Royal Ascot: Duke of Edinburgh Stakes

The Duke of Edinburgh Stakes is a flat handicap over 1 mile 3 furlongs and 211 yards open to horses of three-year-old and up. The race was previously known as the Bessborough Stakes and was named after John George Brabazon Ponsonby, 5th Earl of Bessborough, who was Master of the Buckhounds on three occasions between 1848 and 1858 under Lord John Russell, Lord Aberdeen and Lord Palmerston. The first race under the original name of the Bessborough Stakes, was a five-furlong race for two-year-olds run on Tuesday 16th June 1914. The title was later bestowed on a mile and a half handicap race at the same meeting. In 1999 the race was renamed in honour of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, although the Duke of Edinburgh Stakes had previously been used for a two-year-old race at Ascot, with Sea Pigeon a former winner who later landed the Champion Hurdle.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the Bessborough Stakes, a forerunner of the Duke of Edinburgh Stakes, was over 5 furlongs on Tuesday 16th June 1914 when Mr W Astor's Good and Gay (100/8) defeated Rossendale (10/1), Scotch Rose (100/6) and 13 others by a head and 2 lengths.

Over the entire history of the race 37.8% of favourites have been successful. (31st out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 24.3% loss. (29th out of 32 races)

Duke of Edinburgh Stakes Handicap 1 mile 4 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1914 GOOD & GAY J Clark Taylor Mr W Astor 100/8
1915 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1916 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1917 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1918 Race was not staged due to the First World War
1919 HE GOES N Spear Butters 2-9st 0lbs Mrs H Whitworth 20/1
1920 CORNFIELD filly Joe Childs Alec Taylor 2-8st 10lbs Mr Watson 100/6
1921 Race was not staged this year.
1922 FRED POWER Steve Donoghue Fred Darling Lord Woolavington 7/1
1923 EAST TOR F Bullock Alec Taylor Mr Washington Singer 10/1
1924 HAINE Charlie Smirke C Davis Mr C Kenyon 6/1
1925 MONGOOSE R Perryman R Sherwood Captain J G Homfray 9/1
1926 ABBOT'S SPEED J Marshall Fred Darling Lord Dewar 100/12
1927 LULWORTH COVE F Fox Gooch Lady Curzon 5/1 fav
1928 TOUREEN S Wragg R W Colling Mr E M Smith 20/1
1929 SIEGFRIED H Wragg D Waugh Lord Howard De Walden 100/8
1930 GENTLEMEN'S RELISH K Robertson Atty Persse Mr J P Arkwright 7/1
1931 SIX WHEELER W Nevett Elsey Mr H F Clayton 20/1
1932 BIRTHDAY BOOK R Dick Lawson Lord Astor 8/1
1933 ROCK STAR C Buckham Major Beatty Sir M Wilson 100/7
1934 FLANGE F Fox Boyd-Rochfort Mr William Woodward 100/8
1935 CARIFF W Nevett M Peacock Sir T Dixon 10/1
1936 CARIFF W Nevett M Peacock Sir T Dixon 5/1 fav
1937 GAMESMASTER P Maher George Todd Mr H Lester 100/6
1938 SPOT BARRED E Gardner Ireland Sir P Loraine 100/8
1939 ALISTAIR E Smith B Jarvis Mr W R Lysaght 100/8
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 ESQUIMALT G Richards F Darling Lord Porchester 8/1
1947 EASTERN LYRIC K Gethin Wallington Mr W Satinoff 5/1 fav
1948 LAS VEGAS C Elliott G Colling Mr A Glenister 20/1
1949 HIGH BEACON W Cook Nightingall Colonel F T Halse 100/7
1950 RUMPELSTILSKIN W Snaith Colonel Dick Warden Mr Jeremy Tree 15/2
1951 PROUD SCOT Neil Sellwood P Nelson Major F S Bates 100/6
1952 HOAR-FROST D Smith A Richardson Mr H G Goodrich 100/7
1953 SLEEPING WARRIOR D Smith G Colling Lord Derby 100/6
1954 HENRI DE NAVARRE E Britt Beasley Mr F L C Plummer 20/1
1955 PETER-SO-GAY P Robinson Griffiths Mr C H Rodwell 10/1
1956 BLUE BLAZES E Mercer J Jarvis Mr T Lilley 20/1
1957 THE TUSCAR A Breasley G Richards Mr J Lewis 13/2
1958 HUGUENOT E Mercer G Colling Mr F Robinson 7/1
1959 HYPHEN D Smith J F Watts Lord Derby 5/1
1960 PERSIAN ROAD J Lindley J Tree Mr J Whitney 7/1
1961 THAMES TRADER A Breasley Staff Ingham Mr S Wootton 100/7
