Grand Annual

The Grand Annual Chase is the oldest race at the Festival having first been staged on 4th April 1834 over 4 miles of open country at Andoversford, near Cheltenham. Although that race was discontinued in the 1860s, it was revived in the early 1900s, although it was staged at various courses, notably Warwick, Melton Mowbray and Leicester. It was only in 1913 that it returned permanently to Cheltenham and has been a significant part of the Festival ever since. It is run over 1 mile 7 furlongs and 199 yards and 14 fences and is now classed as a Premier Handicap. In 2005 its name was updated to the Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Chase in recognition of the part played by Johnny Henderson, father of legendary trainer Nicky Henderson, in forming the Racecourse Holdings Trust which secured the future of Cheltenham by purchasing the Prestbury Park venue for £240,000.
Early history:- The inaugural running of Grand Annual Chase took place on April 4 1834 at Andoversford, in the vicinity of Cheltenham when won by Fugleman owned by Mr R D’Oyley beating Conrad owned by Colonel Gilbert.
Over the entire history of the race 27% of favourites have been successful, placing the race 14th of the 28 current races.
Over the entire history of the race a level stake bet of £10 on every favourite would have resulted in a £260 loss, placing the race 24th of the current 28 races.
Over the entire history of the race the Irish have been successful 12% of occasions, placing the race 24th of the 28 current races.
Grand Annual Steeplechase Premier Handicap 4 miles
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer/Age/weight Owner
1834 FUGLEMAN Mr R D'Oyley 12 stone Mr R D'Oyley
1835 BOBADIL Mr G Patrick 12 stone Mr Pitt 8/1
1836 STANDARD Mr Smith 12 stone Mr W Bryan 15/1
1837 VIVIAN Captain William Becher 12 stone Captain T Lambe
1838 CANNON-BALL Mr Powell 12 stone Mr Newcombe
1839 LOTTERY Jem Mason 12 stone Mr John G Elmore 1/2 fav
1840 LOTTERY Jem Mason 13st 3lbs Mr John G Elmore 2/1 fav
1841 GREYLING Tom Oliver 12 stone Colonel Charritie 4/1
ZENO William Holman 12 stone Mr J Walters 8/1
1842 DRAGSMAN William Holman Humphreys Mr P Lewis 10/1
1843 THE PAGE William Holman Humphreys Mr Holman 10/1
Race was not staged between 1844 and 1846
1847 STANMORE William Holman 12 stone Mr Smith 4/1
1848 STANDARD GUARD Taylor 10 stone 12lbs Mr Storey 10//1
1849 PULLAWAY Davies 11 stone 2lbs Mr Oliver 10/1
1850 FARNHAM Abbott 10 stone 10lbs Mr Mangan 4/1
1851 BEDFORD William Archer 11 stone 11lbs Mr P Barling 2/1
1852 SIR PETER LAURIE William Holman 11 stone Captain Bishop 6/4 jt fav
1853 OSCAR Sam Darling 10 stone 12lbs Mr Mason 7/4 fav
1854 TROUT Tasker 10 stone 7lbs Mr Moseley 4/7 fav
On 6th April 1855 the Earl Fitzhardinge decided that it was no longer advisable to hold the Grand Annual in 1855 and he subscribed a large sum towards the Cheltenham Aristocratic Steeplechases instead, which were held at Birdlip. Between 1855 and 1860 those Aristocratic races were held at various locations in the vicinity of Cheltenham, including Andoversford Inn in March 1857. There was a Grand Annual of sorts staged in 1858, but thereafter the next mention of them was in 1861.
