Royal Ascot: Chesham Stakes

The Chesham Stakes, the opening race on the final day of the Royal meeting, is a Listed race over 7 furlongs for two-year-olds named after the 3rd Baron Chesham who served as Master of the Buckhounds in 1900-01. It was established in 1919, and it was originally contested over 5 furlongs, replacing the first leg of the Triennial Stakes which was first staged in 1848 when won by Elthiron. The race has an unusual restriction, being open only to horses sired by stallions who won over ten furlongs or more.  For a time the Chesham Stakes was contested over 6 furlongs, but was extended to 7 furlongs in 1996.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the first leg of the First Triennial Stakes over 5 furlongs, the forerunner of the Chesham Stakes, was on Tuesday 6th June 1848 when a field of 19 was headed by Elthiron, owned by Lord Eglinton, who beat Borneo and Jester by a head and the same. In 1919 the Triennial Stakes First leg was replaced by the Chesham Stakes and was run on Wednesday 18th June 1919 when Mr L Robinson's unnamed Decagone colt (7/4 fav) beat Fiddle de Dee and Pelope by 2 lengths and 3 lengths.

Over the entire history of the race 42.5% of favourites have been successful. (7th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 2.7% loss. (11th out of 32 races)

Chesham Stakes Listed race 7 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1848 ELTHIRON Marlow 2-8st 7lbs Lord Eglinton 4/1
1849 Race was not staged this year
1850 MISIERRIMA Whitehouse Mathew Dawson 2-8st 4lbs Lord J Scott 6/1
1851 RED HIND Kitchener 2-8st 4lbs Duke of Richmond 6/4 fav
1852 THE REIVER Whitehouse 2-8st 7lbs Lord J Scott 6/4 fav
1853 BRIBERY Nat Flatman 2-8st 4lbs Lord Bruce 8/1
1854 THE BONNIE MORN Sim Templeman 2-8st 7lbs Mr Bowes 7/4 fav
1855 FLY-BY-NIGHT Bartholomew 2-8st 7lbs Mr Bowes 3/1 jt fav
1856 Race was not staged this year
1857 CLYDESDALE Jem Goater 2-8st 7lbs Mr Howard 7/4 fav
1858 BASTION John Wells 2-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 7/2
1859 LONGBOW filly John Wells 2-8st 3lbs Sir Joseph Hawley 5/1
1860 DIOPHANTUS A French Joseph Dawson 2-8st 7lbs Lord Stamford 7/2 fav
1861 ALERTE Watkins 2-8st 3lbs Baron Niviere 5/1
1862 BLUE MANTLE Aldcroft 2-8st 7lbs Captain D Lane 2/1
1863 BECKY SHARPE Jem Goater 2-8st 4lbs Lord Portsmouth 3/1 jt fav
1864 TENNYSON J Adams 2-8st 7lbs Lord Coventry 12/1
1865 JANITOR John Wells 2-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 1/5 fav
1866 ACHIEVEMENT Custance 2-8st 7lbs Colonel Pearson 12/100 fav
1867 EUROPA George Fordham 2-8st 7lbs Duke of Beaufort 10/1
1868 TIM WHIFFLER colt J Daley Joseph Hayhoe 2-8st 10lbs Baron Rothschild 9/4
1869 MAHONIA George Fordham Joseph Hayhoe 2-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 6/1
1870 KING OF THE FOREST Grimshaw J C Waugh 2-8st 10lbs Mr James Merry 2/9 fav
1871 CREMORNE Maidment Gilbert 2-8st 10lbs Mr H Savile 1/20 fav
1872 PALADIN T French Mathew Dawson 2-8st 10lbs Lord Falmouth 2/7 fav
1873 SUGARCANE Fred Webb Tom Brown 2-8st 10lbs Mr F Fisher 15/8
1874 LADYLOVE Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 2-8st 7lbs Lord Falmouth 1/3 fav
