This was run on Wednesday 30th May 1951 and the winner was bred by Mr Joseph McGrath and trained by Willie Stephenson at Royston in Hertfordshire. There were 33 runners from an initial entry of 448. The winner won by 6 lengths with a head between second and third. The winners time was 2 mins 39.4 secs. The winner won a first prize of £19,386 5s, (The equivalent of £578,900 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 4 minute 42 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ARCTIC PRINCE Charlie Spares Mr Joseph McGrath
2 SYBIL'S NEPHEW Emmanuel (Manny) Mercer Lord Milford
3 SIGNAL BOX Martin Moloney Mr F.W.Dennis
4 LE TYROL W.Snaith Mr R.B.Strassburger
Also PARADISE STREET E.Britt Lord Allendale
Also MEDWAY D.Smith Mr P.Bartholomew
Also NYANGAL W.Johnstone Monsieur M.Boussac
Also CLAUDIUS D.Page Mrs Warwick Bryant
Also NORTH CAROLINA E.Smith Mrs J.F.C.Bryce
Also MALKA'S BOY W.Cook Mr H.E.Elvin
Also MYSTERY IX F.Palmer Madame V.Esmond
Also FAUX PAS D.L.Jones Mrs R.Foster
Also ARCOT C.Elliott Mrs M.Glenister
Also SUN COMPASS W.Rickaby Mr C.W.Gordon
Also WATERINGBURY S.Clayton Major L.B.Holliday
Also SASHCORD W.Nevett Captain A.M.Keith
Also KI MING T.Gosling Mr Ley On
Also CLARE HILL A.Brabazon Mr J.McGrath
Also PART DU LYON K.Gethin Mr D.W.Molin
Also WOODCOTE INN T.Hawcroft Mrs F.C.W.Newman
Also CROCODILE N.Sellwood Mr J.Olding
Also ARDENT HOPE C.Richards Miss Dorothy Paget
Also STRAIGTH QUILL F.Durr Miss Dorothy Paget
Also NOUREDDIN T.Lowrey Mr W.F.Phillips
Also EXPEDITIOUS A.Breasley Mr J.V.Rank
Also STOKES G.Richards Sir Victor Sassoon
Also LE VENT R.Poincelet Madame L.Volterra
Also BOKARA W.T.Evans Mr H.D.Waddington
Also RAINCHECK C.Bouillon Mr F.T.Williams
Also TURCO II W.H.Carr Mr William Woodward
Also TURKS RELIANCE J.Sime Mr F.Wright
Also FRAISE DU BOIS II C.Smirke HH Aga Khan
Also ZUCCHERO L.Piggott Mr G.Rolls

Tote (10p unit) Win £5.33p Places £1.49p £1.28p 55p

9/1 Ki Ming
100/9 Nyangal
100/7 Le Vent
100/6 Malka's Boy
100/6 Friase Du Bois II
20/1 Stokes
20/1 Paradise Street
20/1 Raincheck
20/1 Signal Box
22/1 Expeditious
25/1 Sun Compass
28/1 North Carolina
28/1 Arctic Prince
28/1 Crocodile
28/1 Turco II
28/1 Zucchero
40/1 Le Tyrol
50/1 Wateringbury
50/1 Sybil's Nephew
50/1 Straight Quill
66/1 Medway
66/1 Mystery IX
66/1 Faux Pas
100/1 Turks Reliance
100/1 Bokara
100/1 Noureddin
100/1 Ardent Hope
100/1 Woodcote Inn
100/1 Part Du Lyon
100/1 Clare Hill
100/1 Arcot
100/1 Sashcord
100/1 Claudius
  Over-Round 106%
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