This was run on Wednesday 2nd June 1920 and the winner was bred by Major Giles Loder and trained by Peter Gilpin at Newmarket. There were 19 runners from an initial entry of 260. The winner won by 2 lengths with 1 1/2 lengths between second and third. The winners time was 2 mins 34.8 secs.



The winner won a first prize of £6,450, (The equivalent of £274,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SPION KOP Frank O'Neill Major Giles Loder
2 ARCHAIC George Bellhouse Lord Derby
3 ORPHEUS Felix Leach Sir H.Cunliffe-Owen
4 SARCHEDON A.Smith Sir James Buchanan


H.Jones Mr W.Raphael
Also DAYLIGHT PATROL J.Childs Mr A. de Rothschild
Also TORELORE A.Balding Sir H.Meux
Also POLUMETIS T.Burns Lord Londonderry
Also HE GOES F.Templeman Captain H.Whitworth
Also SILVERN A.Whalley Sir E.Hutton
Also KERASOS J.Shatwell Lord Penrhyn
Also ALL PRINCE F.Fox Sir Abe Bailey
Also DYNAMO H.Robbins Lord Zetland
Also TETRATEMA B.Carslake Major D.McCalmont
Also ATTILUS W.Saxby Sir W.Nelson
Also FIREWORK E.Wheatley Lord Anglesey
Also MARSHAL NEIL G.Hulme Mr Watkin Williams
Also ALLENBY F.Slade Mr W.Raphael
Also ABBOTS TRACE S.Donoghue Lord Dewar
3/1 Tetratema
8/1 Allenby
9/1 Sarchedon
10/1 Archaic
100/7 He Goes
100/6 Spion Kop
20/1 Polumetis
25/1 Dynamo
33/1 Abbots Trace
33/1 Attilus
33/1 Daylight Patrol
40/1 Silvern
50/1 Orpheus
50/1 Poltava
66/1 Torelore
100/1 Marshall Neil
100/1 Firework
100/1 Kerasos
100/1 All Prince
  Over-Round 98%!!!
Shown below is an extract from Lord Derby's and his stud manager Major Jack Paine's Studbook.