This took place on Wednesday 7th March 1855 and was run on heavy going with rain. The winner was owned by Mr Dunn and ridden by John Hanlon, winning by 2 lengths in 10 minutes 25 seconds, with 4 lengths back to the third.


There were 20 acceptances at 20 sovereigns each. A further 100 sovereigns was added to the pot and, after the second saved his stake and 25 sovereigns were allocated for expenses, the net value of the pot was approximately £645, with the winner receiving £600. (Equivalent to £69,500 in 2017)

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 WANDERER John Hanlon Mr Dunn
2 FREETRADER Meaney Mr W Barnett
3 MAURICE DALEY R James Mr Cartwright
4 JANUS Lamplugh Mr Elmore
also DANGEROUS Fowler Mr Henderson
also THE NUGGET W White Mr C Symonds
also GARLAND Sly Jr. Mr Minton
also MISS MOWBRAY Sam Darling Mr T F Mason
also PETER Ablett Mr S Mansell
also NEEDWOOD Fech Mr B Land
also TROUT Tasker Mr Moseley
also HALF-AND-HALF Darby Mr Hutchinson
also BASTION T Olliver Mr Roberts
also ESCAPE Knott Mr Buchanan
also BOUNDAWAY J Bryne Mr Magee
also CUTAWAY C Boyce Mr A Salt
also MALEY Fulman Mr Henderson
also PIMPERN Weaver Mr H Lewis
also LITTLE CHARLEY Denny Wynne Mr C Capel
also BURNT SIENNA T Burrowes Mr Jenkins

Bell’s Life and the Sporting Chronicle provided a detailed account of the race on Sunday 11th March 1855, the article forming the backbone of the information shown below.
When the signal was given, right on time, the field, with the exception of Burnt Sienna and 2 others, went away as a body. After crossing the first and entering the next field, Garland and Trout showed in advance, immediately followed by Wanderer, Freetrader and Boundaway. Bastion ploughed a lone furrow across the wheat field, remaining separated from the rest until reaching Beecher’s Brook first time around. After rounding the flag beyond Beecher’s, Bastion and Wanderer went to the front and led over Valentine’s Brook, Trout occupying third place. The bush fence at the distance was cleared simultaneously by Garland and Bastion, but approaching the artificial water jump opposite the Stand, Trout emerged from the ruck to make a threesome with Bastion and Garland. Bastion drew slightly in advance entering the starting field, maintaining a good lead over the next 2 fences, but as they approached Beecher’s for the second time round he was, once again, joined by Freetrader and Wanderer. Sadly Miss Mowbray fell with such force at the Brook that she broke her neck, causing instantaneous death. Two fences later Trout knocked down the posts, which fell just in front of Escape and threw him down. After reaching the racecourse proper Freetrader rushed past Wanderer and stole a couple of lengths lead on the field, while Maurice Daley moved up on the inside, the two moving strongly together. However, having taken a ‘feeler’ at the lower turn, Hanlon bided his time on Wanderer, laying 2 lengths behind the leaders. By the time the leaders reached the hurdle at the distance all three were in the air together, but Wanderer emerged the stronger, striding on to win by 2 lengths from Maurice Daley, with 4 lengths back to Freetrader. Janus finished fourth at a wide interval, followed by Dangerous, The Nugget and Garland.

3/1 Trout
4/1 Miss Mowbray
6/1 Dangerous
12/1 Needwood
15/1 Bastion
20/1 Maurice Daley
20/1 Peter
20/1 Little Charley
25/1 Wanderer
33/1 Janus
33/1 Garland
50/1 Burnt Sienna
50/1 Escape
50/1 Pimpern
50/1 Maley
50/1 Cutaway
50/1 Boundaway
50/1 Half And Half
50/1 The Nugget
50/1 Freetrader
  Over round 117% Note that unquoted horses have been allocated 50/1

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