This was run on Wednesday 26th May 1852 and the winner was bred by Mr John Bowes and trained by John Scott at Malton. There were 27 runners from an initial entry of 181. The winner won by 1/2 a length in 3 mins 2 secs, with 1/2 a length between second and third. The first prize was £5,200, (The equivalent of £690,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 DANIEL O'ROURKE Frank Butler Mr John Bowes
2 BARBARIAN Hiett Mr Bradshaw
3 CHIEF BARON NICHOLSON Kitchener Mr Dorrien
4 HOBBIE NOBLE W.Sharple Mr Merry
Also AUGUR S.Rogers Lord Zetland
Also JOE MILLER Dockeray Mr Farrance
Also HOMEBREWED R.Sly Duke of Richmond
Also KING PEPIN Charlton General Anson
Also LITTLE HARRY A.Day Mr Arnold
Also KINGSTON G.Brown Lord Ribblesdale
Also NABOB R.Pettit Lord Ribblesdale
Also MISSIVE Wakefield Mr P.Booth
Also HARBINGER Nat Flatman Duke of Richmond
Also ALCORAN Bartholomew Lord Orford
Also CONVULSION Doyle Major Martyn
Also ALFRED THE GREAT Bumby Mr Duncombe
Also ORELIO Peral Mr J.M.Stanley
Also WORMESLEY Templeman Mr Meiklam
Also THE SURVEYOR J.Marson Mr G.Barton
Also STOCKWELL Norman Lord Exeter
Also AMBROSE W.Boyce Lord Exeter
Also ELCOT G.Whitehouse Mr J.Clark
Also MAIDSTONE J.Howlett Duke of Bedford
Also TREASURER Simpson Mr R.S.Walker
Also CLAVERHOUSE C.Marlow Lord Eglinton
Also VORTEX Maton Mr Davidson


Cartwright Mr Harrison
7/2 Little Harry
4/1 Hobbie Noble
11/1 Alcoran
11/1 Harbinger
12/1 Claverhouse
14/1 Kingston
16/1 Stockwell
20/1 Alfred The Great
20/1 Wormesley
25/1 King of Trumps
25/1 Joe Miller
25/1 Daniel O'Rourke
30/1 Augur
30/1 Orelio
40/1 Chief Baron Nicholson
50/1 Missive
100/1 Barbarian
200/1 Vortex
200/1 Treasurer
200/1 Maidstone
200/1 Elcot
200/1 Ambrose
200/1 The Surveyor
200/1 Convulsion
200/1 Nabob
200/1 King Pepin
200/1 Homebrewed
  Over-Round 116%