This was run on Thursday 31st May 1827 and the winner was bred by Mr Robert Cary Elwes at Billing Lings, Northamptonshire, and trained by James Edwards. There were 23 runners from an initial entry of 89. The winner won by 2 lengths for a first prize of £2,800, (The equivalent of £281,300 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


In relative terms this was the richest Derby to date and, except for the next 2 years, was to be the start of a steady increase in the value and prestige of the race


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 MAMELUKE Jem Robinson 5th Earl of Jersey
2 GLENARTNEY H.Edwards 5th Earl of Jersey
3 EDMUND William Scott Mr Yates
Also RAPID RHONE William Arnull Lord G.H.Cavendish
Also TAMWORTH Spring Mr Yates
Also GABERLUNZIE Sam Dockeray Lord Egremont
Also PONTIFF F.Boyce Mr Haffenden
Also BACHELOR Morgan Mr Payne
Also GAMELIUS S.Day Mr Gauntlett
Also GRAMPUS Frank Buckle Jnr. Lord Egremont
Also RODERICK John Day 4th Duke of Grafton
Also INTRUDER Forth Mr Forth
Also DEFENCE William Wheatley Mr I.Sadler
Also TRUMPETER Tom Goodisson Mr Haffenden
Also SPONDEE Macdonald Mr Forth
Also RAYMOND Whitehouse Mr L.Charlton
Also FAIRLAWN Sam Darling Captain Locke
Also COLT BY RAINBOW P.Conolly Mr Payne
Also CONRAD Chapple Captain Standen
Also COLT BY CAPTAIN CANDID S.Barnard Lord Exeter
Also TURCOMAN R.Boyce Duke of Grafton
Also WINDERMERE Sam Chifney Mr R.Radclyffe


A.Farrell Mr Berkeley Bond
5/1 Glenartney    
6/1 Windermere    
7/1 Roderick    
7/1 Defence    
9/1 Mameluke    
10/1 Bar    
The print of Mameluke shown below was by R G Reeve after orignal artist J F Herring (1795-1865)