This was run on Wednesday 25th May 1955 and the winner was bred by Mme Suzy Volterra and trained by Francois Mathet at Chantilly in France. There were 23 runners from an initial entry of 459. The winner won by 1 1/2 lengths with 3 lengths between second and third. The winners time was 2 mins 39.8 secs. The winner won a first prize of £18,700, (The equivalent of £466,400 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 3 minute 56 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 PHIL DRAKE Freddie Palmer Mme Suzy Volterra
2 PANASLIPPER Jimmy Eddery Mr J.McGrath
3 ACROPOLIS Doug Smith Alice Lady Derby
4 CARDINGTON KING W. (Bill) Nevett Mr C.R.Rawlin
Also TRUE CAVALIER R.Fawdon Mr S.Niarchos
Also BRYN W.Rickaby Mr R.B.Strassburger
Also NATIONAL ANTHEM A.Breasley Mr Godfrey Davis
Also KOOKABURRA E.Cracknell Mr C.W.Bell
Also OUR BABU E.Mercer Mr D.Robinson
Also PRAETORIAN K.Gethin Captain D.Fitzgerald
Also HAFIZ II R.Poincelet HH Aga Khan
Also NOBLE CHIEFTAIN F.Barlow Major L.B.Holliday
Also WINDSOR SUN L.Piggott Mr J.McGrath
Also NATIONAL HOLIDAY J.Wilson Mr L.A.Abelson
Also MARWARI P.Canty MR C.W.Bell
Also TIPPECANOE E.Britt Mr C.W.C.Elsey
Also STARLIT II J.Mercer Mr M.Kingsley
Also POINT GAMMA J.Deforge Monsieur M.Fabiani
Also DAEMON C.Smirke Mr B.Mavroleon
Also SOLARIUM W.Snaith Mr G.Albertini
Also MY SMOKEY T.Gosling Mrs D.Robinson
Also BICESTER W.H.Carr Mr C.R.Harper
Tote (10p unit) Win £1.40p Places 41p £5.50p 23p
11/4 Acropolis
15/2 Daemon
8/1 Our Babu
100/8 Hafiz II
100/8 True Cavalier
100/8 Phil Drake
25/1 Tippecanoe
25/1 State Trumpeter
25/1 My Smokey
28/1 Solarium
33/1 Point Gamma
33/1 Praetorian
33/1 Windsor Sun
50/1 Bryn
50/1 National Anthem
50/1 Kookaburra
66/1 Noble Chieftain
100/1 Bicester
100/1 Starlit II
100/1 Marwari
100/1 National Holiday
100/1 Panaslipper
100/1 Cardington King
  Over-Round 109%