Royal Ascot: Coronation Stakes

The Coronation Stakes, a Group 1 flat race over 7 furlongs and 213 yards, open to three-year-old fillies, is run on the fourth day of the Royal meeting. The Coronation Stakes was established in 1840, and its title commemorates the Coronation of a new British monarch, Queen Victoria, two years earlier. The present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, and for a period the Coronation Stakes held Group 2 status, but was promoted to Group 1 level in 1988.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the Coronation Stakes took place on Wednesday 17th June 1840 when won by Lord Albemarle's Spangle (5/2), trained by William Edwards and ridden by Cotton, who defeated Black Bess (5/2) and Emetic (2/1 fav) by a neck and half a length.

Over the entire history of the race 41% of favourites have been successful. (10th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 8.1% loss. (14th out of 32 races)

Coronation Stakes Group 1 Old Mile
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1840 SPANGLE Cotton William Edwards 3-8st 7lbs Lord Albemarle 5/2
1841 GHUZNEE Nat Flatman John Scott 3-8st 7lbs Lord Westminster walked over
1842 CELIA S Mann Charles Marson 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 4/6 fav
1843 LA STIMATA Jem Chapple 3-8st 7lbs Sir G Heathcote 5/1
1844 THE PRINCESS Nat Flatman 3-9st 0lbs Colonel Anson 1/8 fav
1845 STITCH Nat Flatman John Scott 3-8st 7lbs Lord Chesterfield 4/7 fav
1846 GUARACHA J Howlett 3-8st 7lbs Mr Ford 4/1
1847 COSACHIA W Abdale 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 6/4
1848 DISTAFFINA Nat Flatman 3-8st 7lbs Lord Chesterfield 2/1
1849 LADY EVELYN Nat Flatman 3-9st 0lbs Lord Chesterfield 2/5 fav
1850 SLANE colt F Butler W Beresford 3-8st 10lbs Lord Orford 5/4 fav
1851 BARCELONA Nat Flatman 3-8st 7lbs Mr Charles Greville 2/1
1852 IONA F Butler 3-8st 7lbs Lord Orford 2/1
1853 CATHERINE HAYES Charles Marlow 3-8st 7lbs Lord J Scott 1/5 fav
1854 MISHAP Job Marson 3-8st 7lbs Mr J M Stanley 2/1
1855 ALCYONE Pettit 3-8st 7lbs Duke of Bedford 11/2
1856 VICTORIA Bartholomew 3-8st 7lbs Mr Bowes 6/4 jt fav
1857 BEECHNUT George Fordham 3-8st 7lbs Lord Exeter 2/1
1858 SUNBEAM Chillman 3-8st 7lbs Mr J Merry 4/7 fav
1859 CANTINE L Snowden 3-8st 7lbs Lord Ailesbury 7/4 fav
1860 ALLINGTON J Daley Tom Eskrett 3-8st 7lbs Mr Gratwicke 10/1
1861 QUEEN OF THE VALE John Wells 3-8st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 4/5 fav
1862 POLYNESIA Custance 3-8st 0lbs Lord Chesterfield 2/1 fav
1863 LADY AUGUSTA A Edwards 3-8st 13lbs Lord Stamford 4/5 fav
1864 BREEZE John Wells 3-8st 10lbs Baron Rothschild 2/5 fav
1865 SIBERIA George Fordham 3-9st 3lbs Duke of Beaufort 5/2
1866 MOTHER OF PEARL Payne 3-8st 10lbs Mr Maund 12/1
1867 ACHIEVEMENT Challoner Dover 3-9st 3lbs Colonel Pearson 30/100 fav
1868 ATHENA George Fordham John Day 3-8st 10lbs Mr Padwick 5/4
1869 MARTINIQUE Snowden Charles Peck 3-8st 10lbs Sir R Bulkeley 4/6 fav
1870 SUNSHINE Grimshaw J C Waugh 3-8st 10lbs Mr James Merry 1/2 fav
1871 CORISANDE Maidment Joseph Hayhoe 3-8st 10lbs Baron Rothschild 4/6 fav
