This was run on Wednesday 27th May 1857 and the winner was bred by Mr William L'Anson and him at Malton. There were 30 runners from an initial entry of 202. The winner won by a neck in 2 mins 45 secs, with a short head between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £5,700, (The equivalent of £612,800 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 BLINK BONNY Jack Charlton Mr William L'Anson
2 BLACK TOMMY Covey Mr Drinkald
3 ADAMAS Wells Mr Melish
4 STRATHNAVER Bumby Mr C.Harrison
5 ANTON A.Day Mr F.Robinson
6 ARSENAL J.Goater Mr Howard
7 WARDERMARSKE Aldcroft Admiral Harcourt
Also SKIRMISHER W.Abdale Lord Zetland
Also LADY HAWTHORN Ashmall Lord John Scott
Also OAKBALL T.Cliff Mr Wilkins
Also ZUYDER ZEE S.Oates Mr W.S.S.Crawford
Also M.D. Templeman Mr T.Parr
Also SAUNTERER J.Osborne Mr Jackson
Also TOURNAMENT G.Fordham Mr J.S.Douglas
Also SYDNEY D.Hughes Baron Rothschild
Also TURBIT Norman Lord Exeter
Also LAERTES J.Holmes Mr Ford
Also COLT BY SURPLICE Bray Lord Clifden
Also LOYOLA R.Sly Lord Clifden
Also NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS J.Quinton Mr Taylor
Also COMMOTION Kendall Mr Barber
Also LAMBOURN Sopp Mr E.Parr
Also SPECIAL LICENCE Chillman Mr J.Merry
Also ARKWORTH C.Hornsby Lord Anglesey
Also SPRIG OF SHILLELAGH Bates Mr Copperthwaite
Also GLEE SINGER W.Day Lord Ribblesdale
Also THE BIRD IN THE HAND Nat Flatman Mr Bowes
Also GABERLUNZIE G.Mann Sir J.Hawley


G.Quinton Mr S.Williams
4/1 Tournament
100/15 Skirmisher
7/1 M.D.
8/1 Saunterer
9/1 Arsenal
9/1 Anton
12/1 Adamas
20/1 Blink Bonny
25/1 Wardermarske
25/1 Strathnaver
25/1 Lady Hawthorn
25/1 Zuyder Zee
25/1 Sydney
30/1 Loyola
40/1 Colt by Surplice
40/1 Commotion
40/1 The Bird in the Hand
50/1 Oakball
1000/15 Sprig of Shillelagh
1000/15 Glee Singer
100/1 Lambourn
100/1 Chevalier d'Industrie
200/1 Black Tommy
300/1 Dusty Miller
300/1 Gaberlunzie
300/1 Ackworth
300/1 Special Licence
300/1 Newton-le-Willows
300/1 Laertes
300/1 Turbit
  Over-Round 131%