This was run on Wednesday 5th June 1912 and the winner was bred by Mr Walter Raphael and trained by Dawson.Waugh at Newmarket. There were 20 runners from an initial entry of 353. The winner won by 4 lengths with 2 lengths between second and third. The winners time was 2 min 38.8 secs.



The winner won a first prize of £6,450, (The equivalent of £700,400 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 TAGALIE Johnny Reiff Walter Raphael
2 JAEGER Walter Griggs Mr L.Neumann
3 TRACERY G.Bellhouse Mr August Belmont
4 PINTADEAU H.Jones His Majesty King Edward VII


J.Clark Mr Fairie
Also HALL CROSS W.Saxby Mr C Bower Ismay
Also CATMINT William Griggs Mr L Brassey
Also CYLBA F.Templeman Mr P.Nelke
Also FARMAN F.Rickaby Lord Derby
Also JAVELIN W.Higgs Duke of Devonshire
Also JINGLING GEORDIE F.Wootton Mr J.Buchanan
Also KOSCIUSKO F.Winter Mr N. de Szemere
Also LORENZO F.O'Neill Mr Leopold de Rothschild
Also MORDRED E.Wheatley Mr F C Stern
Also ORCHESTRION M.Henry Lord Michelham
Also ROYAL MAIL L.Hewitt Lord Ellesmere
Also SWEEPER II D.Maher Mr H B Duryea
Also WHITE STAR G.Stern Mr J B Joel
Also WISEMAC C.Trigg Mr F H Cripps
Also CHILL OCTOBER A.Templeman Mr P Raleigh
2/1 Sweeper II
8/1 Jaeger
10/1 White Star
100/8 Pintadeau
100/8 Tagalie
100/7 Mordred
100/7 Catmint
20/1 Jingling Geordie
20/1 Javelin
33/1 Lorenzo
50/1 Hall Cross
50/1 Kosciusko
50/1 Farman
66/1 Orchestrion
66/1 Tracery
100/1 Chill October
100/1 Wisemac
100/1 Royal Mail
100/1 Cylba
100/1 Aleppo
  Over-Round 110%

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