This took place on Wednesday 3rd March 1852 when the going was good and the weather was clear. The winner was owned by Mr T F Mason, trained by George Dockeray and ridden by Mr Alec Goodman, winning in 9 minutes 58 seconds.


There were 60 subscribers, of which 37 paid 5 sovereigns, and 23 accepted at 20 sovereigns each, with 100 sovereigns added. The second retained their stake, while 25 sovereigns were allocated for expenses, leaving a winner's pot of 700 sovereigns. (Equivalent to £88,700 in 2017)

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 MISS MOWBRAY Mr Alec Goodman Mr T F Mason
2 MAURICE DALEY C Boyce Mr Cartwright
3 SIR PETER LAURIE William Holman Captain Barnett
4 CHIEFTAIN Harrison Mr Atkinson
also LA GAZZA LADRA J Neale Mr Goodwin
also WARNER W Archer Lord Waterford
also SIR JOHN J Ryan Lord Waterford
also ABD el KADER Denny Wynne Mr Osborne
also BEDFORD A Taylor Mr Chance
also M'LON J Sadler Mr R Jones
also PETER SIMPLE Mr G S Davenport Mr G S Davenport
also BOURTON Sam Darling Jr. Mr Martin
also DOLLY'S BRUE McGee Mr Mangan
also SILENT FRIEND Parry Mr Courtenay
also LAMIENNE Meaney Mr J G Murphy
also VICTIM H Bradley Mr Gooch
also ROYAL BLUE G Stevens Mr Harding
also BEDFORD Ablett Mr Barling
also AGIS Tom Olliver Captain Little
also MARIA DAY John Frisby Mr Higgins
also CARRIG Debean Mr J Bourke
also EVERTON Hewitt Mr Elmore
also COGIA John Tasker Mr J Bird
also MALEY Connor Mr Henderson

Bell’s Life and the Sporting Chronicle provided a detailed account of the race on Sunday 7th March 1852, the article forming the backbone of the information shown below.
It was some time after the appointed hour of 4 o’clock that Lord Sefton got the horses to post, but the instant his lordship gave the word the field got underway and proceeded in a cluster, and at a good pace, down the fallow ground towards the ditch leading into the wheat. Maley was the first to make the running by a length and a half from Chieftain, Bedford, the favourite La Gazza Ladra and last year’s winner Abd-el-Kader. Maria Day blundered at the ditch bordering the starting enclosure and was pulled up at once. The remainder of the field cleared the second fence, a low stump hedge and drain, but on approaching the post and rails beyond there it was Abd-el-Kader who moved up to challenge Maley for the lead. In the long stretch of ground leading up to Beecher’s Brook Abd-el-Kader took a clear lead, followed by Chieftain, Maley and Bourton. A chapter of accidents commenced at the natural brook which next presented itself, with Bourton and La Gazza Ladra had a fearful collision, causing Victress to be floored. Disasters came thick and fast in this part of the race, for Cogis fell heavily at the brook, while at the bank fence which followed Maley, Peter Simple and Bedford suffered ugly purlers and Agis refused. Meanwhile Abd-el-Kader showed all his experience by taking the fences beautifully to lead canal side from Chieftain. Moving on to the meadows at pace Chieftain managed to get on terms with the leader, running on strongly to forge 5 lengths clear of Everton and Abd-el-Kader. Near the canal bridge Everton made a mistake, but the remainder of the field moved closer together as they crossed the middle of the course and on to the artificial fencing on the training ground parallel with the long length.  While Chieftain maintained a strong gallop, it was noticeable that Warner and M’lon were in trouble, the former coming to his knees at the bank.
It’s now over the John Hanmer in the Stands for the rest of the commentary which is shown below.

6/1 La Gazza Ladra
9/1 Abd el Kader
10/1 Chieftain
12/1 Miss Mowbray
12/1 Warner
12/1 Cogia
15/1 Maurice Daley
20/1 Bedford
20/1 Sir John
30/1 Sir Peter Laurie
50/1 M'Lon
50/1 Maley
50/1 Everton
50/1 Carrig
50/1 Agis
50/1 Bedford
50/1 Victim
50/1 Lamienne
50/1 Silent Friend
50/1 Dolly's Brue
50/1 Bourton
50/1 Peter Simple
100/1 Royal Blue
  Over round 104% Note that all unquoted horses have been allocated 50/1

Chieftain was still a long way ahead of La Gazza Ladra, Carrig and Maurice Daley until they reached the series of bank fences, when Chieftain began to show unmistakeable symptoms of the use that had been made of him thus far. As the field regained the course proper after the canal bridge Chieftain still held a 4 length lead from La Gazza Ladra, who in turn was a length and a half in front of Carrig and Miss Mowbray. While La Gazza Ladra and Carrig’s efforts quickly petered out, Miss Mowbray was beginning to catch Chieftain, going on to score by a length from Maurice Daley, who was half a length in front of Sir Peter Laurie and the game Chieftain. The next five home were La Gazza Ladra, Warner, Sir John, Lamienne and Carrig.

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