This was run on Wednesday 30th May 1900 and the winner was bred by HRH the Prince of Wales and trained by Richard Marsh at Newmarket. There were 14 runners from an initial list of 301 entries. The winner won by a 1/2 length with a length between second and third. Winning time was 2 mins 42 seconds.



The winner won a first prize of £5,450. (The equivalent of £636,800 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 DIAMOND JUBILEE Herbert Jones HRH The Prince of Wales
2 SIMON DALE Mornington Cannon Duke of Portland
3 DISGUISE Tod Sloan Mr J R Keene
4 BONAROSA L.Reiff Sir E.Cassel


R.Jones HRH The Prince of Wales
Also CHEVENING O.Madden Mr J Musker
Also MOST EXCELLENCE K.Cannon Mr A Stedall
Also FIRST PRINCIPAL F.Rickaby Mr A Stedall
Also FORFARSHINE S.Loates Mr T R Dewar
Also SAILOR LAD C.Wood Lord Rosebery
Also SIDUS T.Loates Lord Cadogan
Also GOVERNOR II French Mons. E Blanc
Also DEMOCRAT T.Wilson Lord W Beresford
Also DEWI SANT E.Jones Mr W T Jones
6/4 Diamond Jubilee

The Earl of Rosebery won the Derby in 1894 (Ladas SR2000), 1895 (Sir Visto SR 1966)) and 1905 (Cicero SR 2029). His very rare Epsom Derby pass is shown below:-

100/30 Forfarshire
8/1 Disguise
10/1 Chevening
10/1 Bonarosa
100/6 Simon Dale
25/1 Sailor Lad
33/1 Governor II
40/1 Democrat
50/1 Most Excellence
66/1 First Principal
66/1 Sidus
100/1 Frontignan
200/1 Dewi Sant
  Over-Round 114%

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