1875 CORREGGIO T Osborne Jimmy Ryan 2-8st 10lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 5/1
1876 CHEVRON Tom Chaloner Dover 2-8st 10lbs General Pearson 1/10 fav
1877 JANNETTE Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 2-8st 7lbs Lord Falmouth 4/6 fav
1878 MULEY EDRIS Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 2-8st 10lbs Lord Falmouth 9/4
1879 SPRING CAPTAIN Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 2-8st 10lbs Lord Falmouth Evens fav
1880 KUBLEBORN Snowden Mathew Dawson 2-8st 10lbs Duke of St Albans 4/1
1881 FOXGLOVE Maidment Wadlow 2-8st 7lbs Lord Bradford 7/1
1882 SYMPHONY Fred Archer James Jewitt 2-8st 9lbs Lord Calthorpe 2/1
1883 SPRINGFIELD filly Lemaire Jimmy Ryan 2-8st 9lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 4/9 fav
1884 THE DAUPHIN Charles Wood Tom Jennings jnr 2-8st 12lbs Mr R B Brett 100/8
1885 GAY HERMIT John Watts Alec Taylor 2-8st 12lbs Mr Manton 4/1
1886 DEVILSHOOF Tom Cannon Charles Arnull 2-8st 12lbs Prince Soltykoff 5/1
1887 ISONOMY colt John Watts Enoch 2-8st 12lbs Lord Zetland 5/6 fav
1888 REGALIA John Osborne JohnRyan 2-8st 12lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 100/14
1889 KEYTHORPE Tom Cannon Tom Jennings snr 2-8st 12lbs Prince Soltykoff 100/15
1890 PETER FLOWER Rickaby Alf Sadler 2-8st 12lbs Lord Durham 9/100 fav
1891 POLYGLOT G Barrett John Porter 2-8st 12lbs Lord Alington 4/1
1892 SON OF A GUN R Chaloner Alec Taylor 2-8st 12lbs Duke of Beaufort 100/6
1893 BASILDON Tommy Loates William A Jarvis 2-8st 12lbs Mr C D Rose 11/8 fav
1894 HAZY Morny Cannon Jimmy Ryan 2-8st 9lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 10/1
1895 NENEMOOSHA Sam Loates G Dawson 2-8st 9lbs Lord Londonderry 2/1 fav
1896 EAGER F Pratt John Ryan 2-9st 3lbs Mr Fairie 7/4 fav
1897 CYLLENE Sam Loates William A Jarvis 2-9st 3lbs Mr C D Rose 4/7 fav
1898 SANTA CASA Otto Madden William A Jarvis 2-9st 0lbs Mr C D Rose 100/8
1899 LONGY Morny Cannon C Percy 2-8st 12lbs Mr P C Patton 9/4 fav
1900 VELES J H Martin Bob Sherwood 2-9st 3lbs Sir R Waldie-Griffith 7/2
1901 ST BENET Morny Cannon John Porter 2-8st 12lbs Duke of Westminster 10/1
1902 RABELAIS Danny Maher R Marsh 2-8st 12lbs Mr Arthur James 4/7 fav
1903 FIANCEE Randall J Chandler 2-8st 9lbs Lord Falmouth 7/4 fav
1904 PETIT BLEU W Lane Peter P Gilpin 2-8st 9lbs Mr L Neumann 2/1
1905 ULALUME J H Martin Reg Day 2-8st 9lbs Sir Edgar Vincent 6/1
1906 DUMA Herbert Jones Richard Marsh 2-8st 9lbs Mr Arthur James 8/11 fav
1907 DIBS H Stokes Sir C Nugent 2-8st 12lbs Mr J S Morrison 10/1
1908 WATER JACKET F Wootton Farquharson 2-8st 12lbs Lord Westbury 4/1
1909 SANTA FINA Otto Madden Watson 2-8st 9lbs Leopold De Rothschild 7/2
1910 NIGHT RIDER F O'Neill Sam Darling 2-8st 12lbs Mr Carroll 6/4 fav
1911 SWEEPER II J Reid France 2-8st 12lbs Mr Duryea 3/1
1912 ROSEWORTHY Danny Maher Atty Persse 2-8st 12lbs Mr Basset 7/2
1913 ALDFORD Walter Earl W Waugh 2-8st 12lbs Mr W Waugh 1/2 fav
1914 KING PRIAM Heckford Tom Leader 2-8st 12lbs Mr R Swanwick 100/8
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 DECAGONE Colt Brownie Carslake Atty Persse Mr L Robinson 7/4 fav
