This took place on Wednesday 4th March 1857 on very deep going and it was raining. The winner was owned by George Hodgman, and trained and ridden by Charlie Boyce, winning by 2 lengths in was 10 minutes 6 seconds.


There were 69 subscribers initially paying 5 sovereigns, with 28 declaring at 20 sovereigns. After 100 sovereigns were added, the second saved his stake, meaning the nett pool was £1115. (Equivalent to £107,900 in 2017)

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 EMIGRANT Charlie Boyce Mr George Hodgman
3 TREACHERY Poole Mr T Hughes
4 WESTMINSTER Palmer Mr T Hughes
also DANGEROUS F Page Mr A Rice
also JEAN DU QUESNE H Lamplugh Count de Cunchy
also LADY ARTHUR Weaver Vis. Lauriston
also FOREST QUEEN T Donaldson Mr Harper
also ESCAPE Thrift Mr J Merry
also MINOS Mr Goodman Mr Mellish
also CASSE CON Johnson Baron Monuecove
also STAR OF THE WEST E Jones Mr J Colpitt
also HOPELESS STAR D Wynne Mr E Parr
also FREETRADER G Stevens Mr Barnett
also LITTLE CHARLEY T Burrowes Mr Capel
also GARRY OWEN J Ryan Colonel Dickson
also SQUIRE OF BENSHAM Mr Coxon Mr W P Wrixon
also RED ROSE J Hughes Mr T Hughes
also KING DAN Escott Mr Jennings
also MIDGE Mr Black Mr J Garnett
also ROMEO D White Mr T Hughes
also ALBATROSS Meaney Mr J Dennis
also STING Hanlon Mr J Cassidy
also MAURICE DALEY James Mr Laurence
also OMAR PASHA J Kendall Mr W Williams
also TEDDESLEY R Archer Mr Hylton
also FIRST OF MAY R Sly Mr Raxworthy
also HORNIBLOW Dart Mr T Day

Bell’s Life and the Sporting Chronicle provided a detailed account of the race on Sunday 8th March 1857, the article forming the backbone of the information shown below.
The pattern of a 2 day meeting, established last year for the first time, continued in 1857 when, on the second day Wednesday 4th March 1857, the Grand National attracted 28 runners. The start, which was preceded by 3 failures, took place at 3.26 when the early leaders over the first two fences were Garry Owen, Emigrant, Little Charley and Dangerous. This order continued virtually unchanged until Beecher’s Brook, after which Garry Owen began to establish a clear lead which he maintained rounding the extreme turning flag. Approaching Valentine’s Brook the pace was so severe that there was a long tail. Garry Owen led over the Brook, challenged by Little Charley and Hopeless Star, the 3 going on together across 3 successive fields of plough and seed. The pace gradually slackened a little reaching the field before the canal bridge, where Emigrant overtook Garry Owen, forging 2 lengths clear at the artificial bush fence near the distance post. Moving on to the final circuit Emigrant was followed by Westminster, Garry Owen, Little Charley and Jean de Quesne. At the next there was a ruck of at least a dozen horses all in a heap, Forest Queen scrimmaging with Star of the West, the latter being knocked over. Unfortunately, Albatross suffered a fatal accident as a result of the rough scrimmaging. Up front an exciting race developed between the 2 Epsom horses, Emigrant and Westminster, leading up to the artificial water jump, while Minos jumped it like a tired horse and came down. Reaching Beecher’s Brook Emigrant, who had put on steam, held a healthy lead over the Brook, rounding the turning flag and over Valentine’s second time around, doubling his lead across the fallow fields. Although Weathercock renewed his challenge as they made their way to the final hurdle located at the distance, Emigrant held him with some ease to win by 2 lengths, Weathercock beating Treachery and Escape in the race for the minor honours.

100/15 Minos
7/1 Escape
9/1 Hopeless Star
10/1 Emigrant
12/1 Teddesley
100/7 Jeanne Du Quesne
100/6 Romeo
100/6 Omar Pasha
100/7 Little Charley
20/1 Forest Queen
25/1 Freetrader
25/1 Weathercock
30/1 Garry Owen
40/1 Maurice Daley
50/1 Dangerous
50/1 Sting
100/1 Horniblow
100/1 First of May
100/1 Albatross
100/1 Midge
100/1 King Dan
100/1 Red Rose
100/1 Squire of Bensham
100/1 Casse Con
100/1 Lady Arthur
100/1 Treachery
100/1 Westminster
100/1 Star of the West
  Over Round 114% Note that unquoted horses have been allocated 100/1

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