This took place on Wednesday 7th March 1866 on very deep going and the course had snow on it. The winner was owned by Edward Studd, trained by J Walters and ridden by MrAlec Goodman, winning by 10 lengths in 11 min and 5 seconds, with 4 lengths back to the third.


There were 92 subscribers at 5 sovereigns each, with 33 declared and 30 acceptances. The value of the pot was 1600 sovereigns. (Equivalent to £185.600 in 2017)

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SALAMANDER Mr Alec Goodman Mr Edward Studd
2 CORTOLVIN J Page Lord Poulett
3 CREOLE G Waddington Mr Welfitt
4 LIGHTHEART E Jones Mr A W Clayton
also MERRIMAC Captain Tempest Captain Shaw
also THE DOCTOR G Stevens Mr Mytton
also FRANK Mr Lawrence Mr Cockburn
also L'AFRICAINE G Holman Mr W R H Powell
also EFFENBURG R Twiddy Count Furstenberg
also ALCIBIADE B Land Jr. Mr B J Angell
also HALL COURT W Reeves Captain Browne
also REPORTER R French Lord Poulett
also GLENCAVIN J Jewitt Mr J Stevenson
also THOMASTOWN Murphy Mr T N Naghten
also LAURA H Lamplugh Mr E Bourgnet
also IBEX C Boyce Mr Brayley
also STANTON Welsh Mr J Coupland
also TURNUS GELDING Reeves Mr T Parr
also MISTAKE Knott Baron von Grootven
also SIR WILLIAM Ellison Mr T Jones
also STELLA Jarvis Mr Spark
also PHILOSOPHER Wheeler Mr W Murray
also GAROTTER G Ryan Mr Oliver
also ACE OF HEARTS Mr Edwards Lord Poulett
also KING OF HEARTS A Sadler Mr W Robinson
also MILLTOWN Mr Thomas Mr W McGrane
also REAL JAM D Hughes Mr F Hughes
also CUTLER Thorpe Mr Barber
also WEST END W White Colonel Forester
also COLUMBIA W Reeves Mr R Hebert

Bell’s Life and the Sporting Chronicle provided a detailed account of the race on Saturday 10th March 1866, the article forming the backbone of the information shown below.
Although the racing press had, up to this point, been critical of the race as a handicap, there was a noticeable change in attitude this year, commenting ‘Recent judicious changes, which cannot be too highly appreciated, to say nothing of the magnificent amount of money added by Messrs Topham, have rendered the Aintree cross-country contest once more worthy of the title Grand National.’ The delayed start, 20 minutes after the appointed time, was due to a hold up at the scales because of the large field of 30 runners, rather than the fault of Mr Marshall, the starter. Sir William refused to start, a trait shown in previous races, but Thomastown and Mistake were not so reticent, setting a brisk early gallop. Over the first fence Ace of Hearts took up the mantle, but Ibex hit the fence so hard that he fell into the ditch and lay there unharmed until extricated after the race. At the second Ace of Hearts blundered into the dyke and threw out about 20 of his rivals, leaving Creole at the head of affairs. At the third the field was reduced still further by the falls of King of Hearts and Philosopher, a much reduced number led by Creole on towards Beecher’s Brook. He led by several lengths from Hall Court, Mistake and Milltown, continuing his front running tactics over Valentine’s Brook, where Hall Court hit the rail and pitched headlong, his jockey doing well to keep the partnership intact. On the racecourse proper, Creole led the way from Philosopher and the newly energised Hall Court, this trio setting a brisk pace on to the second circuit. Over Beecher’s and Valentine’s Creole remained a healthy leader, although Merrimac, Salamander and Cortolvin began to emerge as threats. As the final hurdle came into view, Creole and Salamander were clear of their opponents, but Salamander was still full of running and proved the stronger by fully 10 lengths. Four lengths behind was Cortolvin, who passed the gallant Creole on the run-in, while Lightheart was fourth, Merrimac fifth, and The Doctor walked over the line in sixth place.

7/1 Laura
8/1 Cortolvin
9/1 Alcibiade
12/1 Real Jam
100/7 L'Africaine
15/1 Creole
20/1 The Doctor
25/1 Ibex
25/1 Mistake
25/1 Merrimac
30/1 Hall Court
30/1 King of Hearts
40/1 Salamander
1000/15 Columbia
50/1 Lightheart
50/1 West End
50/1 Cutler
50/1 Milltown
50/1 Ace of Hearts
50/1 Garotter
50/1 Philosopher
50/1 Stella
50/1 Sir William
50/1 Turnus Gelding
50/1 Stanton
50/1 Glencavin
50/1 Reporter
50/1 Effenburg
50/1 Frank
50/1 Thomastown
  Over Round 114% Note that unquoted horses have been allocated 50/1.

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