This was run on Thursday 19th May 1825 and the winner was bred by the 5th Earl of Jersey and trained by James Edwards. There were 18 runners from an initial entry of 58, the winner winning by 2 lengths to claim a first prize of £1,995, (The equivalent of £177,240 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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The Ante-Post market shown below does not even mention Middleton as a potential runner, but this is not surprising since the horse had never run in public before and won the Derby in his one and only race. Despite this he started 7/4 favourite for the race and, in truth, probably had only one serious opponent. Furthermore, it was thought that he had been 'got at' when the boy attending to him allowed the horse to drink copious amounts of water. In the race itself the two principals raced cleared and it was only in the final 50 yards that Jem Robinson urged Middleton on to claim a 2 length victory.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 MIDDLETON Jem Robinson 5th Earl of Jersey
2 RUFUS William Arnull 4th Duke of Grafton
3 HOGARTH Sam Chifney Jnr. Mr Batson
Also COLT BY MULEY William Wheatley** Mr Udney
Also MULETEER Frank Buckle** Mr Roger
Also TAMAR Conolly** Mr Smith
Also DAUNTLESS Frank Buckle jnr** Mr Benson
Also WHIPCORD H Miller** Mr Scaith
Also HOUGOUMONT John Day** Mr Shard
Also COLT BY GRANICUS R Boyce** Mr Wyndham
Also OBERON Snowy** Mr Heathcote
Also FLOUNDER T Robinson** Mr Roger
Also FROGMORE T Goodisson** HRH Duke of York
Also ACTAEON J Garbutt** Mr Milnes
Also COMRADE ---- Mr Benson
Also CAIN Spring** Mr Yates
Also FLEANCE H Roberts** Lord Orford


---- Captain Bevan
7/4 Middleton    
11/5 Rufus    
10/1 Hogarth    
10/1 Hougoumont    
10/1 Muleteer    
18/1 Dauntless    
**NOTE that only the jockeys of the first three were recorded in the Racing Calendar. However, each of the other jockeys have been listed as 'best guesses' given that they regularly rode for the owner that season and rode the Derby horse in their previous races.
  20th January 1825 21st February 1825 21st March 1825 25th April 1825
RUFUS 9/1 9/1 8/1 6/4
MULETEER 8/1 9/1 7/1 4/1
HOUGOUMONT 25/1 20/1 16/1 7/1
WEB 18/1 16/1 12/1 14/1
CAIN   40/1 45/1 17/1
DAUNTLESS     13/1 18/1
BOLERO 16/1 11/1 15/1 25/1
HOGARTH       25/1
COLT BY MULEY     40/1 25/1
GOHANNA (Forth's) 30/1 30/1 35/1 30/1
VESTA 30/1     35/1
MERRYMAID     40/1 35/1
PARISOT 17/1 14/1 14/1  
MACDUFF DAM 35/1 28/1 23/1  
SPERMACETI 25/1 30/1 28/1  
OBERON   25/1 35/1  
ADVANCE 20/1 25/1 35/1  
ACTAEON 30/1 35/1 40/1  
NIGEL 30/1   40/1  
MITTIMUS   35/1 45/1  
HARRIET'S DAM 40/1   45/1  
SPINNING JENNY 35/1 40/1 45/1  
DEFIANCE 25/1 17/1    
COLT BY DITTO   35/1    
CANVAS 23/1      
ALADDIN'S DAM 35/1      
TRICTRAC 40/1      
WILDWOOD 45/1      
SPINAWAY 50/1      
I am extremely grateful to David Rice for the scan of the very rare Oaks Racecard from 1825. This forms part of his impressive collection of Horse racing memorabilia. He notes that the card contains a few inaccuracies and doesn't list the The Brownie as a participant. It also says that the winner Wings is out of Gleander instead of Oleander. It mentions THE WOODCOT PARK STAKES instead of what should be the WOOD PARK STAKES according to the Racing Calendar. There are other minor discrepancies too on the racecard when compared to the Racing Calendar. What is particularly interesting is the date of the racecard, for it was previously believed that the first Dorling's card was not issued until 1827.