1962 BETTER HONEY G Littlewood G Fenningworth Lady Sassoon 10/1
1963 RACCOLTO L Piggott S Hall Mr L Lazarus 11/4
1964 LINNET LANE G Lewis Ian Balding Mrs P Hastings 8/1
1965 PRINCE HANSEL G Bougoure Thom Mr J Barker 100/8
1966 TWELFTH MAN Joe Mercer H Wragg Mr R Moller 8/1
1967 POLMAK L Piggott F Armstrong Mr H Ely 9/2 fav
1968 QC G Lewis E Goddard Mr S Thorne 7/1
1969 PHARAOH HOPHRA E Johnson F Cundell Mr R Morcom 100/7
1970 PRINCE CONSORT Barclay Murless Mr H Joel 100/8
1971 HARDBAKE R Hutchinson J Dunlop Miss G Lawson 10/1
1972 COLLECTORS SLIP G Lewis J Sutcliffe jnr Mr L Goldschlager 8/1
1973 LOYAL GUARD P Eddery P Walwyn Mr Louis Freedman 7/1
1974 ANJI W Carson J Sutcliffe jnr Mr G Coleman 10/1
1975 FOOL'S MATE F Durr H Cecil Lord Howard De Walden 8/1
1976 ROYAL MATCH M L Thomas Ryan Jarvis Mrs F Allen 13/2
1977 PEACEFUL Raymont J Tree Mr J Whitney 11/1
1978 BILLION L Piggott J Dunlop Mr Nelson Bunker Hunt 13/2
1979 ST BRIAVELS J Reid G Pritchard-Gordon Mr R Ferguson 10/1
1980 BARLEY HILL A Murray B Hobbs Elizabeth, Lady Bonsor 6/1
1981 RUSSIAN GEORGE P Cook Hunter Mr J Maxwell 10/1
1982 SPIN OF A COIN B Rouse H Ryan Price Mr Ken Higson 9/1
1983 GRAND UNIT A Mackay E Eldin Mr Eric Eldin 9/2 fav
1984 SIKORSKY W Shoemaker J Sutcliffe Mr R Sangster 9/2 fav
1985 CLANRALLIER L Charnock J W Watts Mr R Sangster 8/1
1986 CONVINCED A Clark G Harwood Mr J Thompson 14/1
1987 PRIMITIVE RISING W Ryan H Cecil Mt Stavros Niarchos 7/2 fav
1988 VOUCHSAFE Willie Carson Major Dick Hern Lady Beaverbrook 12/1
1989 STRATFORD PONDS Pat Eddery John Dunlop M F Sanderson 10/1
1990 HATEEL Willie Carson Peter Walwyn Hamdan Al Maktoum 5/1 fav
1991 RINJA John Lowe David Arbuthnot Dr Omar Zawawi 16/1
1992 SPINNING Ray Cochrane Ian Balding Mr Paul Mellon 25/1
1993 SOURCE OF LIGHT Pat Eddery Roger Charlton Khaled Abdulla 11/1
1994 MASTER CHARLIE Frankie Dettori Ian Balding David R Watson 10/1
1995 SON OF SHARP SHOT Pat Eddery John Dunlop Windflower Overseas Holding 5/1
1996 TYKEYVOR Fergal Lynch Lady Herries Seymour Bloodstock 14/1
1997 ZARALASKA Pat Eddery Luca Cumani Fittocks Stud 8/1
1998 GREEK PALACE Walter Swinburn Sir Michael Stoute Lord Weinstock 9/1
1999 BLUEPRINT Gary Stevens Sir Michael Stoute HM The Queen 4/1 fav
2000 KATIYKHA Johnny Murtagh John Oxx HH Aga Khan 10/1
2001 TAKAMAKA BAY Darryll Holland Mark Johnston The Chaps Partnership 10/1
2002 THUNDERING SURF Richard Hughes John Jenkins C N & Mrs J C Wright 11/1
2003 WAVERLEY Jimmy Fortune Hughie Morrison Lord Margadale 14/1
2004 WUNDERWOOD Seb Sanders Lady Herries Tony Perkins 15/2
2005 NOTABLE GUEST Mick Kinane Sir Michael Stoute Khaled Abdulla 4/1
2006 YOUNG MICK T Quinn George Margarson M F Kentish 28/1
2007 PEVENSEY Graham Gibbons John Quinn Dum Spiro Spero 8/1
2008 SUGAR RAY Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Philip Newton 8/1
2009 DRILL SEARGEANT Joe Fanning Mark Johnston J Barson 14/1
2010 CILL RIALAIG Steve Drowne Hughie Morrison Pangfield Partners 16/1
2011 FOX HUNT Silvestre De Sousa Mark Johnston Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed 12/1
2012 CAMBORNE William Buick John Gosden Princess Haya of Jordan 11/2 fav
2013 OPINION Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Highclere Thoroughbreds 8/1
2014 ARAB SPRING Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute Ballymacoll Stud 11/4 fav
2015 ARAB DAWN Richard Hughes Hughie Morrison Hughes, Kerr-Dineen et al 6/1 jt fav
2016 KINEMA Fran Berry Ralph Beckett The Ashes 8/1
2017 RARE RHYTHM William Buick Charlie Appleby Godolphin 20/1
2018 DASH OF SPICE Silvestre De Sousa David Elsworth Jeff Smith 7/2 fav
2019 BAGHDAD Ryan Moore Mark Johnston Moh Bin Hamad Khailfa 7/2 fav
2020 SCARLET DRAGON Hollie Doyle Alan King HP Racing 33/1
2021 QUICKTHORN Oisin Murphy Hughie Morrison Lady Blyth 7/2
2022 CANDLEFORD Tom Marquand William Haggas Barnane Stud 11/2