Royal Ascot: Diamond Jubilee Stakes

The Diamond Jubilee Stakes, contested on the final day of the Royal meeting, is a Group 1 race over 6 furlongs open to horses aged four years or older. The event was established in 1868, and it was originally called the All-Aged Stakes, but later it was renamed the Cork and Orrery Stakes in 1926, in honour of the 9th Earl of Cork, Richard Edmund St Lawrence Boyle, who served as Master of the Buckhounds between January and July 1866 in Lord John Russell's time in office, and again in 1868-1874 and 1880-1885 during William Gladstone's period in office. The present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, and the Cork and Orrery Stakes was initially classed at Group 3 level, but it was promoted to Group 2 status in 1998. The race was renamed to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II in 2002, while in 2012 the race was given its current name, Diamond Jubilee Stakes, to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the All-Aged Stakes, the forerunner of the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, was over the New Mile and took place on Thursday 11th June 1868 when Mr G Bryan's Lanaret (6/4 fav) defeated Martyr (3/1), Vespasian (10/1) and 5 others by a length and a half and 10 lengths.

Over the entire history of the race 42.1% of favourites have been successful. (8th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 0.2% loss. (7th out of 32 races)

Diamond Jubilee Stakes Group 1 6 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1868 LANERET George Fordham Goodwin 5-9st 6lbs Mr G Bryan 6/4 fav
1869 Race was not staged this year
1870 NORMANBY T French Joseph Dawson 3-8st 10lbs Lord Stamford 6/5 fav
1871 CYMBAL Jem Goater James Nightingall 4-9st 11lbs Mr F Bentley 6/4 fav
1872 PRINCE CHARLIE T French Joseph Dawson 3-9st 0lbs Mr Joseph Dawson 11/8
1873 PRINCE CHARLIE T French Joseph Dawson 4-9st 11lbs Mr Joseph Dawson 15/100 fav
1874 PRINCE CHARLIE Parry Joseph Dawson 5-10st 0lbs Mr Joseph Dawson 4/6 fav
1875 LOWLANDER Parry Charles Blanton 5-10st 0lbs Mr H Bird 5/6 fav
1876 LOWLANDER Custance Charles Blanton 6-10st 0lbs Mr H Bird 1/20 fav
1877 ECOSSAIS Jem Goater Tom Jennings 6-9st 10lbs Mr Tom Jennings 6/4
1878 TRAPPIST Fred Archer Joe Cannon 6-10st 10lbs Captain Prime 2/5 fav
1879 HACKTHORPE Fred Archer Joe Cannon 4-10st 3lbs Lord Hastings 1/20 fav
1880 VALENTINO George Fordham Joseph Hayhoe 3-9st 2lbs Leopold De Rothschild 8/1
1881 CHARIBERT Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 5-10st 8lbs Mr R C Vyner 1/3 fav
1882 MARDEN R Wyatt Tom Brown 3-9st 11lbs Mr R S Evans 100/8
1883 DESPAIR Fred Archer William Gilbert jnr 4-9st 8lbs Mr William Gilbert jnr 5/4
1884 GEHEIMNISS Fred Archer John Porter 5-10st 5lbs Lord Alington 4/9 fav
