between 1964 and 1973, the RSA Insurance Group Novices Chase between 1974 and 2020, and more recently the Brown Advisory Festival Chase over 3 miles and half a furlong. A number of horses have used the race as a springboard to success in the Gold Cup in subsequent years.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Broadway Novices Steeplechase over 3 miles was staged on Thursday 3rd March 1921 when won by Habton (11/8 fav) owned by Mr V Thompson, trained by F Hartigan and ridden by G Smith, beating Lord Coventry's Dart (20/1) and Major Cayzer's Irish Light (7/2) by 8 lengths and the same.
Over the entire history of the race 28% of favourites have been successful, placing the race 11th of the 28 current races.
Over the entire history of the race a level stake bet of £10 on every favourite would have resulted in a £160 loss, placing the race 21st of the current 28 races.
Over the entire history of the race the Irish have been successful 18% of occasions, placing the race 21st of the 28 current races.
Broadway Novices Chase (Brown Advisory) Grade 1 3 miles 1/2 furlong
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1921 HABTON G Smith F Hartigan Mr V Thompson 11/8 fav
1922 VICTOR NOIR H Smith H Smith Mrs Cameron 10/1
1923 LOVE LETTER F Mason Bullock Lt-Col F Douglas-Pennant 100/8
1924 SQUARE MEAL A Escott Coulthwaite Mr R Walker 6/5 fav
1925 UNCLE JACK L Rees G Poole Captain A Gollan 5/1
1926 DESERT CHIEF W Madden Ted Leader Mr Sturdy 5/1
1927 ARDOON'S PRIDE Jack Anthony A Hastings Mr Stanley 10/1
1928 KEPI AMARANTE Fred Rees G Bennett Lord Queensborough 7/4 fav
1929 GALLANT LOVER T Cullinan A Hastings Mrs H R Armitage 10/1
1930 SWIFT ROWLAND T Leader T E Leader Mrs Beatty 9/2
Race not held due to severe frost causing postponment of entire Festival
1932 THE BROWN TALLISMAN D McCann M Blair Mrs Stephens 8/1
1933 SWAN UPPING G Owen Dennis Mr Dennis 7/1
1934 LATEST JOKE D Morgan T E Leader Mrs J C Russell 100/8
1935 SANTICK Captain R Harding Delaney Captain Harding 10/1
1936 PROMINENT LAD H A Jones Jack Anthony Mrs de Selincourt 9/1
1937 Race not staged due to severe flooding
1938 KOPPERRIGK T F Carey G Beeby Mr V Smith 7/1
1939 ROMAN HACKLE G Archibald Owen Anthony Miss Dorothy Paget 5/2 fav
1940 ICEBERG II H Nicholson Reg Hobbs Lord Sefton 7/1
1941 DECORATED P Lay Kilpatrick Mr T A Spiers 8/1
1942 PRUDENT ACHTOI G Archibald W Payne Major Moseley 5/1
Race not held in 1943, 1944 or 1945 due to Second World War
1946 BIRTHLAW Ted Vinall Tommy Rayson Mrs V Bruce 20/1
1947 Race was not held due to frost and snow
1948 BLAKELY GROVE Joe Maguire Ivor Anthony Mr Mellon 5/4 fav
MOUNTAIN PRINCE Bryan Marshall Fulke Walwyn Miss Dorothy Paget 100/8
