Supreme Novices Hurdle (Gloucestershire Hurdle)


The Supreme Novices Hurdle, a Grade 1 race for 4-year-olds and over, is run over 2 miles and 87 yards and 8 hurdles of the Old Course and now opens the Festival on the first day to the roar of the large crowd eager to get the Festival underway. It began as the Gloucestershire Hurdle in 1920, although that race technically replaced the earlier race named the Gloucestershire Maiden Hurdle which was run between 1911 and 1919. The Gloucestershire Hurdle was often so popular that it had to be divided into two, and sometimes three, divisions and, in the early days after the War it was dominated by Vincent O’Brien who notched up 10 wins in just 8 years after winning a number of the divisions. In 1974 it was renamed the Lloyds Bank Champion Novices Hurdle, while in 1978 Waterford Crystal became a popular sponsor.
Early history:-Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact year the Gloucestershire Hurdle was run for the first time, it replaced the Gloucestershire Maiden Hurdle in 1920, a race which had been staged between 1911 and 1919. The Gloucestershire Hurdle on Wednesday 10th March 1920 was won by Toluol (4/7 fav) owned by Mr Jeffrey, trained by Etienne De Mestre and ridden by R Wilkins, beating Tarazia (5/1) and Nubian (8/1) by 8 lengths and a head.
Over the entire history of the race 30% of favourites have been successful, placing the race 9th of the 28 current races.
Over the entire history of the race a level stake bet of £10 on every favourite would have resulted in a £180 loss, placing the race 23rd of the current 28 races.
Over the entire history of the race the Irish have been successful 34% of occasions, placing the race 13th of the 28 current races.
Supreme Novices Hurdle (Gloucestershire Hurdle) Grade 1 2 miles 1/2 furlong
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1920 TOLOUI R Wilkins De Mestre Mr Jeffrey 4/7 fav
1921 MILTON F Wootton Coulthwaite Mr C T Garland 10/11 fav
1922 SIRRAH George Duller Coulthwaite Sir E Hulton 3/1
1923 WISE PRINCE M Dillon J Dodd Mr C Kenyon 8/1
1924 GENTLEMAN OF FRANCE Hogan F Hartigan Sir N McMillan 7/2
1925 IMPRUDENCE E Barker Larkin Mrs Cornelius 10/1
1926 MENDOZA George Duller Pratt Mr J De Rothschild 100/30
1927 BASSOON Fred Rees F Hartigan Mrs S Whitburn 5/2 fav
1928 RATHNALLY P Canty F Hartigan Baron F De Tuyll 11/4 fav
1929 CAPORAL T Morgan Pratt Mr J A De Rothschild 10/1
1930 DARK AGES D Williams Ivor Anthony Mr Field 100/8
1932 MULLED CLARET D Morgan Ivor Anthony Lord Glanely 7/4 fav
1933 COBEQUID Tommy Burns Roberts Mr R More O'Ferrall 7/2
1934 SWIFT & TRUE Burford Jack Anthony Mrs F Clark 8/11 fav
1935 DRACULA J Moloney G Beeby Mr Smith 5/2 fav
1936 SAVON J Bissill W Earl Captain Montagu 2/1 fav
1937 SOLARIUM D Morgan Tom Rimell Sir Edward Hanmer 9/1
1938 ALL'S FAIR D Butchers Gosden Mrs James Field 7/1
1939 MANSUR Fulke Walwyn G Beeby Mr G Askew 11/2
1940 MICKEY MOUSE G Wilson P Beary Lord Portman 8/1
1941 IDEAL Ron Smyth Vic Smyth Sir M McAlpine 13/8 fav
1942 FERMETE P Lay Kilpatrick Mr Spiers 10/1
1943-45 Race was not run due to the Second World War
1946 PRINCE RUPERT Ron Smyth Ted Smyth Mr J J Astor 9/2
FREETOWN George Archibald W Larkin Mr H Rogers 8/1
GREMLIN Phil Canty George Todd Mr D D Baring 5/1
1947 Race was not held due to severe frost
1948 VULGAN Rickie Black John De Moraville Mr H Coriat 9/2
JEAN'S LAST Bryan Marshall Fulke Walwyn Lady Throckmorton 7/4 fav
