This was run on good going and the weather was clear. It took place on 19th March and the time was 10 mins 20 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 EMPRESS Mr T Beasley Mr P Ducrot
2 THE LIBERATOR Mr G Moore Mr G Moore
3 DOWNPATRICK Gavin Colonel Lloyd
4 JUPITER TONANS Mr J F Lee-Barber Mr J F Lee-Barber
also WOODBROOK Mr H Beasley Captain Kirkwood
also WILD MONARCH R L'Anson Count de St Sauveur
also VICTOR II Mr Morris Mr E Will
also VICTORIA Mr J Beasley Mr J Schawell
also SHIFNAL Captain Smith Mr J Nightingall
also DAINTY Darling Mr S Davis
also REGAL J Cannon Lord Aylesford
also GUNLOCK Davis Mr P Aaron
also SLEIGHT OF HAND Childs Mr C Howard
also ST GEORGE Levitt Mr Greenall
5/1 Regal    
11/2 The Liberator    
11/2 Wild Monarch    
100/15 Downpatrick    
8/1 Empress    
100/7 Victoria    
20/1 Shifnal    
25/1 Woodbrook    
25/1 St George    
100/3 Gunlock    
50/1 Jupiter Tonans    
50/1 Sleight of Hand    
50/1 Victor II    
66/1 Dainty    
  Over Round 103%