Chesterfield Cup

The Chesterfield Cup, joint fifth oldest race at Glorious Goodwood, along with the Nassau Stakes, is a handicap over 1 mile 1 furlong and 192 yards and was first run in 1839 when known as the Harkaway Cup, and again in 1840 when mysteriously known as the Goodwood Cup of 1839. A year later it became known by the more suitable title of Chesterfield Cup, later adjusted to the Chesterfield Stakes. The race was named after the sixth Earl of Chesterfield, George Stanhope who won 2 Goodwood Cups with Priam who he purchased after the colt had landed the 1830 Epsom Derby. The race was part of the Glorious Goodwood programme up until 1969, then was replaced by the Laurels Handicap over roughly the same distance, but confined to older horses, with the Chesterfield Cup moved to the next meeting in August. The Cup was reintroduced to the Festival programme in 1979 on the last day, but in 1983 became a stalwart of the opening day of the Festival, albeit under a variety of names dependant on its sponsor.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Chesterfield Cup, then known as the Harkaway Cup, was on Friday 2nd August 1839, was won by Lord Eglinton’s Bellona, beating Confusionee and The Corsair.

Favourites have a 22% success rate. A £10 level stakes bet on each favourite provided a £305 Loss.
Chesterfield Cup Handicap 1 mile 1 furlong 192yds
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1839 BELLONA T Lye 4-7st 7lbs Lord Eglinton 7/4 fav
1840 THE POTENTATE T Lye aged-8st 5lbs Lord Eglinton 7/1
1841 DOCTOR CAIUS T Lye 4-8st 11lbs Lord Eglinton 10/1
1842 RETRIEVER Murphy 6-7st 9lbs Major Hay 7/4 fav
1843 SCALTEEN Dunn 4-7st 10lbs Lord Miltown 6/1
1844 KNIGHT OF THE WHISTLE Nat Flatman 6-9st 0lbs Lord Chesterfield 12/1
1845 AEGIS J Sharpe 3-6st 0lbs Mr W Etwall 10/1
1846 MONGREL Pettit 4-7st 0lbs Mr Drinkald 3/1 co fav
1847 COLLINGWOOD J Prince 4-6st 11lbs Mr P P Rolt 4/1
1848 THE MARQUIS OF CONYNGHAM W Abdale 5-7st 3lbs Mr Drinkald 10/1
1849 WOOLWICH Hiett 3-6st 0lbs Mr F Nicoll 9/1
1850 TURNUS G Brown 4-6st 12lbs Captain Hahn 2/1 fav
1851 MISS ANN W Sharpe John Osborne snr 5-7st 7lbs Mr James Merry 10/1
1852 HARBINGER Charlton 3-7st 0lbs Duke of Richmond 5/1 jt fav
1853 NABOB Aldcroft 4-7st 3lbs Mr Drinkald 6/1
1854 CATSPAW Ashmall 4-7st 4lbs Mr J M Stanley 10/1
1855 PUMICESTONE Nat Flatman 4-7st 12lbs Lord Wilton 20/1
1856 TERMAGANT George Fordham 3-5st 7lbs Lord Anglesey 10/1
1857 COMQUOT George Fordham 3-6st 10lbs Mr Howard 10/1
1858 SUNBEAM Challoner John Osborne snr 3-7st 4lbs Mr James Merry 8/1
1859 ZUYDER ZEE Wells 5-8st 12lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 100/7
1860 ORLANDA W Bradley 4-6st 7lbs Count Batthyany 10/1