1872 HIGHLAND LASSIE Tom Chaloner Alec Taylor 3-8st 10lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 5/1
1873 MARIE STUART Cannon Robert Peck 3-9st 3lbs Mr James Merry 1/3 fav
1874 APOLOGY John Osborne Osborne 3-9st 6lbs Mr Launde 10/11 fav
1875 MAUD VICTORIA Constable Tom Leader 3-8st 3lbs Mr W S Cartwright 9/4
1876 FOOTSTEP Custance Wadlow 3-8st 10lbs Lord Wilton 9/4 jt fav
1877 BELPHOEBE Jem Goater George Bloss 3-9st 3lbs Lord Hartington 5/4 fav
1878 REDWING Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 3-8st 10lbs Lord Falmouth 8/1
1879 KING TOM filly Lemaire Jimmy Ryan 3-8st 3lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 100/8
1880 L'ECLAIR Luke John Dawson 3-8st 3lbs Prince Batthyany 10/1
1881 MAZURKA Cannon Gilbert 3-8st 10lbs Mr H Savile 8/1
1882 ROZELLE Lemaire John Ryan 3-8st 3lbs Mr J H Houldsworth 20/1
1883 LOVELY Cannon C Arnull 3-8st 10lbs Sir F Johnstone 7/4 fav
1884 SANDIWAY Fred Archer John Porter 3-8st 10lbs Duke of Westminster 100/30
1885 ST HELENA John Watts Enoch 3-8st 10lbs Lord Zetland 4/1
1886 ARGO NAVIS Charles Wood Charles Arnull 3-8st 3lbs Prince Soltykoff 4/7 fav
1887 HELOISE G Barrett Alec Taylor 3-8st 3lbs Mr Manton 4/1
1888 SEABREEZE Robinson James Jewitt 3-9st 3lbs Lord Calthorpe 4/7 fav
1889 SECLUSION Tommy Loates Golding 3-8st 10lbs Mr Manton 5/4 fav
1890 HERESY Robinson James Jewitt 3-8st 10lbs Lord Calthorpe 11/2
1891 CEREZA John Watts Richard Marsh 3-8st 10lbs Mr Brodrick-Cloete 8/1
1892 LADY HERMIT Morny Cannon Sherwood snr 3-8st 10lbs Colonel North 2/1 fav
1893 SILENE Morny Cannon Jimmy Ryan 3-8st 10lbs Mr Douglas Baird 100/30 fav
1894 THROSTLE Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 4lbs Sir F Johnstone 10/1
1895 BUTTERFLY Bradford Tom Jennings jnr 3-8st 3lbs Mr L Brassey 100/12
1896 HELM Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 10lbs Duke of Westminster 11/2
1897 GOLETTA Kempton Cannon Alfred Hayhoe 3-8st 10lbs Leopold De Rothschild 100/12
1898 LOWOOD Morny Cannon John Porter 3-8st 4lbs Duke of Westminster 7/4 fav
1899 FASCINATION Otto Madden Richard Marsh 3-8st 10lbs Mr Arthur James 4/1
1900 WINIFREDA T Weldon Enoch 3-9st 3lbs Mr L Brassey 5/1
1900 SAINTE NITOUCHE Fred Rickaby Jimmy Ryan 3-8st 3lbs Mr Douglas Baird 5/1
1901 BELLA GALLINA W Lane W Robinson 3-8st 3lbs Mr Reid Walker 10/1
1902 DOCTRINE W Halsey Fred Day 3-8st 10lbs Sir Ernest Cassel 100/7
1903 FORIOLE Danny Maher Blackwell 3-8st 3lbs Lord Rosebery 100/7
1904 PRETTY POLLY W Lane Peter P Gilpin 3-9st 0lbs Major Eustace Loder 1/5 fav
1905 COMMUNE F Hardy Goodwin 3-8st 3lbs Duke of Devonshire 20/1
1906 KEYSTONE II Danny Maher George Lambton 3-9st 2lbs Lord Derby 8/13 fav
1907 FRUGALITY Herbert Jones W Waugh 3-8st 4lbs Lord Falmouth 7/4 jt fav
1908 LESBIA Danny Maher Blackwell 3-8st 10lbs Sir Daniel Cooper 7/4 fav
1909 PRINCESSE DE GALLES Herbert Jones R Marsh 3-8st 10lbs HM The King 100/30
1910 WINKIPOP Herbert Jones W Waugh 3-9st 3lbs Mr W Astor 11/2
1911 KNOCKFEERNA Wal Griggs Peter P Gilpin 3-8st 10lbs Major Eustace Loder 4/1
1912 POLKERRIS F Wootton Charles Peck 3-8st 6lbs Mr Solly Joel 8/11 fav
1913 PRUE Danny Maher Percy Peck 3-8st 10lbs Lord Rosebery 5/2
1914 WASSILISSA Steve Donoghue R Dawson3-8st 10lbs Lord Carnarvon 7/2