1858 COMET George Stevens 11 stone 8lbs Mr Goldby 1/2 fav
1861 FRESHMAN W Edwards 10 stone 7lbs Mr Symond 4/1
1862 PENARTH George Holman 10 stone 12lbs Mr Cartwright evens fav
1863 EMBLEM George Stevens 11 stone 7lbs Lord Coventry 6/5 fav
1864 JERRY B Land jnr 11 stone 8lbs Mr Chadwick 5/1
1865 EMBLEM George Stevens 12 stone 13lbs Lord Coventry 4/6 fav
1866 COLUMBIA W Reeves 10 stone 5lbs Mr Herbert 10/1
1867 KNAVE OF TRUMPS Wheeler 10 stone 7lbs Mr T Golby 100/6
1868 HAVELOCK Potter 10 stone 7lbs Mr Wood 7/1
1869 BRICK George Holman 11 stone 8lbs Mr Morgan 4/5 fav
1870 DAISY George Stevens 10 stone 5lbs Mr Powell 5/4
1871 BOGUE HOMA J Adams 10 stone 4lbs Lord Anglesey 5/2 fav
1872 SAUCEBOX Robert L'Anson 10 stone 10lbs Mr H Ellison evens fav
1873 MASTER MOWBRAY George Holman 10 stone 10lbs Mr J Goodliff 4/1
1874 MERLIN J Jones 11 stone Captain R Thorold 5/2 fav
1875 MASTER MOWBRAY George Holman 12 stone 7lbs Mr J Goodliff 5/2 fav
1876 MASTER MOWBRAY George Holman 12 stone Mr J Goodliff evens fav
1877 CHIMNEY SWEEP J Jones 10 stone 12lbs Lord Marcus Beresford evens fav
1878 DUELLIST Charles Archer 10 stone Mr H Owen 3/1
1879 CARTEL H David 11 stone 7lbs Mr M G Stevens 7/1
Race was not at Cheltenham in 1880
1881 VICTOR II G S Lowe 12 stone 2lbs Mr E Wills 5/2
1882 WRANGLE T Hall 11 stone 11lbs Mr W Walter 6/1
1883 QUIBBLE E P Wilson 11 stone 11lbs Mr C Howard 5/2
1884 THE LIBERATOR I Goodwin 11 stone Mr E Woodland 5/1
1885 CORTOLVIN J Childs 12 stone Lord Rossmore 1/4 fav
1886 MAGPIE Captain Sandeman 11 stone 7lbs Mr Woodland 7/4
1887 MOUNT TEMPLE Halsey 10 stone Mr Halsey walked over
Race was not held at Cheltenham between 1888 and 1897
1898 XEBEE T J Longworth 10 stone 7lbs Mr R C B Cave 7/1
There was a further lapse of 3 years between 1899 and 1901
1902 NAT GOULD G F Wilson Baker Mr G Jukes 15/8 fav
1903 NAHILLAH G Conway Rogers Mr J Gratwicke Blagrave 7/1
1904 CARSON W Donnelly R C Cave Mr R C B Cave 10/1
1905 TIMOTHY TITUS E Morgan R C Cave Mr W B Partridge 5/4 fav
1906 BUSHEY PARK J Walsh jnr Stubber Mr R H Stubber jnr 9/4 fav
There was a further 6 year lapse before the race became a permanent part of the Festival meeting
1913 COOLDREEN Manley Gore Mr L Clow 8/1
1914 MEADOWSWEET II M Tighe Craven Mr Stokes 100/8
1915 WAVYLACE Ivor Anthony Aubrey Hastings Sir G Bullough 4/1
Race was not held between 1916 and 1918 due to the First World War
1919 MASK OFF Hulme Saunders Mr Saunders 5/1
1920 SMASHAWAY H Smyth Haft Mr Phillips 10/1
1921 HAIRPIN II W Smith G Sanday (Ire) Mr G Sanday 8/1
1922 BLAZING CORN I Anthony O Anthony Mr Kershaw 5/1
1923 SOOTHING GLASS F B Rees J Murland (Ire) Mr J Murland 10/1
1924 DUDLEY H Brown H Brown Lord Londesborough 5/4 fav
1925 DUDLEY H A Brown H Brown Lord Londesborough 4/9 fav
1926 BLACK MINER J Hamey J Dodd Mr H Kenyon 8/1
1927 SOCRATES J Moloney H Harrison Mr A D McAlpine 2/1 fav
1928 IRISH BOY W Stott Bullock Miss Hollins 6/1
1929 WINDSWEPT M Rayson Bazley Lord Grimthorpe 8/1
1930 FLUKE J Leneham Martin Mr H F Clayton 100/30 fav
Race not held due to severe frost causing postponment of entire Festival
1932 ROYAL SCOT G Hardy W Payne Mrs Hollins 7/2
1933 CANTILLIUS J Moloney Beeby Mr V H Smith 7/1
1934 CORKAREE J Hamey Read Wing-Commander W R Read 10/1
1935 LUCKPENNY W Speck W Payne Mrs H Hollins 3/1 fav
1936 MORSE CODE E Williams I Anthony Captain Bridges 3/1 fav
1937 AIRGEAD T McNeill Tabor (Ire) Sir F Towle 9/2
1938 NOVGOROD J Bissill Bissill Mrs A Phillips 100/8
1939 THE PROFESSOR II G Owen Storie Mrs Strang 100/8
1940 BACHELOR'S GOWN P Lay Legge Mr H Llewellyn 10/1
1941 ICEBERG II H Nicholson Reg Hobbs Lord Sefton 5/2
1942 RED ROWER D Morgan I Anthony Lady Sybil 10/1
Race not held in 1943, 1944 or 1945 due to Second World War
1946 LOYAL KING D Moore Moore (Ire) Miss Dorothy Paget 7/2
1947 ROPE TRICK D Doyle C Bewicke Captain A M Keith 100/7
1948 CLARE MAN C Hook Walter Nighingall Mrs G Kohn 20/1
Race was not held due to inclement weather in March and it was not part of the Gold Cup card on Monday 11th April.
