Royal Ascot: Coventry Stakes

The event was established in 1890, and it was named after the 9th Earl of Coventry, George William Coventry, born 9th May 1838, a Conservative politician, Captain of the Gentlemen-at-Arms, and who Master of the Buckhounds from 1886-1892 and again from 1895 to 1901. The present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, and for a period the Coventry Stakes was classed at Group 3 level. It was promoted to Group 2 status in 2004. It is usually contested on the opening day of the Royal Ascot meeting.
Early history:-The Prince and Princess of Wales were in attendance on Tuesday 17th June 1890 for the inaugural running of the Coventry Stakes worth £1,823 to the winner. Excessive rain fell until noon, but it was fine when the 19 runners lined up for the Coventry Stakes over 6 furlongs. After repeated attempts the flag fell to a level start and, although the field was large, the race developed into a match between Siphonia (100/15) and The Deemster (9/4 fav) owned by Mr J B Leigh, with the favourite, ridden by Robinson, getting his head in front on the line to win by a head, with Grace Emily (20/1) three lengths back in third.

Over the entire history of the race 47% of favourites have been successful. (4th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 14.7% profit. (Best of all 32 Royal Ascot races)

Coventry Stakes Group 2 6 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1890 THE DEEMSTER Robinson James Jewitt Mr J B Leigh 9/4 fav
1891 DUNURE Tom Cannon Jimmy Ryan Mr J H Houldsworth 8/1
1892 MILFORD John Watts Joe Cannon Mr Jersey 4/7 fav
1893 LADAS A White Mathew Dawson Lord Rosebery 6/4 fav
1894 WHISTON S Chandley James Waugh Mr Dobell 100/6
1895 PERSIMMON John Watts Richard Marsh HRH Prince of Wales 2/1 fav
1896 GOLETTA Tommy Loates Alfred Hayhoe Leopold De Rothschild 11/4
1897 ORZIL Bradford Tom Jenning jnr Mr L Brassey 9/2
1898 DESMOND Tommy Loates Sherwood snr Lord Dunraven 4/1
1899 DEMOCRAT Tod Sloan Huggins Lord W Beresford 5/1
1900 GOOD MORNING Lester Reiff Sam Darling 2-9st 0lbs Captain Greer 9/4
1901 STERLING BALM Otto Madden J Watts 2-8st 11lbs Major Joicey 2/1 fav
1902 ROCK SAND Danny Maher Blackwell 2-9st 0lbs Sir J Miller 6/4 fav
1903 ST AMANT Kempton Cannon A Hayhoe 2-9st 0lbs Leopold De Rothschild 5/1
1904 CICERO Danny Maher Percy Peck 2-9st 0lbs Lord Rosebery 6/4 fav
1905 BLACK ARROW Herbert Jones W Robinson 2-9st 0lbs Mr W Hall Walker 2/9 fav
1906 TRAQUAIR Danny Maher Percy Peck 2-9st 0lbs Lord Rosebery 4/7 fav
1907 PROSPECTOR H Stokes Sir C Nugent 2-9st 0lbs Mr D Bowering 7/2
1908 LOUVIERS G Stern D Waugh 2-9st 0lbs Mr W Raphael 4/1
1909 GALLINULE colt Bernard Dillon Peter P Gilpin 2-9st 0lbs Major Eustace Loder 20/1
1910 RADIANCY Wal Griggs C Morton 2-8st 11lbs Mr J B Joel 100/7
1911 LADY AMERICUS Steve Donoghue Atty Persse 2-8st 11lbs Mr A Ledlie 3/1 fav
1912 SHOGUN F Wootton R Wootton 2-9st 0lbs Mr Hulton 4/9 fav
1913 THE TETRARCH Steve Donoghue Atty Persse 2-9st 0lbs Mr D McCalmont 30/100 fav
1914 LADY JOSEPHINE Steve Donoghue Fallon 2-8st 11lbs Mr W Savill 5/4 fav
1915 MARCUS Herbert Jones J Dawson 2-9st 0lbs Mr J Barrow 6/1
1916 DIADEM J H Martin George Lambton 2-8st 11lbs Lord Abernan 10/1
1917 BENEVENTE J H Martin Captain Dewhurst Lord Londonderry 2/1 fav
1918 BRUFF BRIDGE J Evans Captain Dewhurst 2-9st 3lbs Sir G Noble 9/1
