This was run on Wednesday 1st June 1870 and the winner was bred by the 4th Viscount Falmouth and trained by Matthew Dawson at Newmarket. There were 15 runners from an initial entry of 252. The winner won by 4 lengths in 2 min 45 secs, with a neck between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £6,175, (The equivalent of £698,800 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator)y.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 KINGCRAFT Tom French 4th Viscount Falmouth
2 PALMERSTON T.Chaloner Mr W.S.Crawfurd
3 MUSTER Maidment Lord Wilton
4 MACGREGOR G.Fordham Mr J.Merry
5 PRINCE OF WALES Cannon Mr J.B.Morris
Also KING 'O SCOTS J.Covey Mr J.Dawson
Also CAMEL Custance Mr J.Dawson
Also BONNY SWELL Jeffery Captain Machell
Also BAY ROLAND E.Martin Sir R.Pigot
Also NORMANBY Grimshaw Lord Stamford
Also CYMBAL Lynch Mr J.J.Ellis
Also NOBLEMAN Morris Mr Bowes
Also SARSFIELD Murphy Mr F.Murphy
Also THE COCKNEY BOY Robertson Mr W.Roger


J.Adams Mr Cartwright
4/9 Macgregor
100/9 Camel
100/7 Prince of Wales
100/6 Palmerston
20/1 Kingcraft
30/1 King O' Scots
33/1 Cymbal
33/1 Normanby
50/1 Bonny Swell
100/1 Ely Appleton
100/1 Nobleman
100/1 Muster
200/1 The Cockney Boy
200/1 Sarsfield
200/1 Bay Roland
  Over-Round 110%
Shown below is a rare racecard from the 1870 Derby