1949 FRENCH WEDDING Jimmy Brogan Gerry Wilson Mr E L Gosling 11/2
TOUGH GUY Denid Dillon Ivor Anthony Mr J Olding 4/1
1950 TSAOKO Martin Molony Sam Armstrong Habib Rahimtoola 4/9 fav
SIR CHARLES Michael Scudamore Geoffrey Scudamore Mr S A Mailes 25/1
1951 RED STRANGER Denis Dillon Ron Smyth Mr L Jarvis 100/8
OUKILELES II Fred Winter George Archibald Mr Bill Campbell 6/1
1952 COCKATOO Phonsie O'Brien Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mrs M H Keogh 4/1
EVIAN Fred Winter George Archibald Mr M S Westwick 10/1
1953 ASSYNT Eddie Newman Danny Morgan Lady U-Vernon 9/4 fav
DESSIN Johnny Gilbert Frank Hudson Mr R Barlow 100/9
1954 STROLLER Pat Taaffe Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mr J H Griffin 13/8 fav
TASMIN Rene Emery Henry Count Mr Henry Count 5/1
1955 VINDORE Phonsie O'Brien Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mr J A Wood Evens fav
ILLYRIC Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mr R Mulrooney 3/1 fav
1956 BOYS HURRAH Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mr J Sheehan 9/4 fav
PELARGOS Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mr M V O'Brien 6/4 fav
1957 TOKOROA Dave Dick Fred Rimell Mr D Deyong 5/4 fav
SAFFRON TARTAN Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Lady Cottenham 10/11 fav
1958 ADMIRAL STUART Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mrs T Ryan 6/5 fav
PRUDENT KING Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Captain R Westmacott 3/1 fav
1959 YORK FAIR Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien (Ire) Mr J McShain 4/5 fav
ALBERGO Doug Page Clem Magnier (Ire) Mrs C Magnier 9/1
1960 BLUE MOUNTAIN Dick Broadway George Todd Mr S Banks 5/1
BASTILLE Bill Woods Tom Masson Mrs V Cripps 33/1
1961 BEAU MORMAND Bill Rees Bob Turnell Mr H J Joel 5/1
GREEKTOWN Michael Scudmaroe Willie Stephenson Mr L Ensten 100/8
1962 TRIPACER Tommy Carberry Dan Moore (Ire) Lady H Svejdar 20/1
CLERICAL GREY Willie Robinson P Murphy (Ire) Mrs R Palfreyman 100/8
1963 HONOUR BOUND Terry Biddlecombe Fred Rimell Mrs E Gaze 3/1 fav
BUONA NOTTE Johnny Haine Bob Turnell Mr H J Joel 7/2
DEETEASE Clive Chapman Basil Foster Mr C Chandler 9/1
1964 FLYINGBOLT Pat Taaffe Tom Dreaper (Ire) Mrs T Wilkinson 4/9 fav
ELAN Dave Dick John Sutcliffe Mr T Tucker 9/2
1965 RED TEARS Stan Mellor Harry Thomson Jones Major V McCalmont 7/1
HAVAGO Bobby Beasley Paddy Sleator (Ire) Mr C Nicholson 11/8 fav
1966 BEAU CAPRICE Tommy Jennings Fulke Walwyn Captain R A Head 6/1
FOSCO David Moore Mick Goswell Mr David Montagu 7/2
1967 CHORUS Johnny Haine Harry Thomson Jones Lord J C-Stuart 15/2
EARLY TO RISE Jeff King Bob Turnell Mr Paul Mellon 11/2
1968 KING CUTLER Brian Fletcher Denys Smith Mr Joe Lisle 85/40
L'ESCARGOT Tommy Carberry Dan Moore (Ire) Mr Raymond Guest 13/2
1969 NORMANDY Terry Biddlecombe Fred Rimell Mr Bryan P Jenks 10/1
PRIVATE ROOM Willie Robinson Fulke Walwyn Mrs A L Hoare 10/1
1970 BALLYWILLIAM BOY Bobby Coonan Paddy Sleator (Ire) Mr P Smyth 4/1
BULA Paul Kelleway Fred Winter Captain E E Heathcote 3/1 fav
1971 PERSIAN MAJESTY Terry Biddlecombe H Ryan Price Mr K E Wheldon 13/2
BARNARD Johnny Haine Fulke Walwyn Mrs B Heath 4/1
1972 NOBLE LIFE Tommy Murphy Christy Grassick (Ire) Mr M Gallagher 16/1
1973 KING PELE David Nicholson Gavin Pritchard-Gordon Mr J M Richardson 13/2
1974 AVEC MOI Roger Rowell Auriol Sinclair Lord Blackford 5/4 fav
1975 BANNOW RAMBLER Frank Berry Padge Berry (Ire) Mrs K White 9/2