1861 CROAGH PATRICK Doyle 3-6st 0lbs Mr Murphy 9/1
1862 PRINCE PLAUSIBLE George Fordham 4-7st 8lbs Count Batthyany 15/1
1863 ACE OF CLUBS Doyle 4-7st 9lbs Lord Annesley 7/1
1864 KING OF UTOPIA Hibberd 4-7st 7lbs Mr Whittaker 100/6
1865 REDMIRE Murray 3-6st 0lbs Mr E Brayley 8/1
1866 BROOMIECLAW Custance 4-9st 0lbs Mr Chaplin 12/1
1867 OSTREGER Custance 5-9st 0lbs Mr S Thellusson 100/15
1868 CHARNWOOD Hammond 3-7st 6lbs Lord Stamford 100/30 fav
1869 VESPASIAN Custance 6-10st 4lbs Sir C Legard 100/6
1870 SOUCAR Rowell 3-6st 9lbs Mr E Brayley 25/1
1871 BOTHERATION Constable 3-6st 7lbs Mr F Pryor 25/1
1872 NEAPOLITAN Constable 3-6st 10lbs Lord Wilton 10/1
1873 DRUMMOND George Fordham 4-8st 4lbs M Lefevre 3/1 fav
1874 DALHAM Mills G Platt 3-5st 12lbs Mr T Smith 25/1
1875 COOMASSIE Thompson 3-6st 7lbs Sir A de Rothschild 7/1
1876 COOMASSIE Maidment 4-8st 8lbs Mr Acton 5/1 co fav
1877 MOUSQUETAIRE Morgan Mat Dawson 4-7st 5lbs Lord Lascelles 6/4 fav
1878 MIDLOTHIAN Lemaire Richard Marsh 4-7st 10lbs Duke of Hamilton 6/1
1879 VILLAGER Luke John Dawson 3-6st 8lbs Mr R C Naylor 4/1
1880 VICTOR EMANUEL Bell Osborne 3-6st 7lbs Mr H Bragg 6/1
1881 VICTOR EMANUEL John Osborne Osborne 4-8st 5lbs Mr H Bragg 100/6
1882 VIBRATION E Martin Richard Marsh 3-5st 12lbs Duke of Hamilton 9/4 fav
1883 VIBRATION Rossiter Richard Marsh 4-8st 1lbs Duke of Hamilton 11/2
1884 PRISM John Watts H Enoch 4-8st 11lbs Lord Zetland 100/15
1885 HERMITAGE Fred Webb Tom Jennings snr 4-8st 12lbs M C J Lefevre 2/1 fav
1886 SARABAND C Wood Hunphreys 3-8st 5lbs Mr Childwick 5/1 fav
1887 SPOT Mornington Cannon John Porter 3-6st 0lbs Sir F Johnstone 13/2
1888 CANDLEMAS G Barrett John Porter 5-7st 6lbs Sir F Johnstone 3/1 fav
1889 VERACITY J Calder Weever 5-9st 3lbs Mr W J Legh 6/1
1890 FATHER CONFESSOR Tom Cannon Morton 5-9st 6lbs Mr Abington 6/4 fav
1891 SHRINE Bradford Gray 4-6st 6lbs Mr Henry Milner 13/2
1892 LOTTERY Bradford Hayhoe 4-6st 6lbs Mr Leopold de Rothschild 8/1
1893 PENSIONER T Loates James Jewitt 4-7st 9lbs General Owen Williams Evens fav
1894 WORCESTER Sam Loates W Leader 4-7st 4lbs Mr James Best 9/2
1895 PITCHER C Loates T Leader 5-8st 1lbs Mr C J F Fawcett 5/1
1896 PHOEBUS APOLLO N Robinson J Waugh 3-6st 12lbs Mr Theobald 10/1
1897 BIRCH ROD N Robinson Sharp 4-7st 7lbs Lord Stanley 10/1
1898 CHALEUREUX Segrot Blackwell 4-7st 4lbs Mr W Cooper 100/15
1899 CALVELRY M Cannon John Porter 5-8st 6lbs Duke of Westminster 100/12
1900 SPECTRUM J Reiff P P Gilpin 4-6st 11lbs Mr W C Whitney 7/4 fav
1901 GLENAPP Joe Childs J Ryan 3-6st 1lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 100/8
1902 YPSILANTI G McCall Fallon 4-7st 12lbs Mr A P Cunliffe 3/1
1903 LADY HELP Griggs George Chaloner 3-6st 5lbs Mr C T Pulley 8/1
