This was run on Wednesday 25th May 1864 and the winner was bred and trained by William L'Anson at Malton. There were 30 runners from an initial entry of 234. The winner won by 2 lengths in 2 mins 43 secs, with 3 lengths between second and third. The winner won £6,450 (The equivalent of £779,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 BLAIR ATHOL Jim Snowden Mr William.L'Anson
2 GENERAL PEEL Aldcroft Lord Glasgow
4 KNIGHT OF SNOWDEN F.Adams Captain A.Cooper
5 CAMBUSCAN J.Mann Captain J.White
6 ELY Custance Mr Cartwright
7 BIRCH BROOM J.Goater Lord Westmorland
Also BARAGHA Ashmall Mr Bowes
Also HOLLYFOX T.French Lord Falmouth
Also STRAFFORD Doyle Lord Glasgow
Also MASTER RICHARD Deacon Mr John Day
Also WARRIOR J.Grimshaw Captain Christie
Also CATHEDRAL Whiteley Mr W.Hudson
Also SURAT Buck Mr Eastwood
Also PLANET Morgan Mr W.G.Craven
Also PARIS George Fordham Mr Ten Broeck
Also COPENHAGEN S.Rogers Mr H.Hill
Also ACKWORTH Rogers Mr H.Hill
Also OUTLAW A.Cowley Mr E.Brayley
Also SIGNALMAN S.Adams Lord Westmorland
Also THE MAJOR H.Grimshaw Mr W.Steward
Also WASHINGTON Wells Sir J.Hawley
Also APPENINE A.French Mr Naylor
Also COAST-GUARD Chaloner Mr Naylor
Also PRIVATEER E.Sharp Mr Savile
Also HISTORIAN Daley Sir F.Johnstone
Also PRINCE ARTHUR J.Osborne Mr Cathcart
Also DORMOUSE W.Boyce Mr A.H.Baily
Also VALIANT Perry Mr Hodgman


H.Sopp Mr J.Starky
9/2 General Peel
9/2 Scottish Chief
11/2 Birch Broom
6/1 Cambuscan
13/1 Paris
14/1 Blair Athol
16/1 Ely
20/1 Coast-Guard
25/1 Ackworth
28/1 Valiant
100/3 Baragah
40/1 Strafford
40/1 Historian
50/1 Hollyfox
100/1 Copenhagen
200/1 Washington
300/1 Izaak Walton
300/1 Dormouse
300/1 Prince Arthur
300/1 Privateer
300/1 Appenine
300/1 The Major
300/1 Signalman
300/1 Outlaw
300/1 Planet
300/1 Surat
300/1 Cathedral
300/1 Warrior
300/1 Master Richard
300/1 Knight of Snowdon
  Over-Round 117%