1976 BEACON LIGHT Andrew Turnell Bob Turnell Mr H J Joel 14/1
1977 MAC'S CHARIOT Dessie Hughes Mick O'Toole (Ire) Mrs A Jordan 7/1
1978 GOLDEN CYGNET Niall Madden Edward O'Grady (Ire) Mr Ray Rooney 4/5 fav
1979 STRANFIELD Tommy Kinane Des McDonogh (Ire) Mr D Devlin 16/1
1980 SLANEY IDOL Tommy Carmody Liam Browne (Ire) Mrs M Hayes 9/1
1981 HARTSTOWN Niall Madden Mick O'Toole (Ire) Mrs J McGowan 2/1 fav
1982 MILLER HILL Tom Morgan Dessie Hughes (Ire) Mr J Harvey 20/1
1983 BUCK HOUSE Tommy Carmody Mouse Morris (Ire) Mrs S Purcell 8/1
1984 BROWNE'S GAZETTE Dermot Browne Michael Dickinson Mr J Poynton 11/2
1985 HARRY HASTINGS Chris Grant John Wilson Mr R Leask 14/1
1986 RIVER CEIRIOG Steve Smith Ecclse Nicky Henderson Mr R McAlpine 40/1
1987 TARTAN TAILOR Phil Tuck Gordon W Richards Edinburgh Woollen Mill Ltd 14/1
1988 VAGADOR Mark Perrett Guy Harwood Mrs Amanda Perrett 4/1 fav
1989 SONDRIO Jonothan Lower Martin Pipe Mrs J M Ryan 25/1
1990 FOREST SUN Jimmy Frost Toby Balding Salehurst Paper Co Ltd 7/4 fav
1991 DESTRIERO Pat McWilliams Andy Geraghty (Ire) Mrs Elizabeth Furlong 6/1
1992 FLOWN Jamie Osborne Nicky Henderson Mr Edward P Winfield 13/2
1993 MONTELADO Charlie Swan Pat Flynn (Ire) Mr F O Hannon 5/1
1994 ARCTIC KINSMAN Carl Llewellyn Nigel Twiston-Davies Mrs R E Hambro 50/1
1995 TOURIST ATTRACTION Mark Dwyer Willie Mullins North Kildare Racing Club 25/1
1996 INDEFENCE Warren Marston Jenny Pitman Indef Ltd 25/1
1997 SHADOW LEADER Jamie Osborne Charles Egerton Mr James Blackshaw 5/1
1998 FRENCH BALLERINA Graham Bradley Pat Flynn (Ire) Mrs John Magnier 10/1
1999 HORS LA LOI III Tony McCoy Martin Pipe Mr Paul Green 9/2
2000 SAUSALITO BAY Paul Carberry Noele Meade (Ire) High Street Racing Syndicate 14/1

Race was not held due to foot & mouth crisis

2002 LIKE A BUTTERFLY Charlie Swan Christy Roche (Ire) Mr John P McManus 7/4 fav
2003 BACK IN FRONT Norman Williamson Edward O'Grady (Ire) Mr D Cox 3/1 fav
2004 BRAVE INCA Barry Cash Colm Murphy (Ire) Novices Syndicate 7/2 fav
2005 ARCALIS Graham Lee Howard Johnson Andrea & Graham Wylie 20/1
2006 NOLAND Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Mr John Hales 6/1
2007 EBAZIYAN Davy Condon Willie Mullins (Ire) Mr Peter Garvey 40/1
2008 CAPTAIN CEE BEE Robert Thornton Eddie Harty (Ire) Mr John P McManus 17/2
2009 GO NATIVE Paul Carberry Noel Meade (Ire) Docado Syndicate 12/1
2010 MENORAH Richard Johnson Philip Hobbs Mrs Diana Whateley 12/1
2011 AL FEROF Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Mr John Hales 10/1
2012 CINDERS AND ASHES Jason Maguire Donald McCain jnr Dermot Hanafin, Phil Cunningham 10/1
2013 CHAMPAGNE FEVER Ruby Walsh Willie Mullins (Ire) Mrs Susannah Ricci 5/1
2014 VAUTOUR Ruby Walsh Willie Mullins (Ire) Mrs Susannah Ricci 7/2 jt fav
2015 DOUVAN Ruby Walsh Willie Mullins (Ire) Mrs Susannah Ricci 2/1 fav
2016 ALTIOR Nico De Boinville Nicky Henderson Mrs Patricia Pugh 4/1
2017 LABAIK Jack Kennedy Gordon Elliott (Ire) Mr Aidan J O'Ryan 25/1
2018 SUMMERVILLE BOY Noel Fehily Tom George Mr R S Brookhouse 9/1
2019 KLASSICAL DREAM Ruby Walsh Willie Mullins (Ire) Mrs Joan Coleman 6/1
2020 SHISHKIN Nico De Boinville Nicky Henderson Mrs J Donnelly 6/1
2021 APPRECIATE IT Paul Townend Willie Mullins (Ire) Miss M A Masterson 8/11 fav
2022 CONSTITUTION HILL Nico De Boinville Nicky Henderson Mr Michael Buckley 9/4 jt fav
2023 MARINE NATIONALE Michael O'Sullivan Barry Connell (Ire) Mr Barry Connell 9/2
2024 SLADE STEEL Rachael Blackmore Henry De Bromhead Robcour 7/2