1904 UNION JACK W Halsey Martin Gurry 4-8st 13lbs Mr F Taylor 3/1 co fav
1905 SONG THRUSH A Templeman E Robson 3-6st 3lbs Captain J Orr-Ewing 5/2 fav
1906 GOLD RIACH O Madden Alec Taylor 3-7st 12lbs Mr William Bass 9/2
1907 VELOCITY H Jones P P Peebles 5-9st 10lbs Mrs H V Jackson 2/1 fav
1908 KINGS COURTSHIP H East H Chandler 4-8st 13lbs Mr A Bowen 100/8
1909 SUCCOUR D Maher Captain Dewhurst 6-8st 8lbs Captain Smith 7/1
1910 LAND LEAGUE W Higgs R Sherwood aged-9st 3lbs Captain Homfray 5/1 fav
1911 DEAN SWIFT Walter Griggs C Morton aged-8st 3lbs Mr J Joel 6/1
1912 SOUTHANNAN E Wheatley F Hartigan aged-8st 6lbs Mr H M Hartigan 7/2
1913 JUNIOR W Huxley Etienne De Mestre 4-8st 7lbs Mr T Martin 5/2 fav
1914 KILTOI F Fox Charles Waugh 4-7st 11lbs Mr J S Austen 100/6
1915 Race not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race not staged due to the First World War
1919 TANGIERS F Fox Mullen 3-7st 9lbs Sir W Nelson 100/15
1920 ALASNAM F Fox Reg Day 4-7st 9lbs Sir Abe Bailey 10/11 fav
1921 ILLUMINATOR F Bullock Nugent 4-8st 11lbs Mr E E Short 8/1
1922 STATUARY Lister Reg Day 5-8st 1lbs Sir J Rutherford 100/8
1923 EVANDER McLachlan De Mestre 5-8st 11lbs Mr Solly Joel 10/1
1924 FRATER G Smith R Dawson 3-8st 0lbs HH Aga Khan 8/1
1925 WARDEN OF THE MARCHES W Wells Fred Darling 3-8st 0lbs Lord Lonsdale 100/15
1926 WARDEN OF THE MARCHES Joe Childs Fred Darling 4-9st 8lbs Lord Lonsdale 2/1 fav
1927 VOLTA'S PRIDE Gordon Richards Walter Nightingall 4-8st 4lbs Mr E L Short 4/1
1928 SILVER HUSSAR M Beary R Dawson 3-7st 8lbs HH Aga Khan 8/1
1929 DOUBLE LIFE J Dines Boyd-Rochfort 3-7st 5lbs Lady Zia Wernher 100/8
1930 THE MCNAB F Fox Fred Darling 4-9st 4lbs Mr J Dewar 7/1
1931 LORD BILL Harry Wragg Frank Butters 4-7st 13lbs Sir A Butt 7/1
1932 SERAPH BOY T Barber F Templeman 3-7st 1lbs Sir F Eley 25/1
1933 COLORADO KID C Ray P P Gilpin 4-9st 6lbs Lt-Colonel Giles Loder 100/8
1934 ALCAZAR F Lane Boyd-Rochfort 3-7st 9lbs Mr William Woodward 10/1
1935 IRONGREY Gordon Richards Templeman 4-8st 1lbs Lord Hirst 15/8 fav
1936 WILLIAM OF VALENCE B Carslake Atty Persse 4-8st 6lbs Mr Arthur Sainsbury 100/8
1937 FINALIST Harry Wragg Ossie Bell 5-9st 7lbs Lady Ralli 13/2
1938 PYLON II Eph Smith Holland 5-8st 1lbs Mrs C Bennett 7/1
1939 BACARDI Gordon Richards Fred Butters 5-7st 12lbs Lord Monck 7/1
1940 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1946 SIGNALMAN Harry Wragg Harvey Leader 3-8st 4lbs Mr B Van Cutsem 7/4 fav
1947 AVIGNON Ken Gethin Hardy 4-7st 13lbs Mrs E Garner 20/1
1948 ROYAL TARA Ken Gethin Beary 3-8st 12lbs Mr D Morris 6/1 jt fav
1949 IMPECCABLE Gordon Richards Powell 5-9st 12lbs Mr R McIlhagga 2/1 fav
1950 KRAKATAO Gordon Richards Noel Murless 4-9st 7lbs Mr D E H-Hutchinson 7/4 fav
