This was run on Wednesday 4th June 1969 and the winner was bred by Park Farm Stud and trained by Arthur Budgett. There were 26 runners and the winning time was 2 mins 40.3 secs. The winner won by a length with a further length between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £63,108 6s, (The equivalent of £987,500 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 3 minute 54 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1 BLAKENEY Ernie Johnson Arthur Budgett Mr A M Budgett
2 SHOEMAKER Brian Taylor Peter Walwyn Mr P G Coulandris
3 PRINCE REGENT Jean Deforge E Pollet Comtesse de la Valdene
4 MOON MOUNTAIN Yves Saint-Martin M V O'Brien Comtesse de la Valdene
5 RIBOFILIO Lester Piggott R Houghton Mr C W Engelhard
Also TANTIVY Johnny Seagrave W Elsey Mr N Henderson
Also PADDY'S PROGRESS Sandy Barclay Noel Murless Mr H J Joel
Also INTERMEZZO Ron Hutchinson Harry Wragg Mr G A Oldham
Also BELBURY R.Poincelet C Bartholomew Mme Leon Volterra
Also STONED Duncan Keith Peter Walwyn Mr D Van Clief
Also HARD SLIPPER Greville Starkey Sturdy Mr J B Harvey
Also AGRICULTORE Geoff Lewis Fetherstonehaugh Major Victor McCalmont
Also RIBOMAR Joe Mercer Henry Candy Major H P Holt
Also DUTCH BELLS Tony Murray L Dale Mr G J van der Ploeg
Also SANTAMOSS Edward Hide S McGrath Mr S McGrath
Also PARDIGRAS D Ryan W Stephenson Mr D M S Baxter
Also TIOMN Jon Gorton Doug Smith Lord Rosebery
Also THE ELK Jimmy Lindley Jeremy Tree Miss M Sheriffe
Also SYLVALGO Walter Bentley N Bradley Mr Jack Hanson
Also AGUSTUS Bill Williamson P J Prendergast Mr J R Mullion
Also SILENCE D'OR Tommy Burns F Carr Mrs D M Soloman
Also MITSOUKO D Richardson P Dawson Mrs B P Gourdeau
Also CHADWICK STONE Brian Jago A J Pitt Mr H S Alher
Also BACKING BRITAIN Willie Carson Goodwill Mrs June Gilbert
Also SOROCO Eric Eldin F Armstrong Captain Marcos Lemos


David Yates R Houghton Mrs J H Pugh
7/2 Ribofilio      
11/2 Paddy's Progress      
13/2 Prince Regent      
15/2 Blakeney      
100/9 Belbury      
100/9 The Elk      
15/1 Intermezzo      
18/1 Agricultore      
18/1 Stoned      
25/1 Agustus      
25/1 Shoemaker      
28/1 Moon Mountain      
50/1 Pardigras      
50/1 Ribomar      
50/1 Sylvalgo      
50/1 Timon      
75/1 Satamoss      
100/1 Backing Britain      
100/1 Dutch Ball      
100/1 Soroco      
100/1 Tantivy      
200/1 Chadwick Stone      
200/1 Dieudonne      
200/1 Hard Slipper      
200/1 Mitsouko      
200/1 Silence D'Or      
Over Round 128%