1919 SARCHEDON J H Martin Peter P Gilpin 2-9st 0lbs Mr J Buchanan 8/15 fav
1920 MILESIUS Brownie Carslake Cottrill Mr Kennedy 5/2 fav
1921 PONDOLAND J Shatwell De Mestre Mr Solly Joel 5/4 fav
1922 DRAKE A Whalley Cottrill Mrs S Whitburn 10/1
1923 COLORADO Tommy Weston Lambton Lord Derby 5/1 jt fav
1924 ICEBERG F Lane Moreton Mr F Gretton 9/2
1925 COLORADO Tommy Weston Lambton Lord Derby 5/1 jt fav
1926 KNIGHT OF THE GRAIL B Carslake Farquharson Sir D Broughton 10/1
1927 FAIRWAY T Weston Frank Butters Lord Derby 7/1
1928 REFLECTOR R Perryman Watson Mr Anthony De Rothschild 100/7
1929 DIOLITE C Ray Templeman Sir H Hirst 7/1
1930 LEMNARCHUS F Fox F Darling Lord Ellesmere 9/2
1931 COCKPEN F Fox F Darling Lord Woolavington 13/8 fav
1932 MANITOBA G Richards F Darling Lord Woolavington 13/8 fav
1933 MEDIEVAL KNIGHT G Richards F Darling Mr J A Dewar 8/13 fav
1934 HAIRAN G Richards Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 4/9 fav
1935 BLACK SPECK T Burns Cottrill Mr J V Rank 7/1
1936 EARLY SCHOOL R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 11/4
1937 MIRZA II C Smirke Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 4/11 fav
1938 PANORAMA P Beasley Boyd-Rochfort Mrs J Corrigan 2/9 fav
1939 TURKHAN C Smirke Frank Butters The Aly Khan 100/8
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 BIG GAME Harry Wragg Fred Darling HM The King 2/9 fav
1942 NASRULLAH Gordon Richards Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 7/4 fav
1943 ORESTES T H Carey Walter Nightingall Miss Dorothy Paget 13/8
1944 DANTE W Nevett M Peacock Sir Eric Ohlson 11/8 jt fav
1945 KHALED G Richards Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 9/1
1946 TUDOR MINSTREL G Richards F Darling Mr J A Dewar 2/13 fav
1947 THE COBBLER G Richards F Darling Lt-Col Giles Loder 4/5 fav
1948 ROYAL FOREST Cliff Richards N Murless Major R Macdonald-Buchanan 5/1
1949 PALESTINE G Richards F Butters HH Aga Khan 1/2 fav
1950 BIG DIPPER W Carr Boyd-Rochfort Mrs J F C Bryce 2/1
1951 KING'S BENCH G Richards M Feakes Mr A J Tompsett 4/6 fav
1952 WHISTLER E Britt P Nelson Gaekwar of Baroda 2/5 fav
1953 THE PIE KING T Gosling Ireland Mr Ray Bell 11/2
1954 NOBLE CHIEFTAIN F Barlow Cottrill Major L B Holliday 11/8 fav
1955 RATIFICATION W H Carr V Smyth Sir M McAlpine 100/30
1956 MESSMATE E Mercer J Jarvis Lord Milford 20/1
1957 AMERIGO E Smith J A Waugh Lord Howard De Walden 7/4 fav
1958 HIEROGLYPH W Carr Boyd-Rochfort Mrs J Hanes 10/1
1959 MARTIAL W Swinburn P Prendergast Mr R Webster 11/10 fav
1960 TYPHOON Ron Hutchinson P Prendergast Mr N McCarthy Evens fav
1961 XERXES D Smith G Brooke Mrs D McCalmont 9/2
1962 CROCKET Doug Smith G Brooke Mr D Van Clief 9/4 fav
1963 SHOWDOWN D Smith F Winter Mr D Prenn 6/1
1964 SILLY SEASON Geoff Lewis Ian Balding Mr Paul Mellon 13/2
1965 YOUNG EMPEROR L Piggott P Prendergast Mrs P Poe 9/4 fav
1966 BOLD LAD Lake P Prendergast Beatrice, Lady Granard 4/6 fav
1967 MARK ROYAL Breasley Norris Mr B S Bodner 13/2
1968 MURRAYFIELD G Lewis I Balding Mrs P Hastings 15/2
1969 PRINCE TENDERFOOT W Williamson P Prendergast Mrs Parker Poe 15/8 fav
1970 MILL REEF G Lewis I Balding Mr Paul Mellon 4/11 fav
1971 SUN PRINCE J Mercer W Hern Mr Michael Sobell 20/1
1972 PERDU J Lindley T Corbett Mr A Holland 16/1
1973 DOLESWOOD F Durr Reg Akehurst Mr F Tory 20/1