1920 SYRIAN PRINCE G Hulme Cundell Mr W Williams 4/1
1921 TORLINDA H Robbins Dundas Lady Fitzwilliam 10/1
1922 PHAROS E Gardner Lambton Lady Derby 8/11 fav
1923 PARMENIO E C Elliott Jack Jarvis Lady Rosebery 11/2
1924 POOR SCATS R Jones Cottrill Mrs S Whitburn 8/13 fav
1925 ACCURATE colt H Beasley Atty Persse Lord Barnby100/8
1926 THE SATRAP H Beasley Atty Persse Major D McCalmont 2/1 fav
1927 PONDICHERRY J Thwaites Archer Lord Glanely 4/1
1928 COSTAKI PASHA Michael Beary R Dawson HH Aga Khan 100/16
1929 RUSTOM PASHA Michael Beary R Dawson HH Aga Khan 6/5 fav
1929 SILVIA R Jones Lawson Mr S Tattersall 6/1
1930 GOYESCAS Charlie Elliott B Jarvis M M Boussac 20/1
1931 GOLDEN HAIR colt R A Jones Lawson Mr Washington Singer 7/2
1932 MANNERING Arthur Wragg Vic Gilpin Lt-Col Giles Loder 100/7
1933 MERENDA Gordon Richards Fred Darling Lord Ellesmere 7/2
1934 SHAHLI Richard Perryman Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 6/1
1935 PIKE BARN Tommy Lowrey B Jarvis Mr J P Hornung 5/1
1936 FAIR COPY Richard Perryman C Leader Lord Derby 2/1 fav
1937 TAHIR Charlie Smirke Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 5/1
1938 DHOTI Charlie Smirke Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 4/5 fav
1939 ROSE OF ENGLAND colt Tommy Lowrey B Jarvis Lord Glanely 5/4 fav
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 WET BOB Billy Nevett M Peacock Lt-Col R Straker 5/1
1947 DJERID Charlie Elliott France M M Boussac 10/1
1948 ABERNANT Charlie Smirke Murless Mr Reg Macdonald-Buchanan 4/5 fav
1949 Race was not staged at the Royal meeting this year
1950 BAKSHISHI Charlie Smirke H Wragg Begum Aga Khan 5/2
1951 CHIVALRY Doug Smith R Day Mr P Hatvany 13/2
1952 NIGRETTE E Fordyce G Beeby Mr W A Slocock 100/8
1953 HIGH TREASON Eph Smith T Leader Mr H J Joel 9/4 fav
1954 EUBULIDES Edgar Britt Elsey Mr Phil Bull 9/2
1955 PALARIVA Roger Poincelet France HH Aga Khan 8/13 fav
1956 DENTIVATE Willie Carr Nightingall Mr P Whinstone 100/8
1957 MAJOR PORTION Eph Smith T Leader Mr H Joel 11/10 fav
1958 TUDOR MELODY Edward Hide R Peacock Mr F Tattersall 4/5 fav
1959 NEWBUS Edgar Britt Elsey Captain S Lord 5/1
1960 NEW MOVE Lester Piggott P Walwyn Mr C Nicholson 4/6 fav
1961 KATHYANGA Ron Hutchinson P Prendergast Lord Ennisdale 13/8 fav
1962 NARROW ESCAPE Joe Mercer W Hern Major L B Holliday 9/4 fav
1963 MESOPOTAMIA Peter Boothman Fetherstonhaugh Major V McCalmont 6/4 fav
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1965 SWIFT HARMONY Lester Piggott Reavey Mr P Finlinson 6/1
1966 HAMBLEDEN Scobie Breasley T Corbett Lord Carnarvon 10/11 fav
1967 RIBOCCARE Jimmy Lindley J Tree Mr Charles Engelhard 7/1
1968 RIBOFILIO Lester Piggott R Houghton Mr Charles Engelhard 7/2
1969 MALVASIA Russ Maddock T Leader Mr D Lesh 3/1 jt fav
1970 TRINITY TERM Edward Hide P Nelson Major V McCalmont 6/4 fav
1971 MEADOW MINT Lester Piggott Armstrong Mr R Webster 6/5 fav
1972 OTHA Willie Carson Van Cutsem Mr Nelson Bunker Hunt 3/1
1973 LIVE ARROW T Carter W Marshall Mr D Lark 33/1
1974 RED ROSS Pat Eddery P Walwyn Mrs D McCalmont 1/3 fav
1975 SMUGGLER Joe Mercer W Hern Lord Porchester 9/1
1976 LIMONE Greville Starkey Guy Harwood Mr D Allen 16/1
