This was run on Wednesday 6th June 1962 and the winner was bred by Philip A Love Ltd and trained by M.Vincent O'Brien. There was a field of 26 runners. The winner won by 2 lengths with a winning time of 2 mins 37.3 secs, and there was 1/2 a length between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £34,786, (The equivalent of £705,600 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 6 minute 5 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1 LARKSPUR Neville Sellwood M V O'Brien Mr Raymond Guest
2 ARCOR Roger Poincelet H Nicholas M M Boussac
3 LE CANTILIEN Yves Saint Martin F Mathet Mme Leon Volterra
4 ESCORT Joe Mercer R J Colling Mr J J Astor
5 SEBRING T P Glennon M V O'Brien Mr T B Martin
6 PRINCE D'AMOUR Scobie Breasley Sir Gordon Richards Mr Max Bell
7 TRIBOROUGH Eph Smith Cottrill Mr Stanhope Joel
8 RIVER CHANTER Jimmy Lindley George Todd Mr R J Sigtia
9 HIGH NOON Edward Hide W Elsey Mr Clare Vyner
10 SPARTAN GENERAL G Ramshaw Ron Smyth Mr Freddie Laker
11 MIRALGO Bill Williamson Harry Wragg Mr G A Oldham
12 PAVOT G Bougoure P J Prendergast Mr R More O'Ferrall
Also ROMANCHERO Duncan Keith Carey Mr F C Thrush
Also SONG OF PAN T Masters A W Goodwill Mrs J Phelps
Also VALENTINE Doug Smith Brooke Major D McCalmont
Also TANNHILLS Bill Rickaby Walter Nightingall Mr J S Hughes
Also YOUNG LOCHINVAR Willie Snaith J Houghton Mr C W Engelhard
Also RIBOBO D Ryan W Stephenson Mr R D Crossman
Last SILVER CLOUD Ron Hutchinson Jack Jarvis Mr T F Blackwell
Fell HETHERSETT Harry Carr W R Hern Major L B Holliday
Fell PINDARIC R.P.Elliott Masson Mr A B Askew
Fell CHANGING TIMES Tommy Gosling P J Prendergast Mr Lawrence M Gelb
Fell ROMULUS Wally Swinburn Noel Murless Lady Sassoon
Fell CROSSEN M Laurraun G Bridgland Comte Guillaume d'Ornano
Fell PERSIAN FANTASY S Smith Masson Mr C Leigh


Geoff Lewis H Ryan Price Miss E Chanelle
9/2 Hethersett      
8/1 Le Cantilien      
8/1 Miralgo      
100/7 High Noon      
100/7 Silver Cloud      
100/6 Sebring      
100/6 Pindaric      
20/1 Valentine      
20/1 Escort      
22/1 Prince d'Amour      
22/1 Crossen      
22/1 Larkspur      
22/1 River Chanter      
28/1 Triborough      
28/1 Young Lochinvar      
40/1 Arcor      
50/1 Romulus      
100/1 Changing Times      
100/1 Romancero      
100/1 Ribobo      
100/1 Spartan General      
100/1 King Canute      
100/1 Pavot      
100/1 Persian Fantasy      
100/1 Tannhills      
100/1 Song of Pan      
Over Round 149%