This was run on Wednesday 20th May 1863 and the winner was bred by the Marquess of Westminster and trained by Mr Godding at Newmarket. There were 30 runners from an initial entry of 255. The winner won by a head in 2 mins 50.5 secs, with 1/2 a length between second and third.



The winner won a £7,100, (The equivalent of £848,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 MACARONI Tom Challoner Mr Richard Naylor
2 LORD CLIFDEN George Fordham Lord St Vincent
3 RAPID RHONE Doyle Lord Glasgow
4 BLUE MANTLE Lynch Captain D.Lane
5 THE RANGER J.Goater Mr H.Savile
6 KING OF UTOPIA H.Grimshaw Mr Whitaker
Also COLT BY YOUNG MELBOURNE Withington Lord Glasgow
Also CLARIOR Aldcroft Lord Glasgow
Also EARLY PURL Ashmall Mr J.Bowes
Also AVONDALE J.Mann Mr H.J.Smith
Also SAFEGUARD H.Covey Mr Sale
Also AGGRESSOR Perry Mr Naylor
Also FANTASTIC Custance Mr G.Bryan
Also BALDWIN G.Gray Lord Palmerston
Also THE GHILLIE J.Adams Sir F.Johnstone
Also MICHAEL SCOTT W.Boyce Lord Durham
Also ONESANDER A.Edwards Lord Stamford
Also HOSPODAR A.Watkins Count F/ Lagrange
Also JARNICOTON Hunter Count F.Lagrange
Also GILES THE FIRST E.Sharp Count Henekel
Also TOM FOOL A.Cowley Mr E.Brayley
Also DONNYBROOK S.Rogers Mr J.Gilby
Also GOLDEN PLEDGE J.Osborne Mr Beaumont
Also SCAMANDER Drew Mr Cartwright
Also NATIONAL GUARD E.Harrison Mr Wall
Also TROJANUS Midgeley Mr Elphinstone
Also BRIGHT CLOUD Reeves Mr Capel
Left TAMBOUR MAJOR Wells Count Batthyany
Fell SACCHAROMETER D.Hughes Lord Strathmore


Daley Baron Rothschild

The extract below, shown courtesy of Nigel King, is by F E C Elwes in 1863. He was the youngest son of Robert Cary Elwes who bred the Derby winners Marmeluke (1827) and Cossack (1847).

4/1 Lord Clifden
9/1 Hospodar
9/1 The Ghillie
10/1 Saccharometer
10/1 Macaroni
13/1 King of the Vale
100/7 Fantastic
20/1 Scamander
20/1 National Guard
25/1 Tom Fool
40/1 Early Purl
50/1 Baldwin
50/1 Blue Mantle
50/1 King of Utopia
50/1 Avondale
50/1 Golden Pledge
50/1 Lord Glasgow's (combined)
100/1 Trojanus
100/1 Onesander
200/1 Tambour Major
200/1 Bright Cloud
200/1 Donnybrook
200/1 Jarnicoton
200/1 Giles The First
200/1 Michael Scott
200/1 Aggressor
200/1 Safeguard
200/1 The Ranger
  Over-Round 108%