1950 NORBORNE E Reavey Champneys Mr N Clark 8/1
1951 MERRY COURT T Molony T H Yates Mr Molony 10/1
1952 MARCIANUS T Molony Beeby Lord Bicester 7/1
1953 ROSE & CROWN J A Bullock Fulke Walwyn Miss Dorothy Paget 33/1
1954 HIPPARCHUS Jack Dowdeswell Rice-Stringer Mrs H J Rice-Stringer 100/8
Race not held due to frost and heavy ground
1956 ROSENKAVALIER H Sprague Bob Turnell Mr G Strakosch 8/1
1957 SIR EDMUND R Morrow Kilpatrick Mr F H Curnick 6/1
1958 TOP TWENTY F Shortt Magnier (Ire) Mrs M O'Brien 10/1
1959 TOP TWENTY Fred Winter Magnier (Ire) Mrs T O'Brien 9/2 jt fav
1960 MONSIEUR TROIS ETOILES F Carroll J Brogan (Ire) Mrs T W L Pilkington 3/1
1961 BARBERYN Michael Scudamore W Stephenson Mr J E Bigg 3/1
1962 MORETONS W Rees Peter Cazalet Mrs A Hodgson 100/8
1963 ANNER LOCH David Nicholson J Hicks Mr P F Colvin 7/1
1964 RICHARD OF BORDEAUX G W Robinson Fulke Walwyn Mr J S Schilizzi 9/1
1965 FORT ROUGE G Milburn J Oliver Lady Edmonstone 13/2
1966 WELL PACKED Tommy Stack Bobby Renton Mrs A Middleton 100/7
1967 SAN ANGELO Johnny Buckingham Edward Courage Mr Edward Courage 10/1
1968 HALS FAREWELL Jeff King Peter Bailey Mr G Jeffreys 5/1
1969 ALL GLORY A Robinson J Edwards Mr A Morley 10/1
1970 FORTINAS PALACE P Jones Michael Scudamore Mr J Nesbitt Davis 10/1
1971 KHAN F Carroll M Burke (Ire) Lord Petersham 2/1 fav
1972 TUDOR DANCE Jeff King Bob Turnell Mr H Joel 4/1
1973 COOLERA PRINCE N Wakeley H Handel Mrs C Handel 8/1
1974 DULWICH M Salaman C H Davies Mr T Elley 100/30 fav
Race was not held due to a waterlogged course
1976 DULWICH B R Davies C H Davies Mr T Elley 9/4 fav
1977 TOM MORGAN Tommy Stack Ken Oliver Wing-Commander P Stead 9/4 fav
1978 YOUNG ARTHUR Webb Derek Kent Mrs D Kent 3/1 jt fav
1979 CASBAH Graham Thorner Tim Forster Lord Leverhulme 5/1
1980 STOPPED Ben De Haan Fred Winter Mr T Ludlow 7/2
1981 FRIENDLY ALLIANCE John Francome Fred Winter Mr J Mulhern 11/2
1982 RELDIS Paul Barton David Gandolfo Haunch Lane Stores 9/1
1983 CHURCHFIELD BOY J P Byrne M Cunningham (Ire) Mr J Quinn 8/1
1984 MOSSY MOORE Jonjo O'Neill B Chinn Mr B Chinn 11/2
1985 KATHIES LAD Steve Smith-Eccles Alan Jarvis Mr J Clayton 7/1
1986 PEARLYMAN Graham Bradley J Edwards Mrs P Shaw 14/1
1987 FRENCH UNION Richard Dunwoody David Nicholson Mrs C Smith 13/2
1988 VODKATINI Richard Rowe Josh Gifford Dick Richardson Horse Racing 4/1 fav
1989 PUKKA MAJOR Peter Scudamore Tim Thomson Jones Mrs Solna Jones 4/1 jt fav
