This was run on Thursday 4th June 1829 and the winner was bred by Mr G W K Gratwicke and trained by John Forth. There were 17 runners from 89 original subscribers. The winner won by a head and the first prize was £2,650, (The equivalent of £276,600 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator). Remarkably only 2 horses were placed.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 FREDERICK John Forth Mr G W K Gratwicke
2 THE EXQUISITE Frank Buckle Junior Mr Forth
Also OATLANDS Jem Robinson Mr Rush
Also PRINCE EUGENE P.Conolly Lord Sligo


William Arnull Lord G.H.Cavendish
Also MORRIS-DANCER H.Edwards Lord Sefton
Also PATRON L.Dockeray Lord Exeter
Also LAPWING William Wheatley Lord Egremont
Also ALINGTON Chapple Mr Hunter
Also COLT BY ORVILLE T.Goodisson Mr Payne
Also LEONARDO W.Scott Mr Allwood
Also MOHICAN S.Day Mr Greville
Also EBURY S.Chiffney Lord Grosvenor
Also CHIRON T.Lye Mr Stonehewer
Also LAZARUS A.Pavis Mr Young
Also AARON W.Macdonald Mr Begbie
Also CENTAUR A.Farrell Sir G.Heathcote
6/5 Patron
7/1 Oatlands
8/1 Ebury
12/1 Morris-Dancer
12/1 Spaniard
12/1 Lapwing
22/1 Colt by Orville
30/1 Prince Eugene
40/1 The Exquisite
40/1 Frederick