This was run on Wednesday 26th May 1880 and the winner was bred by the 1st Duke of Westminster and trained by Robert Peck at Russley. There were 19 runners from an initial entry of 256. The winner won by a head in 2 mins 46 secs, with a good distance between second and third.



The winner won a first prize of £6,375, (The equivalent of £729,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 BEND OR Fred Archer 1st Duke of Westminster
2 ROBERT THE DEVIL Rossiter Mr C.Brewer
3 MASK Glover Prince Soltykoff
4 APOLLO C.Wood Lord Falmouth
Also ERCILDOUNE Constable Lord Rosebery
Also PELLEAS Luke Lord Rosebery
Also MARINER Tom Cannon Mr F.Gretton
Also TEVIOTDALE J.Osborne Mr R.Jardine
Also MUNCASTER J.Snowden Duke of Westminster
Also CYLINDER Hopkins Lord Wilton
Also VALENTINO J.Morris Mr Rothschild
Also BOREAS H.Jeffery Mr P.Lorrilard
Also FIRE KING Morgan Lord Hastings
Also VON DER TANN G.Fordham Lord Calthorpe
Also DRAYCOTT F.Webb Mr J.Gretton
Also PROCTOR J.Goater Mr H.Savile
Also ZEALOT W.McDonald Lord Bradford
Also DEATH OR GLORY Maidment Mr B.C.Lane


Lynch Mr W.Bourke
2/1 Bend Or
100/15 Von Der Tann
7/1 Robert The Devil
8/1 Muncaster
100/8 Apollo
100/7 Ercildoune
20/1 Mask
20/1 Valentino
25/1 Teviotdale
33/1 Fire King
40/1 Cylinder
50/1 Mariner
50/1 Draycott
66/1 Zealot
100/1 Colt by Uncas
100/1 Death or Glory
100/1 Proctor
100/1 Boreas
100/1 Pelleas
  Over-Round 115%