1949 GLEN FIRE J Spencer Syd Mercer Mr J G Greenaway 100/8
COMERAGH D Kelly Noel Furlong Major Noel Furlong 10/1
1950 MANICOU Lord Mildmay Peter Cazalet Lord Mildmay 2/1 fav
ARCTIC GOLD Glen Kelly Gerald Balding Mr J H Whitney 100/30
1951 ON VIEW Bryan Marshall Fulke Walwyn Miss Dorothy Paget 8/1
1952 GOOD AND PLENTY Jimmy Power Jack Fawcus Lady Joicey 8/1
1953 CONEYBURROW Pat Taaffe Joe Osbourne (Ire) Mr I Levey 100/8
1954 GLENBEIGH Dave Dick Fulke Walwyn Miss Dorothy Paget Evens fav
1955 GREAT ELIZA B Cooper Danny Morgan (Ire) Mrs N Hope Collin 7/2 fav
1956 POLAR FLIGHT Tommy Cusack George Spann Mrs P Pleydell-Bouverne 100/7
1957 MANDARIN Michael Scudamore Fulke Walwyn Mme K Hennessey 8/1
1958 JUST AWAKE Arthur Freeman Peter Cazalet Colonel W Whitbred 100/7
1959 MAC JOY Arthur Freeman Ken Bailey Mr W Simpson 4/1
1960 SOLFEN Pat Taaffe Willie O'Grady (Ire) Mr B Naughton 5/4 fav
1961 GRALLAGH CNOC Pat Taaffe Joe Osborne (Ire) Mrs Harper 8/13 fav
1962 CADUVAL Laurie Morgan Bogden Lubecki Mr B Lubecki 11/2
1963 ARKLE Pat Taaffe Tom Dreaper (Ire) Anne, Duchess of Westminster 4/9 fav
1964 BUONA NOTTE Johnny Haine Bob Turnell Mr H J Joel 11/8 fav
1965 ARKLOIN Liam McLoughlin Tom Dreaper (Ire) Mr George Ansley 100/7
1966 DIFFERENT CLASS David Mould Peter Cazalet Mr Gregory Peck 10/1
1967 BORDER JET Josh Gifford H Ryan Price Lady Weir 4/1 fav
1968 HERRING GULL John Crowley Paddy Mullins (Ire) Mrs G A Wilson 9/1
1969 SPANISH STEPS John Cook Edward Courage Mr E R Courage 100/8
1970 PROUD TARQUIN Pat Taaffe Tom Dreaper (Ire) Mrs E Noddings 100/7
1971 TANTALUM David Nicholson Michael Pope Colonel S W Green 14/1
1972 CLEVER SCOT David Mould Harry Thomson Jones Mr M Ritzenberg 11/1
1973 KILLINEY Richard Pitman Fred Winter Mrs Enid Boucher 8/15 fav
1974 TEN UP Tommy Carberry Jim Dreaper (Ire) Anne, Duchess of Westminster 7/2
1975 PENGRAIL John Francome Fred Winter Mrs G Morton 12/1
1976 TIED COTTAGE Tommy Carberry Dan Moore (Ire) Mr A Robinson 12/1
1977 GAY SPARTAN Michael Dickinson Tony Dickinson Mr M Armstrong 13/2
1978 SWEET JOE Steve Smith eccles Harry Thomson Jones Mr M Ritzenberg 12/1
1979 MASTER SMUDGE Richard Hoare Arthur Barrow Mr Arthur Barrow 16/1
1980 LACSON Steve Knight Bob Hawker Mr R Hawker 16/1
1981 LESLEY ANN Colin Brown David Elsworth Mr B Gaule 25/1
1982 BROWN CHAMBERLIN John Francome Fred Winter Mrs B Samuel 7/1
1983 CANNY DANNY Niall Madden Jimmy Fitzgerald Mr P Norton 33/1
1984 A KINSMAN Geordie Dun John Brockbank Mrs J Brockbank 10/1
1985 ANTARCTIC BAY Frank Berry Pat Hughes (Ire) Mr P Meade 6/4 fav
1986 CROSS MASTER Reg Crank Tom Bill Harlow Bros 16/1
1987 KILDIMO Graham Bradley Toby Balding Lady Harris 13/2
