This was run on Wednesday 28th May 1845 and the winner was bred by Mr G W K Gratwicke and trained by John Forth. There were 31 runners from an initial entry of 137. The winner won by a length with a length between second and third. The winner won £4,225, (The equivalent of £488,400 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE MERRY MONARCH Foster Bell Mr G W K Gratwicke
2 ANNANDALE J.Marson Mr A.Johnstone
3 OLD ENGLAND Sam Day Mr Gully
4 PANTASA Marlow Lord Mostyn
5 WOOD PIGEON Boyce Lord Exeter
6 DOLEFUL H.Bell Mr Gratwicke
7 KEDGER Simpson Colonel Anson
Also IDAS G.Edwards Lord Stradbroke
Also ADONIS Hornsby Mr Parry
Also WEATHERBIT J.Day Jnr. Mr Gully
Also PAM F.Butler Lord Chesterfield
Also FUZBOS Sly Mr Ford
Also JINGLEPOT Templeman Colonel Cradock
Also THE LAIRD O'COCKPEN Whitehouse Duke of Richmond
Also WORTHLESS J.Howlett Mr Wreford
Also MENTOR T.Lye Mr St.Paul
Also KING COB E.Edwards Colonel Peel
Also COLUMBUS Wakefield Mr Waller
Also JOHN DAVIS Crouch Mr Worley
Also SALOPIAN Denman Mr A.W.Hill
Also COLT BY BAY MIDDLETON Holmes Lord Glasgow
Also GWALIOR J.Chapple Sir G.Heathcote
Also DESPERATION Bartholomew Mr T.Theobald
Also HAWKESBURY W.Cotton Lord Verulam
Also CABIN BOY F.Buckle Mr Lingott
Also ALARM Nat Flatman Mr Greville
Also CLEAR-THE-WAY J.Robinson Mr Ferguson
Also YOUNG ECLIPSE W.Coleman Mr Coleman
Also THE BLACK PRINCE Copeland Mr Mytton
Also LITTLE JACK Balchin Mr Mack


G.Calloway Mr A.W.Hill
3/1 Idas
7/2 Weatherbit
6/1 The Libel
10/1 Alarm
15/1 The Merry Monarch/Doleful (coupled)
20/1 Pam
22/1 Fuzbos
22/1 Old England
25/1 Pantasa
25/1 Jinglepot
40/1 Mentor
40/1 The Laird O'Cockpen
50/1 Columbus
50/1 Annandale
66/1 Colt by Bay Middleton
66/1 Wood Pigeon
200/1 Clear-The-Way