1990 KATABATIC Hywel Davies Andrew Turnell Pell-Mell Partners 11/4 fav
1991 ALDINO Jamie Osborne Oliver Sherwood Mr A Boyd-Rochfort 15/2
1992 MY YOUNG MAN Graham Bradley Charlie Brooks Mrs W Tulloch 7/1
1993 SPACE FAIR Adrian Maguire Richard Lee Mrs R Fifield 5/1
1994 SNITTON LANE David Bridgwater William Clay Mr H D White 33/1
1995 SOUND REVEILLE Graham Bradley Charlie Brooks Mrs G Abecassis 7/1
1996 KIBREET Tony McCoy Philip Hobbs Mr Terry Warner 7/1
1997 UNCLE ERNIE Graham Bradley Jimmy Fitzgerald Lady Lloyd-Webber 20/1
1998 EDREDON BLEU Tony McCoy Henrietta Knight Mr Jim Lewis 7/2 fav
1999 SPACE TRUCKER Shay Barry Jessica Harrington (Ire) Mrs Eileen Queally 7/2 fav
2000 SAMAKAAN Norman Williamson Venitia Williams Lady Harris 9/2 fav

Race was not held due to foot & mouth crisis

2002 FADOUDAl DU COCHET David Casey Arthur Moore (Ire) Sir Anthony O'Reilly 6/1
2003 PALARSHAN Mark Bradburne Henry Daly Mrs A l Wood 8/1
2004 ST PIRRAN Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Mr C G Roach 4/1 jt fav
2005 FOTA ISLAND Paul Carberry Mouse Morris (Ire) John P McManus 7/1
2006 GREENHOPE Andrew Tinkler Nicky Henderson Lynn & Giles Wilson, Martin Landau 20/1
2007 ANDREAS Robert Thornton Paul Nicholls Mr Trevor Hemmings 12/1
2008 TIGER CRY Davy Russell Arthur Moore (Ire) Mr C Jones 15/2
2009 OH CRICK Wayne Hutchinson Alan King Mr David Sewell 7/1
2010 PIGEON ISLAND Paddy Brennan Nigel Twiston-Davies Mr H R Mould 16/1
2011 OISEAU DE NUIT Steven Clements Colin Tizzard Mr Terry Warner 40/1
2012 BELLVANO Paul Carberry Nicky Henderson John P McManus 20//1
2013 ALDERWOOD Tony McCoy Thomas Mullins (Ire) John P McManus 3/1 fav
2014 SAVELLO Davy Russell Tony Martin (Ire) Gigginstown House Stud 16/1
2015 NEXT SENSATION Tom Scudamore Michael Scudamore jnr Mr Mark Blandford 16/1
2016 SOLAR IMPULSE Sam Twiston-Davies Paul Nicholls Andrea & Graham Wylie 28/1
2017 ROCK THE WORLD Robbie Power Jessica Harrington (Ire) Mr Michael Buckley 10/1
2018 LE PREZIEN Barry Geraghty Paul Nicholls John P McManus 15/2
2019 CROCO BAY Kielan Woods Ben Case Lady Jane Grosvenor 66/1
2020 CHOSEN MATE Davy Russell Gordon Elliott (Ire) The Northern 4 Racing Partners 7/2 fav
2021 SKY PIRATE Nick Schofield Jonjo O'Neill Mr M Tedham 14/1
2022 GLOBAL CITIZEN Kielan Woods Ben Pauling The Megsons 28/1
2023 MASKADA Darragh O'Keeffe Henry De Bromhead (Ire) Mr M K Mariga 22/1
2024 UNEXPECTED PARTY Harry Skelton Dan Skelton O'Reilly, Maclennan et al 12/1