1974 WHIP IT QUICK G Lewis W Marshall Mr G Van Der Ploeg 11/1
1975 GALWAY BAY L Piggott I Balding Mr J Mullion 2/1 fav
1976 CAWSTON'S CLOWN M L Thomas Adam Mr J Murrell 11/2
1977 SOLINUS L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr D Schwartz 7/4 fav
1978 LAKE CITY B Taylor H Ryan Price Mr H Demetriou 7/1
1979 VARINGO B Taylor H R Price PTP Plant Hire Ltd 11/8 fav
1980 RECITATION G Starkey G Harwood Mr A Bodie 11/1
1981 RED SUNSET G Starkey G Harwood Mr P Burns 14/1
1982 HORAGE P Eddery Mick McCormack Mr A Rachid 85/40
1983 CHIEF SINGER R Cochrane R Sheather Mr Jeff Smith 20/1
1984 PRIMO DOMINIE J Reid B Swift Mr P Wetzel 4/7 fav
1985 SURE BLADE B Thomson B Hills Sheikh Mohammed 3/1 fav
1986 CUTTING BLADE C Asmussen Lester Piggott Mr M Fustok 11/1
1987 ALWAYS FAIR W Swinburn M Stoute Maktoum Al Maktoum 9/2
1988 HIGH ESTATE Steve Cauthen Sir Henry Cecil H J Joel 10/11 fav
1989 ROCK CITY Willie Carson Richard Hannon A F Budge Equine 9/1
1990 MAC'S IMP Alan Munro Bill O'Gorman Tamdown Ltd 2/1 fav
1991 DILUM Alan Munro Paul Cole Prince Fahd Salman 11/10 fav
1992 PETARDIA Walter Swinburn Geoff Wragg Mollers Racing 5/1 co fav
1993 STONEHATCH John Reid Peter Chapple-Hyam Robert Sangster Evens Fav
1994 SRI PEKAN T Quinn Paul Cole Sultan Ahmad Shah 6/1
1995 ROYAL APPLAUSE Walter Swinburn Barry Hills Maktoum Al Maktoum 13/2
1996 VERGLAS Willie Supple Kevin Prendergast Mrs A J F O-Reilly 9/1
1997 HARBOUR MASTER Christy Roche Aidan O'Brien Mrs John Magnier 16/1
1998 RED SEA T Quinn Paul Cole Prince Fahd Salman 6/1
1999 FASLIYEV Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor 15/8 fav
2000 CD EUROPE Steve Drowne Mick Channon Circular Distributors 8/1
2001 LANDSEER Jamie Spencer Aidan O'Brien Mrs John Magnier, M Tabor 20/1
2002 STATUE OF LIBERTY Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien Mrs J Magnier, M Tabor 5/2 fav
2003 THREE VALLEYS Richard Hughes Roger Charlton Khaled Abdulla 7/1
2004 ICEMAN Kieren Fallon John Gosden Cheveley Parl Stud 5/1 jt fav
2005 RED CLUBS Michael Hills Barry Hills Hon R J Arculli 11/2
2006 HELLVELYN Ted Durcan Bryan Smart Sheikh Rashin Bin Mohammed 4/1 jt fav
2007 HENRYTHENAVIGATOR Mick Kinane Aidan O'Brien Mrs John Magnier 11/4 fav
2008 ART CONNISSEUR Jamie Spencer Michael Bell R A Green 8/1
2009 CANFORD CLIFFS Richard Hughes Richard Hannon The Heffer Syndicate 7/4 fav
2010 STRONG SUIT Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Mrs J Wood 15/8 fav
2011 POWER Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith, Tabor, Magnier 4/1 fav
2012 DAWN APPROACH Kevin Manning Jim Bolger Mrs J Bolger/ J P Spain 7/2
2013 WAR COMMAND Seamie Heffernan Aidan O'Brien Allen,Magnier,Tabor,Smith 20/1
2014 THE WAR SIGNAL Frankie Dettori John Quinn Al Shaqab Racing 5/1 jt fav
2015 BURATINO William Buick Mark Johnston Godolphin 6/1
2016 CARAVAGGIO Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith,Tabor,Magnier 13/8 fav
2017 RAJASINGHE Stevie Donohoe Richard Spencer Rebel Racing 11/1
2018 CALYX Frankie Dettori John Gosden Khaled Abdulla 2/1 fav
2019 ARIZONA Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Smith,Magnier,Tabor 15/8 fav
2020 NANDO PARRADAO Adam Kirby Clive Cox Mrs Marie McCartan 150/1
2021 BERKSHIRE SHADOW Oisin Murphy Andrew Balding Berkshire Parts & Panels 11/1
2022 BRADSELL Hollie Doyle Archie Watson Victorious Racing Ltd 8/1