This was run on Wednesday 21st May 1851 and the winner was bred by Mr Jack Tomlinson and trained by Alec Taylor at Fyfield. There were 33 runners from an initial entry of 192. The winner won by 2 lengths in 2 mins 51 secs, with a length between second and third. The first prize was £5,325, (The equivalent of £706,700 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 TEDDINGTON Job Marson Sir Joseph Hawley
2 MALBOROUGH BUCK G.Whitehouse Mr J.Clarke
3 NEASHAM J.Holmes Mr Wilkinson
4 HERNANDEZ S.Mann Lord Enfield
Also LAMARTINE A.Day Mr J.Powney
Also THE PRIME MINISTER W.Sharpe Mr Halford
Also THE BAN Pearl Sir J.Hawley
Also HEART BREAKER F.Butler Lord Chesterfield
Also EPHESUS Wakefield Mr Waller
Also ARIOSTO Nat Flatman Mr Greville
Also THESEUS S.Rogers Mr Higgins
Also MOUNTAIN DEER Maton Mr George Osbaldeston
Also GLENHAWK Dockeray Mr E.R.Clark
Also MIDAS Norman Lord Exeter
Also ALOMPRA Simpson Mr Moore
Also NEWMINSTER R.Pettit Mr A.Nichols
Also AZETH Bumby Mr Wentworth
Also HUNGERFORD Fenn Mr Morris
Also GUY MANNERING Bartholomew Mr Delamere
Also COCK-CROW H.Robertson Sir T.Burke
Also COLT BY TEARAWAY J.Robinson Baron Rothschild
Also TELESCOPE H.Bell Mr Nevill
Also BONNY DUNDEE Cartwright Lord Eglinton
Also HIPPOLYTUS C.Marlow Lord Eglinton
Also CONSTELLATION Templeman Mr Meiklam
Also THE BLACK DOCTOR W.Abdale Mr Saxon
Also GHOLAH SINGH Wintringham Mr H.J.Thompson
Also SERUS H.Edwards Mr F.Garner
Also GOLIATH Osborne Jnr. Mr Worthington
Also LOUIS NAPOLEON J.Howlett Mr Merry
Also BUCKHOUND Kitchener Duke of Richmond
Also AEOLUS W.Boyce Sir R.Pigot


R.Sly Sir R.Pigot
3/1 Teddington
7/2 Marlborough Buck
7/1 Hernandez
7/1 The Prime Minister
15/1 Constellation
15/1 Theseus
15/1 Neasham
22/1 The Black Doctor
30/1 Lamartine
30/1 Hippolytus
40/1 Bonnie Dundee
50/1 Ariosto
1000/15 Guy Mannering
1000/15 Glenhawk
1000/15 Telescope
1000/15 Colt by Tearaway
100/1 Newminster
200/1 Cock-Crow