This was run on Saturday 9th June 1945 at Newmarket because of World War II, and the winner was bred by Sir Eric Ohlson and trained by Mathew Peacock at Middleham in Yorkshire. There were 27 runners from an initial entry of 206. The winner won by 2 lengths with a head between second and third. The winners time was 2 mins 26.6 secs.



The winner won a first prize of £8,339, (The equivalent of £342,200 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 DANTE William (Billy) Nevett Sir Eric Ohlson
2 MIDAS Eph Smith 6th Earl of Rosebery
3 COURT MARTIAL Cliff Richards Lord Astor
4 CHAMOSSAIRE T.Lowrey Squadron Leader S.Joel
Also RISING LIGHT D.Smith His Majesty King Edward VII
Also HIGH PEAK H.Wragg Lord Derby
Also FORDHAM E.C.Elliott HH Aga Khan
Also BLACK PETER S.Wragg Mrs M.Harvey
Also RIO LARGO P.Maher Colonel F.J.Lundgren
Also SUN STORM T.H.Carey Miss Dorothy Paget
Also PAPER WEIGHT A.Wragg Sir A.Butt
Also GAEKWAR'S PRIDE E.Britt Maharaja of Baroda
Also SAPPER F.Lane Mrs J.S.Barrington
Also THE CHISELLER G.Littlewood Mr J.S.Barrington
Also EDENBRIDGE W.Stephenson Mr P.Bartholomew
Also WOOD NOTE P.Evans Mr P.Beatty
Also AUDENTES P.Beasley Mr F.Boxall
Also AVALANCHE K.Mullins Mr M.Freedman
Also PRINCE VAL R.Hardwidge Mr C.Gulliver
Also ROYAL CHARGER R.A.Jones Sir John Jarvis
Also SORRENTO C.Parker Squadron Leader S.Joel
Also MANUCHEHR G.Richards HH Aga Khan
Also CONCENTRATION M.Beary Sir M.McAlpine
Also TRAIN BLEU T.Bartlam Mr C.Wade
Also VICINITY G.Bridgland Major J.B.Walker
Also PRECIPTIC P.Gomez Captain A.S.Wills
Also PREDICTION E.Gardner Mr T.H.Horn

Tote (10p unit) Win 35p Places 22p 22p 35p

100/30 Dante
5/1 High Peak
6/1 Midas
8/1 Sun Storm
100/9 Court Martial
100/9 Chamossaire
20/1 Rising Light
20/1 Paper Weight
20/1 Manuchehr
28/1 Preciptic
28/1 Fordham
40/1 Vicinity
50/1 Wood Note
50/1 Black Peter
50/1 Edenbridge
50/1 Royal Charger
50/1 Concentration
66/1 Rio Largo
100/1 Sorrento
100/1 Train Bleu
100/1 Audentes
100/1 Prince Val
100/1 Avalanche
100/1 The Chiseller
100/1 Sapper
100/1 Gaekwar's Pride
100/1 Prediction
  Over-Round 128%
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