This was run on Wednesday 29th May 1963 and the winner was bred by Monsieur Francois Dupre and trained by Francois Mathet. There were 26 runners and the winning time was 2 mins 39.4 secs. The winner won by 6 lengths. The winner won a first prize of £35,338 10s, (The equivalent of £703,500 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 6 minute 31 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1 RELKO Yves Saint-Martin M P Dupre Francois Mathet
2 MERCHANT VENTURER Greville Starkey J Oxley Sir Foster Robinson
3 RAGUSA Garnie Bougoure P J Prendergast Mr J R Mullion
4 TARQOGAN Willie Snaith S McGrath Mr J McGrath
Also CORPORA Lester Piggott R Fellowes Mr Robin F Scully
Also PORTOFINO Bill Rickaby Cottrill Mr P Winsome
Also FIGHTING SHIP S.Smith Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery
Also HAPPY OMEN Frankie Durr S James Major L B Holliday
Also COLISEUM Edward Hide Elsey Captain A M Keith
Also DEEP GULF T P Glennon M V O'Brien Mr J McGrath
Also SINGER J Uttley Ingham Mr Bernard Sunley
Also FERN Scobie Breasley J Rogers Mrs A Plesch
Also DUPLATION Jimmy Lindley Towser Gosden Lady Zia Wernher
Also IRON PEG W Harry Carr Captain Cecil Boyd-Rochfort Mr H F Guggenheim
Also CREDO P.Matthews P J Prendergast Mr Lawrence Gelb
Also COUNT ALBANY F Palmer P J Prendergast Mr G M Bell
Also FINAL MOVE Bill Williamson J Rogers Mrs Thursby
Also NEVERLONE Duncan Keith Walter Nighingall Mr A J Allen
Also AFRICAN DRUM Doug Smith O'Brien Mr K G Boardman
Also DOUDANCE Joe Mercer F Armstrong Mrs J F C Bryce
Also HANASSI Bobby Elliott H Ryan Price Mr C Leigh
Also THE WILLIES Ron Hutchinson Budgett Mr R N Richardson-Watson
Also HYACINTHE Stan Clayton Harry Wragg Mrs A Plesch
Also FAIR DECISION Wally Swinburn F Armstrong Mr E Thurston-Smith
Also VAKIL-UL-MULK A Harrison Meacock Mr J Meacock
Also HULABALOO E.Smith Budgett Mr R N Richardson-Watson
5/1 Relko      
6/1 Duplation      
8/1 Fighting Ship      
100/8 Corpora      
100/7 Final Move      
100/6 Fern      
100/6 Happy Omen      
100/6 Portofino      
18/1 Merchant Venturer      
25/1 Ragusa      
28/1 African Drum      
30/1 Iron Peg      
33/1 Deep Gulf      
50/1 Doudance      
50/1 Neverlone      
66/1 Credo      
66/1 Fair Decision      
66/1 The Willies      
100/1 Coliseum      
100/1 Count Albany      
100/1 Hanassi      
100/1 Hullabaloo      
100/1 Hyacinthe      
100/1 Singer      
100/1 Tarqogan      
100/1 Vakil-ul-Mulk