This was run on Thursday 23rd May 1833 and there were 25 runners from an initial entry of 124. The winner won by a length to claim a first prize of £3,725, (The equivalent of £421,500 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator). The winner was bred and trained by Mr Isaac Sadler.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 DANGEROUS Jem Chapple Mr Isaac Sadler
2 CONNOISSEUR Sam Templeman Mr J.Scott
3 REVENGE T.Cowley Mr Rawlinson
Also CATALONIAN S.Mann Mr Sowerby
Also SIR ROBERT W.Arnull Lord Exeter
Also FORESTER Wright Mr Hunter
Also WHALE W.Scott Mr Greville
Also IMBAR Norman Mr Forth
Also DESPOT T.Lye Mr Houldsworth
Also TITIAN C.Edwards Mr Wood
Also ASTRACAN F.Buckle Jnr. Sir G.Heathcote
Also COLT BY CATTON N.Flatman Mr Cooper
Also THE BRAVO S.Day Mr Cosby
Also MOORHEN S.Chifney Jnr. Mr Chifney
Also PAGAN W.Macdonald Mr Goodwin
Also AEGYPTUS J.Day Duke of Grafton
Also CACTUS S.Darling Lord Exeter
Also SHYLOCK J.Robinson Duke of Rutland
Also GLENMORE G.Edwards Lord Jersey
Also GLAUCUS W.Wheatley Mr Ridsdale
Also COLT BR WRANGLER Spring Mr Payne
Also PRINCE LLEWELLYN H.Edwards Mr W.Chifney
Also LITTLE CASSINO P.Conolly Lord Verulam
Also ROBIN ROUGHHEAD W.Coleman Mr Champion


Wakefield Mr Bristow
3/1 Glaucus
7/1 Forester
7/1 Whale
9/1 Little Cassino
10/1 Sir Robert
12/1 Moorhen
15/1 Revenge
20/1 Colt by Catton
30/1 Dangerous
100/1 Connoisseur