This was run on Wednesday 27th May 1914 and the winner was bred by Mr Herman Duryea and trained by Tom Murphy. There were 30 runners from an initial entry of 372. The winner won by 3 lengths with 1 1/2 lengths between second and third. The winners time was 2 mins 38.4 secs.



The winner won a first prize of £6,450, (The equivalent of £707,500 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 DURBAR Matt MacGee Mr Herman B.Duryea
2 HAPSBURG C.Foy Sir E.Cassel
4 DAN RUSSEL F.Rickaby Lord Derby


H.Jones His Majesty King Edward VII
Also ANGLESEA L.Hewitt Duke of Portland
Also AMBASSADOR W.Saxby Sir A.Bailey
Also BLACK JESTER G.Stern Mr J B Joel
Also BEST BOY H.Randall Mr H.P.Nickalls
Also CARANCHO S.Donoghue Mr E.Tanner
Also CARRICKFERGUS F.Templeman Colonel Hall Walker
Also CERVAL F.Herbert Mr W N McMillan
Also CONQUEROR R.Stokes Mr J.W.Larnach
Also COURAGEOUS F.Bullock Mr W.Clark
Also CUPIDON M.Henry Monsieur Aumont
Also DESMOND'S SONG H.Robbins Mr P.F.Heybourn
Also EVANSDALE W.Huxley Mr Kennedy Jones
Also FLYING ORB N.Spear Mr G.Edwardes
Also KENNYMORE F.O'Neill Sir J.Thursby
Also LANIUS Walter Griggs Mr L.Neumann
Also MARTEN E.Wheatley Mr J.Buchanan
Also MY PRINCE W.Earl Lord St Davids
Also OREBI M.Wing Mr W.Brodrick Cloete
Also POLYCRATES William Griggs Mr Russel
Also POLYGAMIST A.Escott Mr F.Marsham-Townshend
Also ST GUTHLAC A.Whalley Mr Leopold de Rothschild
Also SHEPHERD KING H.Jelliss Colonel E.W.Baird
Also SOUTHERNDOWN E.Piper Mr W.J.Tatem
Also WOODWILD W.Smyth Mr E.Hulton
Also MAGYAR E.Huxley Lord Carnarvon
9/4 Kennymore
10/1 Black Jester
100/8 Brakespear
100/7 Carancho
100/6 Carrickfergus
20/1 Durbar
25/1 Evansdale
25/1 Dan Russel
33/1 Ambassador
33/1 Hapsburg
33/1 My Prince
40/1 Lanius
40/1 Polycrates
50/1 Flying Orb
50/1 Cupidon
66/1 Courageous
66/1 Orebi
100/1 Magyar
100/1 Woodwild
100/1 Shepherd King
100/1 Southerndown
100/1 Polygamist
100/1 St Guthlac
100/1 Marten
100/1 Desmond's Song
100/1 Conqueror
100/1 Cerval
100/1 Peter The Hermit
100/1 Anglesea
100/1 Best Boy
  Over-Round 107%

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