1885 ENERGY Fred Archer T Fordham 5-10st 9lbs Mr Manton 1/4 fav
1886 WHITEFRIAR Fred Archer John Porter 3-8st 9lbs Duke of Westminster 1/4 fav
1887 WHITEFRIAR Charles Wood Sherrard 4-10st 1lbs Sir George Chetwynd 95/40
1888 DEUCE OF CLUBS John Watts Jousiffe 5-8st 9lbs Mr C J Merry 5/4 fav
1889 NAPOLEON G Barrett John Porter 3-8st 4lbs Mr W Low Evens fav
1890 MEPHISTO Fred Webb Tom Jennings snr aged-9st 12lbs Prince Soltykoff 13/8
1891 BEL DEMONIO Fred Webb William A Jarvis 4-10st 5lbs Mr C D Rose 9/2
1892 PETER FLOWER Rickaby Alf Sadler 4-10st 9lbs Lord Durham walked over
1893 SHEMER Morny Cannon Wadlow 4-9st 11lbs Mr H E Beddington 2/1
1894 NORTHSHAMPTON Morny Cannon Sherwood jnr 3-8st 5lbs Colonel North 8/1
1895 GREY LEG Morny Cannon John Porter 4-10st 9lbs Duke of Westminster 2/11 fav
1896 SPEED Morny Cannon C Waugh 5-9st 12lbs Prince Soltykoff Evens fav
1897 RED HEART C Wood Platt 5-9st 9lbs Mr Martin D Rucker 1/20 fav
1898 ST LUCIA Morny Cannon Alec Taylor 3-9st 0lbs Mr R C Garton 4/1
1899 ORIA Dalton Gilbert 2-6st 8lbs Mr J Musker 6/4 fav
1900 NATTIM Otto Madden James Waugh 3-8st 0lbs Mr Russel Evens
1901 BRIDGE Kempton Cannon Davies 5-10st 5lbs Mr A M Singer 6/4 fav
1902 REINE DES FLEURS Johnny Reiff France 4-8st 7lbs M Maurice Caillault 8/1
1903 LORD BOBS W Lane W Waugh 5-10st 5lbs Sir J Blundell Maple 3/1
1904 ORCHID Herbert Jones Leach 6-9st 9lbs Mr H J King 3/1
1905 DELAUNAY Otto Madden P P Gilpin 4-10st 9lbs Mr P P Gilpin 1/40 fav
1906 QUEEN'S HOLLIDAY Bernard Dillon Fallon 5-10st 1lbs Captain F Forester walked over
1907 ROCKETEER W Higgs Sam Darling 4-10st 9lbs Captain Greer 2/11 fav
1908 LLANGWM Danny Maher F Hartigan 3-9st 12lbs Mr A B Walker 9/4
1909 HILLSIDE III J H Martin A J Joyner 3-8st 11lbs Mr Whitney 15/100 fav
1910 NEW CASTLE II J H Martin A J Joyner 3-8st 4lbs Mr Whitney 4/9 fav
1911 GOLDEN ROD Danny Maher S Pickering 5-10st 1lbs Mr P Nelke 5/2 jt fav
1912 SUNFLOWER II F Wootton C Morton 6-10st 1lbs Mr Jim Joel 1/2 fav
1913 HORNET'S BEAUTY J H Martin Leach 5-10st 1lbs Sir W Cooke 1/9 fav
1914 HORNET'S BEAUTY Freddie Fox Elsey 6-10st 5lbs Sir W Cooke 11/8 fav
1915 Race not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race not staged due to the First World War
1919 FREESIA F Templeman Alf Sadler 4-8st 11lbs Lord Jersey 7/4
1920 DIADEM Steve Donoghue George Lambton 6-10st 5lbs Lord D'Abernon 1/4 fav
1921 TETE A TETE F Strydom Bob Sherwood Lord Furness Evens
1922 PHARMACIE Steve Donoghue Cottrill Mr J White 1/5 fav
1923 HAMLET Steve Donoghue Morton Mr J B Joel 9/4
1924 HAMLET Steve Donoghue Morton Mr J B Joel 4/1
1925 DRAKE R Jones Cottrill Mrs S Whitburn 5/4 fav
1926 DIOMEDES J Leach H Leader Mr S W Beer 1/6 fav
1927 HIGHBORN II H Beasley O Bell Sir H Cunliffe-Owen Evens fav