1951 GRANI Lester Piggott J C Waugh 5-7st 11lbs Mr G Vandervell 8/1
1952 SUNNY BRAE E Fordyce D Watson 4-8st 5lbs Mr James A de Rothschild 6/1
1953 HILLTOP W H Carr Boyd-Rochfort 4-8st 12lbs Lady Zia Wernher 11/2
1954 PREFECT Scobie Breasley Noel Cannon 4-8st 1lbs Mr J Olding 100/8
1955 ROYAL MAID P Robinson Harry Wragg 4-7st 6lbs Mrs E Greenwood 5/1
1956 ATHENIEN II W H Carr C Pratt 3-8st 5lbs Mr A N B Holland 10/1
1957 ROWLAND WARD Manny Mercer Jack Jarvis 5-9st 0lbs Lord Rosebery 100/8
1958 LONDON CRY Scobie Breasley Sir Gordon Richards 4-8st 12lbs Michael Sobell 5/1
1959 AGGRESSOR Jimmy Lindley Towser Gosden 4-8st 13lbs Sir H Wernher 100/30
1960 ROCKY ROYALE W H Carr Whelan 4-9st 1lbs Mr J Norris 100/8
1961 STUPOR MUNDI W H Carr Boyd-Rochfort 4-8st 9lbs Mr T Gray 7/1
1962 ROBSONS CHOICE Scobie Breasley E Goddard 6-8st 4lbs Mr V Brunt 8/1
1963 ST GULLIVER Lester Piggott Fred Armstrong 4-9st 2lbs Sir George Dowty 4/1 fav
1964 EARLY TO RISE Geoff Lewis Ian Balding 4-8st 7lbs Mr Paul Mellon 10/1
1965 TARQUOGAN Bill Williamson S McGrath 5-9st 1lbs Mr Joseph McGrath 8/1
1966 POLYMINT Dicey John Sutcliffe jnr 6-7st 2lbs Mr T Rees 20/1
1967 MIDNIGHT MARAUDER Joe Mercer Jeremy Tree 5-8st 2lbs Mr G Dudley 8/1
1968 SCOTTISH SINBAD Ron Hutchinson Dunlop 4-8st 13lbs Mr A J Struthers 100/8
1969 CHEVAL Ron Hutchinson Dunlop 6-8st 10lbs Mr M Buddell-Coutts 7/1
1970 HARKEN Joe Mercer Hern 4-8st 11lbs Mr R L Basset 100/8
1971 TANDY Joe Mercer Swift 5-9st 4lbs Mr S Shine 10/1
1972 KING MIDAS Joe Mercer D Candy 4-9st 410bs Mrs D Haynes 2/1 fav
1973 PROMINENT Geoff Baxter Budgett 6-9st 1lb Colonel P Wright 7/4 fav
1974 HAIL THE PIRATES Lester Piggott M V O'Brien 4-10st 0lb Mr D Galbreath 7/4 fav
1975 EDWARDS HILL Robert Street Barry Hills 4-8st 3lb Mrs B Thomson 33/1
1976 BLASKETTE Paul Cook Barry Hills 5-8st 6lb Mrs R Owen-George 2/1
1977 FLUELLEN Pat Eddery Harry Wragg 4-10st 0lb Sir Philip Oppenheimer 4/1
1978 TOWN AND COUNTRY Willie Carson W Hern 4-9st 13lb Lord Porchester 13/8 fav
1979 PHILODANTES Steve Cauthen Barry Hills 4-9st 1lb Mr Phil Bull 4/1
1980 BORDERLINE S Payne Ian Balding 4-7st 11lb Mrs J Macdougal 17/2
1981 COMMODORE BLAKE Bryn Crossley Michael Stoute 4-7st 9lb Mr J MaCaughey 13/2
1982 CRITERION Lester Piggott Guy Harwood 3-9st 10lb Mr A Bodie 7/1
1983 MORCON Willie Carson W Hern 3-9st 0lb Lady Rotherwick 9/2 fav
1984 MAILMAN Richard Quinn Ian Balding 5-8st 10lb Mrs J MacDougal 11/2
1985 IROKO Steve Cauthen Michael Stoute 3-8st 13lb Mrs A Plesch 9/2 jt fav
1986 MAILMAN Pat Eddery Ian Balding 7-8st 8lb Mrs J McDougald 11/1
1987 LOUD APPEAL Ray Cochrane Michael Stoute 3-8st 11lb Mrs D Haynes 4/1
1988 APACHE Jimmy Bleasdale Chris Thornton 3-8st 6lbs Mr Guy Reed 9/4 fav