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 FLYING SPEAR Joe Childs Alec Taylor 3-8st 10lbs Mr Washington Singer 4/1
1920 CINNA Will Griggs T Waugh Mr R Jardine 2/1 fav
1921 DONNA BRANCA F Bullock Basil Jarvis Mr Courtauld 2/1
1922 POGROM Brownie Carslake Alec Taylor Lord Astor 2/1 fav
1923 PAOLA V Smyth R Dawson HH Aga Khan 7/2
1924 STRAITLACE C Elliott D Waugh Sir E Hulton 3/1
1925 SAUCY SUE F Bullock Alec Taylor Lord Astor 1/10 fav
1926 MOTI MAHAL C Smirke R Dawson HH Aga Khan 8/1
1927 BOOK LAW Henri Jelliss Alec Taylor Lord Astor 4/9 fav
1928 TOBOGGAN T Weston Frank Butters Lord Derby 11/10 fav
1929 DAUMONT F Fox F Darling Lord Lonsdale 100/8
1930 QURRAT-AL-AIN M Beary R Dawson HH Aga Khan 6/1
1931 SUNNY DEVON R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 3/1
1932 UDAIPUR M Beary Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 6/1
1933 BETTY R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 10/11 fav
1934 FOXCROFT J Childs Boyd-Rochfort Mr M Field 5/1
1935 ANKARET F Fox F S Butters Mrs G B Miller 5/1
1936 TRAFFIC LIGHT R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 5/1 jt fav
1937 GAINSBOROUGH LASS E Smith Jack Jarvis Sir Jack Jarvis 4/1
1938 SOLAR POWER G Richards Frank Butters Sir Alfred Butt 100/9
1939 OLEIN T Lowrey B Jarvis Lord Glanely 6/1
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 NEOLIGHT G Richards F Darling Mr J A Dewar 15/8
1947 SAUCY SAL W Johnstone Blagrave Mr H Blagrave 20/1
1948 FORTUITY E Britt Marsh Mr J Musker 20/1
1949 AVILA M Beary Boyd-Rochfort HM The King 11/2
1950 TAMBARA C Smirke M Marsh HH Aga Khan 6/5 fav
1951 BELLE OF ALL G Richards N Bertie Mr H S Tufton 15/8 fav
1952 ZABARA K Gethin V Smyth Sir M McAlpine 6/5 fav
1953 HAPPY LAUGHTER W Rickaby J Jarvis Mr H Willis 7/4 fav
1954 FESTOON J Mercer Cannon Mr J A Dewar 11/8 fav
1955 MELD W Carr Boyd-Rochfort Lady Zia Wernher 4/9 fav
1956 MIDGET II W Johnstone Alec Head Mr M P Wertheimer 5/6 fav
1957 TORO J Massard Alec Head HH Aga Khan 3/1 fav
1958 ST LUCIA G Lewis Hastings-Bass Lord Sefton 100/8
1959 ROSALBA J Mercer R J Colling Mr J Astor 11/8 fav
1960 BARBARESQUE G Moore Clout Mr W Guest 9/2
1961 AIMING HIGH L Piggott N Murless HM The Queen 100/8
1962 DISPLAY G Bourgoure P Prendergast Beatrice, Lady Grannard 3/1
1963 FIJI G Starkey J Oxley Lady Halifax 7/2
1964 OCEAN G Starkey Oxley Mr R Hollingsworth 7/1
1965 GREENGAGE Breasley G Richards Mr R Watson 5/4 fav
1966 HAYMAKING Joe Mercer Houghton Mr C Nicholson 100/7
1967 FLEET G Moore Murless Mr R Boucher 15/8
1968 SOVEREIGN R Hutchinson H Wragg Mr R Moller 3/1
1969 LUCYROWE D Keith P Walwyn Mr Louis Freedman 15/8 fav
1970 HUMBLE DUTY D Keith P Walwyn Jean, Lady Ashcombe 1/6 fav
1971 MAGIC FLUTE G Lewis Murless Lord Howard De Walden 85/40
1972 CALVE L Piggott P Prendergast Lord Granard 12/1
1973 JACINTH Jon Gorton Bruce Hobbs Lady Butt 15/8 fav
1974 LISADELL L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr J Mulcahy 7/2
1975 ROUSSALKA L Piggott H Cecil Mr H Phillips 9/1
1976 KESAR QUEEN Y Saint-Martin Breasley Mr R Tikkoo 7/2
1977 ORCHESTRATION P Eddery A Maxwell (Ire) Major V McCalmont 12/1