1988 THE WEST AWAKE Simon Sherwood Oliver Sherwood Mrs Christopher Heath 11/4 fav
1989 ENVOPAK TOKEN Peter Hobbs Josh Gifford Mr Frank Arthur 16/1
1990 GARRISON SAVANNAH Ben De Haan Jenny Pitman Autofour Engineering 12/1
1991 ROLLING BALL Peter Scudamore Martin Pipe Lady Clarke 7/2 fav
1992 MINNEHOMA Peter Scudamore Martin Pipe Mr Freddie Star 7/2 fav
1993 YOUNG HUSTLER Peter Scudamore Nigel Twiston-Davies Mr G M MacEchem 9/4
1994 MONSIEUR LE CURE Peter Niven John Edwards Mr Hector H Brown 15/2
1995 BRIEF GALE Philip Hide Josh Gifford Miss Carrie Zetter 13/2
1996 NAHTHEN LAD Warren Marston Jenny Pitman Mr J Shaw 7/1
1997 HANAKHAM Richard Dunwoody Ron Hodges Mr Malcolm Brereton 13/2
1998 FLORIDA PEARL Richard Dunwoody Willie Mullins (Ire) Mrs Violet O'Leary 11/8 fav
1999 LOOKS LIKE TROUBLE Paul Carberry Noel Chance Universal Conference et al 16/1
2000 LORD NOELIE Jim Culloty Henrietta Knight Executive Racing 9/2

Race was not held due to foot & mouth crisis

2002 HUSSARD COLLOGNES Russ Garrity Peter Beaumont Mr N W A Bannister 33/1
2003 ONE KNIGHT Richard Johnson Philip Hobbs Mr R Gibbs 15/2
2004 RULE SUPREME David Casey Willie Mullins (Ire) Mr John P Lynch 25/1
2005 TRABOLGAN Mick Fitzgerald Nicky Henderson Mr Trevor Hemmings 5/1
2006 STAR DE MOHAISON Barry Geraghty Paul Nicholls Sir Robert Ogden 14/1
2007 DENMAN Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Mrs M Findlay & Paul Barber 6/5 fav
2008 ALBERTAS RUN Tony McCoy Jonjo O'Neill Mr Trevor Hemmings 4/1 fav
2009 COOLDINE Ruby Walsh Willie Mullins (Ire) Mrs Violet O'Leary 9/4 fav
2010 WEAPON'S AMNESTY Davy Russell Charles Byrnes (Ire) Gigginstown House Stud 10/1
2011 BOSTONS ANGEL Robbie Powell Jessica Harrington (Ire) Mr E A P Scouller 16/1
2012 BOBS WORTH Barry Geraghty Nicky Henderson The Not Afraid Partnership 9/2
2013 LORD WINDERMERE Davy Russell Jim Culloty Dr R Lambe 8/1
2014 O'FAOLAIN'S BOY Barry Geraghty Rebecca Curtis Trembath, Hyde, Hill, Outhart 12/1
2015 DON POLI Bryan Cooper Willie Mullins (Ire) Gigginstown House Stud 13/8 fav
2016 BLAKLION Ryan Hatch Nigel Twiston-Davies Mr S Such & Mr C G Paletta 8/1
2017 MIGHT BITE Nico De Boinville Nicky Henderson The Not Again Partnership 7/2 fav
2018 PRESENTING PERCY Davy Russell Patrick G Kelly Mr Philip J Reynolds 5/2 fav
2019 TOPOFTHEGAME Harry Cobden Paul Nicholls Chris Giles, Mr & Mrs P Barber 4/1
2020 CHAMP Barry Geraghty Nicky Henderson Mr John P McManus 4/1
2021 MONKFISH Paul Townend Willie Mullins (Ire) Mrs Susannah Ricci 1/4 fav
2022 L'HOMME PRESSE Charlie Deutsch Venitia Williams DFA Racing 9/4 fav
2023 THE REAL WHACKER Sam Twiston-Davies Patrick Neville Neville, Mann, Duffus, Dennis 8/1
2024 FACT TO FILE Mark Walsh Willie Mullins (Ire) Mr John P McManus 8/13 fav