This was run on Thursday 7th June 1832 and 22 ran from an initial entry of 101. The winner won by a length and a half to claim a first prize of £3,075, (The equivalent of £327,300 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator). The winner was bred by Mr Robert Ridsdale and trained by Mr J Webb.


Once again the second horse received 100 sovereigns back from the stake and, for the second and final year, the winner had to meet 100 sovereigns of the police's expenses.

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ST GILES William Scott Mr Robert Ridsdale
2 PERION Frank Boyce Mr Vansittart
3 TRUSTEE G.Edwards Mr Ridsdale
Also MARGRAVE Sam Day Mr Gully
Also GRATIS J.Forth Mr Forth
Also DAMASCUS Wright Sir G.Heathcote
Also KATE A.Pavis Mr Mills
Also BEIRAM W.Arnull Lord Exeter
Also EMILIANA S.Chifney Jnr. Mr W.Chifney
Also MINSTER H.Edwards Lord Mountcharles
Also NON COMPOS P.Conolly Lord Chesterfield
Also LAZARONE J.Chapple Lord Lowther
Also CREEPER G.Calloway Mr West
Also SPENCER S.Darling Lord Exeter
Also BEDOUIN F.Buckle Lord Portarlington
Also REVEALER J.Jacques Mr Wheeler
Also THE GENERAL N.Flatman Lord Orford
Also ROUNCIVAL T.Robinson Mr Hunter
Also MIXBURY T.Lye Mr Batson
Also MESSENGER W.Wheatley Lord Lowther
Also HAYMAKER J.Robinson Lord Worcester


Carried 13 lb over Mr Garritt
3/1 St Giles
6/1 Perion
7/1 Margrave
15/2 Mixbury
12/1 Kate
20/1 Minster
20/1 Beiram
25/1 Trustee
25/1 Gratis
30/1 Non Compos
50/1 Damascus