This took place on Wednesday 6th March 1867 on good going and the weather was clear. The winner was owned by the Duke of Hamilton, trained by Harry Lamplugh and ridden by John Page, winning by 5 lengths in 10 min and 42 seconds.


There were 104 subscribers, of which 38 declared and 23 ran. The net value of the stakes was £1660. (Equivalent to £130,00 in 2017)

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CORTOLVIN John Page Duke of Hamilton
2 FAN Thorpe Mr Barber
3 SHANGARRY Mr Thomas Mr Studd
4 GLOBULE G Holman Mr T V Morgan
also LIGHTHEART E Jones Mr A W Clayton
also REVOLVER Igoe Mr T Jackson
also SHAKSPERE Mr Goodman Mr Carew
also TENNYSON G Stevens Lord Coventry
also SILVER STAR G Waddington Mr S J Welfitt
also GENIEVRE Mr Edwards Lord Poulett
also ASTROLABE Cassidy Baron Finot
also HALL COURT Captain Brown Captain Brown
also BANKER T Abbott Mr J Dally
also THOMASTOWN Murphy Mr J Doyle
also MILLER Mr Lawrence Mr W Smith
also MARENGO Mr C Fermin Mr C Fermin
also LITTLE FRANK Knott Mr Vallender
also WHITEHALL Mr Milward Mr P Herbert
also PLINLIMMON J Holman Captain Parkinson
also SEA KING G Barry Mr E Brayley
also KING ARTHUR Captain Harford Captain Brabazon
also HAVELOCK Jarvis Mr J Wood
also LITTLE WIDEAWAKE J Rickaby Mr Schwartz

Bell’s Life and the Sporting Chronicle provided a detailed account of the race on Saturday 9th March 1867, the article forming the backbone of the information shown below.
This year seemed to mark a turning point in the views of the racing press about steeplechasing in general, and the Grand National in particular. One well-respected newspaper hack wrote, ‘Truly gratifying to lovers of steeplechasing is the present state and prospects of that all-invigorating and glorious sport. Time was, not so long ago, when steeplechase meetings were synonymous with robbery, with the demoralising light-weight system in full force, got up for the most part as an instrument of fraud and barefaced swindling. Now steeplechasing is upheld as a national sport, and vindicated as a pursuit calculated to test the merits and mettle of the horse and its rider. Messrs Topham offers a varied programme systematically presented to the public, but the all attractive item remains the spectacle that is the Grand National’. At 3.23pm the starter got the field of 23 away, led initially by Thomastown, but before even the first enclosure was reached he was overtaken by Cortolvin, King Arthur and Sea King. At the first hedge and ditch King Arthur was 3 lengths in advance, although he lost that advantage at the next when declining the fence. Cortolvin resumed command at Beecher’s Brook, from Sea King, Globule and Lightheart. This order remained broadly the same turning for the canal side, whence Cortlovin resigned the lead to Globule. Reaching the water in front of the Stand first was Globule, ahead of Sea King, Revolver, Genievre and the settled Cortolvin, the four being side by side. At Beecher’s second time round Globule’s rider took a pull, enabling Cortolvin to get on terms, closely followed by Shakspere (sic) and Lightheart. Over Valentine’s, Globule and Cortolvin remained at the head of affairs, and it was only well into the home straight that Globule began to tire. Cortolvin met the final hurdle superbly and raced to the Chair with ease to win by fully 5 lengths from the fast finishing Fan. Shangarry got up on the line to deprive the gallant Globule of third, Lightheart cantering in to claim fifth, while Revolver was sixth.

5/1 King Arthur
7/1 Shakspere
8/1 Fan
12/1 Sea King
100/8 Globule
100/7 Shangarry
100/6 Cortolvin
20/1 Astrolabe
20/1 Genievre
25/1 Silver Star
25/1 Thomastown
25/1 Little Frank
30/1 Little Wideawake
40/1 Whitehall
40/1 Lightheart
50/1 Hall Court
50/1 Tennyson
100/1 Plinlimmon
100/1 Havelock
100/1 Marengo
100/1 Miller
100/1 Banker
100/1 Revolver
  Over Round 108% Note that unquoted horses have been allocated 100/1.

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