This was run on Wednesday 23rd May 1849 and the winner was bred by Mr Henry Vansittart, owned by 13th Earl of Eglinton, trained by John Fobert at Spigot Lodge, Middleham and ridden by Charles Marlow. There were 26 runners from an initial entry of 237. The winner won by 1/2 length in 3 minutes, with 1/2 length between second and third. The first prize was £6,575, (The equivalent of £794,200 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator) making it the richest Derby ever contested at the time.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE FLYING DUTCHMAN Charles Marlow 13th Earl of Eglinton
2 HOTSPUR Whitehouse Mr Godwin
3 TADMOR Nat Flatman Colonel Peel
4 HONEYCOMB J.Robinson Lord Clifden
Also VANGUARD Bumby Sir C.Monck
Also THE KNOUT F.Butler Mr J.Bowes
Also GOODWOOD R.Sly Lord Bateman
Also THE OLD FOX Hornsby Jnr. Mr Farrance
Also THIBAULT H.Darling Sir C.Cockerell
Also ELTHIRON J.Prince Lord Eglinton
Also NUNNYKIRK J.Marson Mr A.Nichol
Also GLENALVON Bartholomew Lord Exeter
Also ROBERT DE BRUS H.Bell Mr Capmbell
Also URIEL J.Holmes Lord Stanley
Also HENRY OF EXETER W.Boyce Mr H.Hill
Also CHATTERER A.Day Mr Walls
Also WESTOW Wintringham Mr B.Green
Also VATICAN S.Rogers Sir J.Hawley
Also COMPANION R.Sherwood Sir G.Heathcote
Also THE CROWNER J.Sharp Mr Burgess
Also OLD DAN TUCKER S.Templeman Mr Pedley
Also MONTAGUE W.Abdale Mr Disney
Also LANDGRAVE Kitchener Mr Gratwicke
Also CHANTREY G.Simpson Mr Jacques
Also WOOLWICH W.Oates Mr F.Nicholl


Pearl Duke of Rutland
2/1 The Flying Dutchman
2/1 Tadmor
6/1 Nunnykirk
10/1 Chatterer
20/1 Vatican
25/1 Elthiron
25/1 Honeycomb
30/1 The Knout
30/1 Uriel
40/1 Old Dan Tucker
40/1 Robert de Brus
50/1 Hotspur
50/1 Montague