1928 ZARETTA H Wragg Major Beatty Major Beatty 100/6
1929 ROYAL MINSTREL Joe Childs Boyd-Rochfort Mr J H Whitney 4/11 fav
1930 COSTAKI PASHA M Beary R Dawson HH Aga Khan 5/1
1931 GRINDLETON H Beasley Cundell Mr J W Sharples 8/1
1932 SLIPPER R Perryman Frank Butters Sir A Butt 13/8 fav
1933 THE DIVOT R Dick Stedall Major C Blundell 6/4 fav
1934 SOLENOID J Caldwell Cottrill Mr J Rank 11/4
1935 WINANDERMERE S Donoghue Cundell Mrs C Glorney 7/2
1936 BELLACOSE P Beasley R J Colling Mr P Dunne 7/2
1937 PHEROZSHAH D Smith Frank Butters HH Aga Khan 10/1
1938 IPSDEN S Wragg O Bell Lady Ludlow 6/4 fav
1939 OLD RELIANCE E Smith Jack Jarvis Sir Jack Jarvis 8/1
1940 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race not staged due to the Second World War
1946 HONEYWAY E Smith J Jarvis Lord Milford 5/6 fav
1947 THE BUG C Smirke Marsh Mr N Watchman 11/10 fav
1948 DELIRIUM C Smirke J Leach Mr J T Coltman 7/4 fav
1949 SOLONAWAY G Richards Ireland Mr R A Duggan 100/30
1950 ABADAN G Richards Ireland Lt-Col Giles Loder 9/4
1951 BOB CHERRY N Sellwood Persse Lord Sefton 13/8 fav
1952 ROYAL SERENADE E Mercer H Wragg Mr M Bell 6/1
1953 BLOOD TEST G Richards Murless Lt-Col Giles Loder 8/1
1954 KEY G Richards Murless Mrs D M Fitzpatrick 5/4 fav
1955 TROUVILLE W Rickaby R Smyth Lady Waterford 11/4
1956 GRASS COURT W Elliott K Cundell Mrs C Evans 7/4 fav
1957 MATADOR E Smith J Waugh Mr H Joel 13/8 fav
1958 RIGHT BOY L Piggott Dutton Mr G Gilbert 5/6 fav
1959 RIGHT BOY L Piggott H P Rohan Mr G Gilbert 11/4
1960 TIN WHISTLE L Piggott H P Rohan Mr B Grainger 8/13 fav
1961 BUN PENNY D Smith Fetherstonhaugh Mr S Joel 2/1
1962 COMPENSATION J Lindley E Lambton Mrs G Lambton 4/1
1963 EL GALLO L Piggott N Murless Mr Charles St George 20/1
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course.
1965 MAJORITY BLUE W Williamson John Oxx Mrs B Aitken 100/8
1966 CURRENT COIN J Roe J Oxx Mr H Leggat 100/8
1967 SILICONN George Moore T Corbett Mr C Pollock 5/2 fav
1968 MOUTAIN CALL L Piggott Van Cutsem Mr I Kornberg 8/15 fav
1969 TUDOR MUSIC F Durr M Jarvis Mr David Robinson 4/1
1970 WELSH SAINT L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr J Phillipps 15/8
1971 KINGS COMPANY Freddie Head G W Robinson Mr B Firestone 6/1
1972 PARSIMONY W Carson Houghton Mr E Holland-Martin 8/1
1973 BALLIOL B Taylor J Winter Mr D Prenn 100/30 fav
1974 SARITAMER L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr Charles St George 11/1
1975 SWINGTIME W Carson M V O'Brien Mr J Mulcahy 11/4
1976 GENTILHOMBRE P Cook Adam Mr T Robson 17/2
1977 HE LOVES ME J Mercer J Hindley Mr J Allbritton 20/1
1978 SWEET MINT W Swinburn Meade (Ire) Mr M Wright 20/1
1979 THATCHING L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr R Sangster 6/1
