This was run on Wednesday 22nd May 1867 and the winner was bred by Mr William Blenkiron and trained by Mr Bloss at Newmarket. There were 29 runners from an initial entry of 256. The winner won by a neck in 2 mins 52 secs, with a good distance between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £7,000, (The equivalent of £745,100 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


(Note: The illustration below is shown courtesy of the London Illustrated News 1867)


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 HERMIT John Daley Mr Henry Chaplin
2 MARKSMAN Grimshaw Mr J.Merry
3 VAUBAN George Fordham Duke of Beaufort
Also MASTER BUTTERFLY Hardcastle Mr Eastwood
Also LORD HASTINGS Doyle Mr Eastwood
Also LEASES Jeffries Mr F.Elliot
Also MAN OF ROSS Loates Mr Bignell
Also COLT BY RATAPLAN T.French Mr Godding
Also BEN NEVIS Parry Mr G.Angell
Also TARABAN Carroll Mr J.Bowes
Also ROQUEFORT H.Covey Mr Savile
Also VAN AMBURGH Chaloner Mr Fleming
Also DRAGON Hibberd Count Lagrange
Also GRAND CROSS Norman Lord Exeter
Also THE CORPORAL Cameron Mr J.Johnstone
Also THE RAKE Custance Mr F.Pryor
Also JULIUS J.Mann Duke of Newcastle
Also FITZ-IVAN Payne Mr H.Temple
Also THE PALMER Wells Sir J.Hawley
Also UNCAS Salter Marquis of Hastings
Also GIPSY KING J.Snowden Mr A.Heathcote
Also SKYSAIL Huxtable Mr Gilby
Also WILD MOOR Clement Duke of Hamilton
Also OWAIN GLYNDWR J.Goater Sir R.Bulkeley
Also THE RESCUE J.Adams Lord Coventry
Also REDBOURNE Morris Mr Crawley
Also BEDLAMITE R.Viney Mr Wynn
Also DISTIN Cannon Lord Uxbridge


Edwards Mr Savile
6/4 Vauban
7/1 The Palmer
8/1 Van Amburgh
9/1 The Rake
10/1 Marksman
16/1 Julius
16/1 D'Estournel
30/1 Dragon
30/1 Grand Cross
50/1 Tynedale
1000/15 Hermit
1000/15 Master Butterfly
1000/15 Fitz-Ivan
100/1 Taraban
100/1 Gipsy King
100/1 Owain Glyndwr
1000/8 Leases
1000/8 The Corporal
1000/8 Wild Moor
1000/8 The Rescue
1000/6 Redbourne
200/1 Distin
200/1 Bedlamite
200/1 Uncas
200/1 Skysail
200/1 Roquefort    
200/1 Colt by Rataplan    
200/1 Ben Nevis    
200/1 Man of Ross    
  Over-Round 115%