1989 PELORUS Brian Rouse William Jarvis 4-10st 0lbs Mrs James Slade 12/1
1990 SONG OF SIXPENCE Steve Cauthen Ian Balding 6-9st 5lbs Mr Paul Mellon 9/2
1991 IJTIHAAD Willie Carson W Hern 4-9st 5lbs Hamdan Al Maktoum 11/2
1992 KNOCK KNOCK Ray Cochrane Ian Balding 7-9st 0lbs G M Smart 9/2 fav
1993 ROSE ALTO George Duffield James Fanshawe 5-8st 13lbs T & J Vestey 25/1
1994 DESERT SHOT Jason Tate Sir Michael Stoute 4-8st 13lbs Maktoum Al Maktoum 12/1
1995 SILVER GROOM Matthew Henry Reg Akehurst 5-7st 6lbs Silver Darling Partnership 6/1
1996 GRAND SELECTION Micky Fenton Michael Bell 4-8st 3lbs M B Hawtin 12/1
1997 DANISH RHAPSODY John Reid Lady Herries 4-8st 6lb Chris Hardy 14/1
1998 SUPPLY AND DEMAND Kieren Fallon Gary Moore 4-9st 0lb Action Racing 3/1 fav
1999 ORMELIE Jimmy Fortune Peter Chapple-Hyam 4-9st 0lb K Doyle 6/1
2000 TEMPLE WAY Richard Hughes Roger Charlton 4-9st 2lb HM The Queen 10/1
2001 KUSTER Jamie Spencer Luca Cumani 5-8st 6lb Lord Vestey 6/1
2002 PRAIRIE WOLF Dean Corby Michael Bell 6-8st 3lb B J Warren 13/2
2003 IMPERIAL DANCER Sam Hitchcott Mick Channon 5-9st 5lb Imperial Racing 14/1
2004 COAT OF HONOUR Seb Sanders Sir Mark Prescott 4-8st 12lb E Rimmer-Osbrone House 10/1
2005 EVALUATOR Kieren Fallon T G Mills 4-8st 11lb Mrs L M Askew 7/1
2006 CROSSPEACE Royston Ffrench Mark Johnston 4-9st 10lb Favourites Racing 12/1
2007 CHAMPIONSHIP POINT Darryll Holland Mick Channon 4-9st 10lb John Livock 8/1
2008 GULF EXPRESS Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute 4-8st 12lb Saeed Suhail 10/1
2009 DRUMFIRE Jimmy Fortune Mark Johnston 5-9st 10lb Kennet Valley Thoroughbreds 8/1
2010 INDIAN DAYS Dale Swift James Given 5-9st 1lb D J Fish 12/1
2011 ARLEQUIN Graham Gibbons James Bethell 4-8st 5lb J Carrick 20/1
2012 LANDAMAN Darren Egan Mark Johnston 4-8st 2lb Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed 12/1
2013 VIEWPOINT Richard Hughes Richard Hannon 4-9st 2lb Heffer Syndicate 16/1
2014 SENNOCKIAN STAR Joe Fanning Mark Johnston 4-9st 6lb The Vine Accord 14/1
2015 MOUNT LOGAN Adam Kirby Luca Cumani 4-9st 2lb Sheikh Mohammed Obaid 8/1 jt fav
2016 FIRE FIGHTING Adam Kirby Mark Johnston 5-9st 5lb A D Spence 8/1 co fav
2017 FABRICATE Adam Kirby Michael Bell 5-9st 4lb HM The Queen 20/1
2018 ALFARRIS Jim Crowley William Haggas 4-9st 0lb Hamdan Al Maktoum 13/2 fav
2019 FAYEZ Danny Tudhope David O'Meara 5-8st 12lb Northern Lads, Nawton Racing 25/1
2020 MAYDANNY Silvestre De Sousa Mark Johnston 4-8st 6lb Hamdan Al Maktoum 5/1 fav
2021 MIGRATION William Buick David Menuisier 5-8st 10lb Gail Brown Racing 2/1 fav
2022 FOREST FALCON Frankie Dettori C & M Johnston 5-8st 10lb Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed 14/1