1977 SOOKERA Wally Swinburn D Weld Mr R Sangster 7/2
1978 MAIN REFF Joe Mercer H Cecil Mr H Joel 8/13 fav
1979 STAR WAY Lester Piggott P Kelleway Mrs L Glaser 9/4 fav
1980 KIRTLING Pat Eddery H Wragg Mr E Moller 5/1
1981 CAJUN Lester Piggott H Cecil Mr J Stone 10/11 fav
1982 RIGHT DANCER Lester Piggott P Kelleway Mr N Mandell 6/4 fav
1983 HEAD FOR HEIGHTS Greville Starkey R Hannon Mr J Horgan 11/2
1984 OLD BAILEY Greville Starkey G Harwood Mrs C Thompson 15/8 fav
1985 BAKHAROFF Greville Starkey G Harwood K Abdulla Evens fav
1986 MINSTRELLA John Reid C Nelson Mr E Evans 10/1
1987 LAPIERRE Steve Cauthen C Brittain Mrs J Khan 9/1
1988 JACAMAR Bruce Raymond Ben Hanbury Dr Omar Zawawi 50/1
1989 BE MY CHIEF Steve Cauthen Sir Henry Cecil Mr Peter Burrell 2/5 fav
1990 CHICARICA Pat Eddery John Gosden Sheikh Mohammed 10/11 fav
1991 FAIR COP Alan Munro Paul Cole Prnce Fahd Salman 7/2 jt fav
1992 HUMAM Richard Hills H Thomson Jones Hamdan Al Maktoum 2/1 fav
1993 STATE PERFORMER John Reid Peter Chapple-Hyam Mr Robert Sagster 8/13 fav
1994 MONTJOY T (Richard) Quinn Paul Cole Gary A Tanaka 5/1
1995 WORLD PREMIER Brett Doyle Clive Brittain Mrs Clive Brittain 6/1
1996 SHAMIKH Richard Hills Saeed Bin Suroor Hamdan Al Maktoum 8/1
1997 CENTRAL PARK Frankie Dettori Paul Cole Prince Fahd Salman 7/1
1998 RHAPSODIST Frankie Dettori John Gosden Sheikh Mohammed 6/1
1999 BACH Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien Satish Saman/Mrs J Magnier 5/2
2000 CELTIC SILENCE Kieren Fallon Mark Johnston Mr Peter Savill 15/8 fav
2001 SEBA Frankie Dettori David Loder Sheikh Mohammed 3/1 fav
2002 HELM BANK Keith Dalgleish Mark Johnston Mr & Mrs G Middlebrook 25/1
2003 PEARL OF LOVE Darryll Holland Mark Johnston Mr M Doyle 11/10 fav
2004 WHAZZAT Michael Hills Barry Hills Mr Bill Gredley 7/1
2005 CHAMPIONSHIP POINT Ted Durcan Mick Channon John Livock Bloodstock 4/1
2006 CHAMPLAIN Philip Robinson Michael Jarvis Sheikh Mohammed 7/2
2007 MAZE Royston Ffrench Bryan Smart Pinnacle Dr Fong Partners 11/2
2008 FREE AGENT Richard Hughes Richard Hannon HM The Queen 7/2 jt fav
2009 BIG AUDIO Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Mr Michael Pescod 22/1
2010 ZAIDAN Seb Sanders Clive Brittain Saeed Manana 7/1
2011 MAYBE Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Tabor/Smith/Magnier 5/2 fav
2012 THA'IR Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 9/2
2013 BERKSHIRE Jim Crowley Paul Cole Sultan Ahmad Shah 16/1
2014 RICHARD PANKHURST William Buick John Gosden Ms Rachel Hood 10/1
2015 SUNNY WAY Cristian Demuro Eugene O'Neill Neill & Solomon 14/1
2016 CHURCHILL Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Tabor/Smith/Magnier 8/11 fav
2017 SEPTEMBER Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Magnier/Tabor/Smith 11/8 fav
2018 ARTHUR KITT Richard Kingscote Tom Dascombe Chasemore Farm 13/2
2019 PINATUBO James Doyle Charlie Appleby Godolphin 3/1
2020 BATTLEGROUND Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith/Magnier/Tabor 11/4 fav
2021 POINT LONSDALE Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Magnier, Smith, Tabor 10/11 fav
2022 HOLLOWAY BOY Danny Tudhope Karl Burke Nick White & Mrs Elaine Burke 40/1