This was run on average going and the weather was clear. It took place on 27th March and the time was 10 mins 11 1/5 secs. The winner was trained by Collins.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE SOARER Mr D G M Campbell Mr W H Walker
2 FATHER O'FLYNN Mr C A Grenfell Mr C A Grenfell
3 BISCUIT Matthews Mr W C Keeping
4 BARCALWHEY Hogan Captain Whitaker
also WHY NOT A Nightingale Mr E G Fenwick
also RORY O'MORE R Nightingale Mr C Hibbert
also KESTREL H Smith Mr W Lawson
also CATHAL Mr R Ward Mr Reginald Ward
also VAN DER BERG G Mawson Mr W Pritchard-Gordon
also WILD MAN FROM BORNEO Mr T J Widger Mr J W Widger
also MARCH HARE R Challoner Mr F C Stanley
also THE MIDSHIPMITE Hewitt Mr H L Powell
also MANIFESTO Gourley Mr H M Dyas
also MORIARTY Acres Mr J Hale
also ARDCARN G Williamson Mr E Clarke
also WATERFORD Mr Joe Widger Mr F E Irving
also SWANSHOT Anthony Captain J H Orr-Ewing
also REDHILL Mr G S Davies Captain Aiken
also DOLLAR II Halsey Mr J A Miller
also ST ANTHONY Captain Ricardo Captain Ricardo
also ALPHEUS Mr A Gordon Mr Vyner
also EMIN H Brown Sir S Scott
also FLEETWING Mr Parsons Mr M J Corbally
also CLAWSON Mr W H Bissill Mr A Jolland
also MISS BARON T Kavanagh Mr W Widger
also PHILACTERY E Driscoll Sir Samuel Scott
also WESTMEATH G Morris Mr F D Leyland
also CAUSTIC H Mason Mr W B Benison
7/1 Rory O'More    
8/1 Ardcarn    
100/12 Waterford    
100/9 Cathal    
100/7 Why Not    
100/7 Manifesto    
100/7 Caustic    
100/6 March Hare    
20/1 Alpheus    
20/1 Van Der Berg    
20/1 Swanshot    
25/1 Biscuit    
25/1 Redhill    
33/1 Barcalwhey    
40/1 The Soarer    
40/1 Father O'Flynn    
40/1 Moriarty    
40/1 Wild Man From Borneo    
50/1 Dollar II    
50/1 Emin    
66/1 Clawson    
66/1 Miss Baron    
66/1 The Midshipmite    
100/1 Fleetwing    
100/1 St anthony    
100/1 Philactery    
100/1 Kestrel    
100/1 Westmeath    
  Over Round 125%