1980 KEARNEY W R Swinburn G Robinson Mrs D Macgillycuddy 40/1
1981 THE QUIET BIDDER W R Swinburn Reg Hollinshead Healhavon Stables Ltd 11/1
1982 INDIAN KING G Starkey G Harwood Mr J Levy 9/2 fav
1983 SYLVAN BARBAROSA B Rouse P Mitchell Mrs E Wade 20/1
1984 COMMITTED B Thomson D Weld Mr R Sangster 3/1 fav
1985 DAFAYNA W Carson M Stoute HH Aga Khan 8/1
1986 SPERRY Paul Eddery P Walwyn Mr Y Nasib 5/1
1987 BIG SHUFFLE M Kinane D Weld Moyglare Stud 8/1
1988 POSADA Michael Roberts R Johnson Houghton T D Holland-Martin 11/2
1989 POSADA Willie Carson Jeremy Tree Khaled Abdulla 11/8 fav
1990 GREAT COMMOTION Pat Eddery Alec Scott Maktoum Al Maktoum 5/1
1991 POLISH PATRIOT Ray Cochrane Guy Harwood R A Kirstein 5/1 jt fav
1992 SHALFORD Mchael Roberts Richard Hannon D F Cock 3/1 fav
1993 COLLEGE CHAPEL Lester Piggott M V O'Brien Mrs M V O'Brien 7/2 fav
1994 OWINGTON Michael Hills Geoff Wragg Baron G Von Ullmann 4/1 fav
1995 SO FACTUAL Frankie Dettori Saeed Bin Suroor Godolphin 9/2
1996 ATRAF Willie Carson David Morley Hamdan Al Maktoum 12/1
1997 ROYAL APPLAUSE Michael Hills Barry Hills Maktoum Al Maktoum 11/2 fav
1998 TOMBA Michael Tebbutt Brian Meehan J R Good 4/1
1999 BOLD EDGE Dane O'Neill Richard Hannon Lady Whent & Friends 16/1
2000 SUPERIOR PREMIUM Johnny Murtagh Richard Fahey J C Parsons 20/1
2001 HARMONIC WAY Steve Drowne Roger Charlton Mrs Alexandra Chandris 10/1
2002 MALHUB Kevin Darley John Gosden Hamdan Al Maktoum 16/1
2003 CHOISIR Johnny Murtagh Paul Perry T W Wallace & Partners 13/2
2004 FAYR JAG Willie Supple Tim Easterby Jonathan Gill 12/1
2005 CAPE OF GOOD HOPE Mick Kinane D Oughton R Carstairs 6/1
2006 LES ARCS John Egan Tim Pitt Willie McKay 33/1
2007 SOLDIER'S TALE Johnny Murtagh Jeremy Noseda Budget Stable 9/1
2008 KINGSGATE NATIVE Seb Sanders John Best John Mayne 33/1
2009 ART CONNOISSEUR Tom Queally Michael Bell R A Green 20/1
2010 STARSPANGLEDBANNER Johnny Murtagh Aidan O'Brien Massey, Magnier,et al 13/2 jt fav
2011 SOCIETY ROCK Pat Cosgrave James Fanshawe Simon Gibson 25/1
2012 BLACK CAVIAR Luke Nolan Peter Moody G J & Mrs K J Wilkie et al 1/6 fav
2013 LETHAL FORCE Adam Kirby Clive Cox Alan G Craddock 11/1
2014 SLADE POWER Wayne Lordan Edward Lynam Mrs S Power 7/2 fav
2015 UNDRAFTED Frankie Dettori Wesley Ward Wes Welker & Sol Kumin 14/1
2016 TWLIGHT SON Ryan Moore Henry Candy Godfrey Wilson/Cheveley Park 7/2
2017 THE TIN MAN Tom Queally James Fanshawe Fred Archer Racing 9/2
2018 MERCHANT NAVY Ryan Moore Aidan O'Brien Merchant Navy Synd et al 4/1
2019 BLUE POINT James Doyle Charlie Appleby Godolphin 6/4 fav
2020 HELLO YOUMZAIN Kevin Stott Kevin Ryan Haras d'Etreham/Cambridge St 4/1
2021 DREAM OF DREAMS Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Saeed Suhail 3/1 fav
2022 NAVAL CROWN James Doyle Charlie Appleby Godolphin 33/1