1978 SUTTON PLACE W Swinburn D Weld Mrs T Donahue 14/1
1979 ONE IN A MILLION J Mercer H Cecil Helena Springfield Ltd 10/11 fav
1980 CAIRN ROUGE A Murray Cunningham Mr D Brady 6/5 fav
1981 TOLMI E Hide B Hobbs Mr G Cambanis 4/1
1982 CHALON L Piggott H Cecil Mr M Riorden 9/4 jt fav
1983 FLAME OF TARA D Gillespie Jim Bolger Miss P O'Kelly 11/2
1984 KATIES P Robinson M Ryan Mr Terry Ramsden 11/2
1985 AL BAHATHRI A Murray H Thomson-Jones Hamdan Al-Maktoum 4/6 fav
1986 SONIC LADY W R Swinburn M Stoute Sheikh Mohammed 8/15 fav
1987 MILLIGRAM W R Swinburn M Stoute Helena Springfield 4/5 fav
1988 MAGIC OF LIFE Pat Eddery Jeremy Tree Mr S S Niarchos 16/1
1989 GOLDEN OPINION Cash Asmussen Andre Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 7/2 fav
1990 CHIMES OF FREEDOM Steve Cauthen Sir Henry Cecil Mr S S Niarchos 11/2
1991 KOOYONGA W J O'Connor Michael Kauntze Mr M Haga 3/1
1992 MARLING Walter Swinburn Geoff Wragg Sir Edmund Loder 8/11 fav
1993 GOLD SPLASH Gerald Mosse Mme C-Head Mr J Wertheimer 100/30
1994 KISSING COUSIN Mick Kinane Sir Henry Cecil Sheikh Mohammed 13/2
1995 RIDGEWOOD PEARL Johnny Murtagh John Oxx Mrs Anne Coughlan 9/2
1996 SHAKE THE YOKE Olivier Peslier E Lellouche Mr Serge Brunswick Evens fav
1997 REBECCA SHARP Michael Hills Geoff Wragg A E Oppenheimer 25/1
1998 EXCLUSIVE Walter Swinburn Sir Michael Stoute Cheveley Park Stud 5/1
1999 BALISADA Michael Roberts Geoff Wragg A E Oppenheimer 16/1
2000 CRIMPLENE Philip Robinson Clive Brittain Sheikh Marwan Al Maktoum 4/1 jt fav
2001 BANKS HILL Olivier Peslier Andre Fabre Khaled Abdulla 4/1 jt fav
2002 SOPHISTICAT Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier/Michael Tabor 11/2
2003 RUSSIAN RHYTHM Kieren Fallon Sir Michael Stoute Cheveley Park Stud 4/7 fav
2004 ATTRACTION Kevin Darley Mark Johnston Duke of Roxburghe 6/4 fav
2005 MAIDS CAUSEWAY Michael Hills Barry Hills Martin Schwartz Racing 9/2
2006 NANNINA Jimmy Fortune John Gosden Cheveley Park Stud 6/1 jt fav
2007 INDIAN INK Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Mr Raymond Tooth 8/1
2008 LUSH LASHES Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Mrs J Bolger/J Concoran 5/1
2009 GHANAATI Richard Hills Barry Hills Hamdan Al Maktoum 2/1 fav
2010 LILLIE LANGTRY Johnny Murtagh Aidan O'Brien Smith/Magnier/Tabor 7/2 fav
2011 IMMORTAL VERSE Gearld Mosse Robert Collet Mr R C Strauss 8/1
2012 FALLEN FOR YOU William Buick John Gosden Normandie Stud Ltd 12/1
2013 SKY LANTERN Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Mr B Keswick 9/2 jt fav
2014 RIZEENA Ryan Moore Clive Brittain Sheikh Rashid Dolmook 11/2
2015 ERVEDYA Christophe Soumillon J-C Rouget HH Aga Khan 3/1
2016 QEMAH Gregory Benoist J-C Rouget Al Shaqab Racing 6/1
2017 WINTER Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith/Tabor/Magnier 4/9 fav
2018 ALPHA CENTAURI Colm O'Donoghue Mrs John Harrington Niarchos Family 11/4 fav
2019 WATCH ME Pierre-Charles Boudot M F Graffard Alexander Tamogni 20/1
2020 ALPINE STAR Frankie Dettori Mrs John Harrington Niarchos Family 9/2
2021 ALCOHOL FREE Oisin Murphy Andrew Balding Jeff Smith 11/2
2022 INSPIRAL Frankie Dettori John & Thady Gosden Cheveley Park Stud 15/8 fav