This took place on Wednesday 2nd March 1859 on good going and the day was clear. The winner was owned by Mr Willoughby and trained and ridden by Chris Green, winning by a short neck in 10 minutes 2 seconds, with a length back to the third.


There were 62 original subscribers at 5 sovereigns each, with 100 sovereigns added. Of these 20 accepted and paid 20 sovereigns, and after the second saved his stake and 30 sovereigns were taken for expenses, the winners pot was 660 sovereigns. (Equivalent to £75,300 in 2017)

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 HALF CASTE Chris Green Mr Willoughby
2 JEANNE DU QUESNE H Lamplugh Viscount F de Cunchy
3 THE HUNTSMAN B Land Jr. Mr Land
4 MIDGE D Meaney Mr Garnett
also ANATIS Mr Thomas Mr Capel
also ORKONSTA G Stevens Viscount A Talon
also GHIKA C Boyce Mr Moreton
also ESCAPE T Donaldson Mr Merry
also WEATHERCOCK Enoch Viscount A Talon
also LITTLE CHARLEY T Burrowes Mr W Barnett
also XANTHUS F Balchin Mr Craven
also CLUADIUS T Olliver Mr J L Manby
also ACE OF HEARTS J Ryan Lord Waterford
also THE BREWER W White Mr T Hughes
also BORDER CHIEF Watling Mr H E Johnstonel
also JEALOUSY Kendall Mr Bayley
also GYPSY KING Edmunds Mr Slaney
also GIBRALTAR Armstrong Mr Hope
also FLATCATCHER T Holmes Mr Barling
also SPRING Nightingall Mr Barber

Bell’s Life and the Sporting Chronicle provided a detailed account of the race on Sunday 6th March 1859, the article forming the backbone of the information shown below.
It was widely believed that the entries for the Grand National were ‘a miserable lot ranging from the aged gelding Horniblow allotted 11st 7lbs to the equally aged gelding Glenamour allotted 8st 7lbs’. Nevertheless, of the 62 original subscribers, 20 did parade in Indian file in front of the Grand Stand where Mr Hibburd presented the flag to his lordship the starter. The start at 4.20 precisely was both orderly and compact, The Brewer and Xanthus showed the way over the hedge and ditch, immediately followed by Anatis, Spring and Half Caste. Xanthus took sole charge at the next few fences leading up to Beecher’s Brook, with The Gypsy King and Flatcatcher in close attendance. All proceeded merrily to the rails and ditch at which Spring came down a ‘burster’, rolling over Nightingall before galloping on without him. Xanthus was still in command at the canal side turn, but on the run to the lane Weathercock broke down, while The Gypsy King called it a day. Flatcatcher joined Xanthus over the gorse hurdles and on to the made brook, 15 feet wide, opposite the Stand. The pair charged this like greyhounds, forging 4 lengths to the good over Anatis, Jean du Quesne and Half Caste. Re-crossing Beecher’s Xanthus encountered a ‘purler’ and broke away minus his pilot, leaving Half Caste to take his colours to the fore, with Flatcatcher lying in wait near the rails. Anatis followed Half Caste to the lane for the final time, but soon tired when reaching the front, meaning Jean du Quesne , Midge and The Huntsman were the most likely to mount a challenge. At the finishing hurdle Half Caste took it to the right, Jean du Quesne to the left, both in the air together, while The Huntsman made swift progress between the two before losing a length when slipping post-hurdle. A smashing set-to ensued between the leaders before Half Caste remained a trifle the best, coming home by a short neck from The Huntsman who saved his stake, he in turn being a length to the good over Jean du Quesne. Midge finished fourth, Anatis fifth and Orkonsta sixth.

100/30 The Brewer
7/1 Half Caste
10/1 Jeanne du Quesne
10/1 Jealousy
100/8 The Huntsman
14/1 Little Charley
20/1 Escape
20/1 Ghika
25/1 Ace of Hearts
25/1 Anatis
33/1 Weathercock
33/1 Midge
33/1 Orkonsta
40/1 Spring
50/1 Flatcatcher
50/1 Gibraltar
50/1 Gypsy King
50/1 Border Chief
50/1 Claudius
50/1 Xanthus
  Over Round 111%
Note that all unquoted horses have been allocated 50/1.

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