This was run on Wednesday 2nd June 1976 and the winner was bred by Mr Nelson Bunker Hunt and trained by Maurice Zilber. There were 23 runners and the winning time was 2 mins 35.69 secs. The winner won a first prize of £111,825.50, (The equivalent of £765,200 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator). The winner won by 3 lengths with a head between second and third.


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The Youtube link below is a 3 minute 5 second clip of the race


Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1 EMPERY Lester Piggott M Zilber (Fr) Nelson Bunker Hunt
2 RELKINO Joe Mercer W R Hern Lady Beaverbrook
3 OATS Pat Eddery Peter Walwyn A Oldrey
4 HAWKBERRY Christie Roche P J Prendergast Lawrence Gelb


Gianfranco Dettori Henry Cecil Carlo d'Alessio
Also VITAGES G Rivases G Philippeau Mme M Laleum
Also NO TURNING Tony Murray F Palmer Mrs J Mullion
Also SMUGGLER Frankie Durr W R Hern Lord Porchester
Also DANESTIC Edward Hide Barry Hills Alan Clore
Also RADETZKY M L Thomas Clive Brittain C Elliot
Also TIERRA FUEGO Willie Carson Clive Brittain Captain Marcos Lemos
Also NORFOLK AIR Ron Hutchinson John Dunlop Miss E Risdon
Also IL PADRONE Brian Rouse John Sutcliffe M Davis
Also FRANKIE Ernie Johnson Jack Hanson Mr Jack Hanson
Also WHISTLING DEER G Curran Kevin Prendergast F Glennon
Also COIN OF GOLD Richard Fox Clive Brittain Mrs C Elliot
Also LOOSEN UP Greville Starkey A Paus Mrs E Samusson
Also ILLUSTRIOUS PRINCE Yves Saint-Martin Peter Walwyn Mrs V Hue-Williams
Also KAFUE PARK Brian Taylor H Ryan Price Mrs J Mullion
Also PHLEEZ Terry Cain Ron Smyth P Hegard
Also OUR ANNIVERSARY Eric Eldin Ron Smyth Mrs E Hegard
Also BLACK SABBATH C Leonard M Francis P Meehan
Also RIBOBOY Geoff Lewis W R Hern Lady Beaverbrook
11/10 Wollow      
10/1 Empery      
10/1 Norfolk Air      
10/1 Oats      
16/1 Illustrious Prince      
16/1 Vitiges      
25/1 No Turning      
25/1 Relkino      
33/1 Riboby      
35/1 Tierra Fuego      
45/1 Smuggler      
50/1 Danestic      
70/1 Loosen Up      
75/1 Frankie      
75/1 Whistling Deer      
100/1 Black Sabbath      
100/1 Hawkberry      
100/1 Kafue Park      
100/1 Radetzky      
150/1 Coin of Gold      
150/1 Il Padrone      
200/1 Our Anniversary      
200/1 Phleez      
Over Round 116%